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  1. KillEmAll

    Non Continuation for passed over Majs

    When A1 says "we do not foresee using TERA for any boards currently scheduled", are they talking in the same context of your situation where you ARE offered continuation but turn it down and are asking for TERA? Or do they mean no TERA for this year to people who just don't get continued and are forced to get out? If it's the later, that sounds a lot like the 2011 debacle. It's hard to tell which you are talking about because we can't see your questions and what this guy was referring to with "softening the impact".
  2. KillEmAll

    Non Continuation for passed over Majs

    Found this: "The opportunity to retire under this TERA program is expected to end by December 31, 2018." I dont know if "expected" will turn into reality because it seems like nothing in the AF is solid anymore, but here is to hoping. Link http://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/plan/retirement-types/2012-18tera.html And it must be AFSC thats the determining factor (barring any negative issues with your record), thats why I was asking SVFR if he was able to recall if he saw more than one AFSC than another on that list.
  3. KillEmAll

    Non Continuation for passed over Majs

    SVFR, when you glanced at the list did it look like there were more non-rated people on there or a different mix? Did you see any 11U UAV types on that list?
  4. KillEmAll

    Non Continuation for passed over Majs

    Gents, anybody have any data on continuation numbers this year? It's been really quiet after the 157 schenanigans and with TERA, RIF, etc stuff i'm curious if they are back to continuing everybody who didn't make 0-5 or what. I really wish the AF would just publish some numbers along with AFSCs on this stuff.
  5. Just to make sure I am reading this right, does this chart show that those "eligible" is the total number of dudes in that AFSC/Yr Group? I think im reading too much into the chart, but it says "Estimated Eligible is based on the current inventory of personnel who meet the eligibility criteria". So does that mean that if there is a bigger number of folks in that career field?? Say for example you were an 11B in the 2002 year group, Overage is 7, Eligible is 58, but would that 58 be the total number of 02/11B dudes?
  6. Does anything say what amount you would receive for VSP? Is it a set in stone formula or something they could change for this announcement? I would be interested to see those numbers versus the RIF separation pay and see what would pay more. According to the timeline with VSP you'd be out in Sept and with the RIF by January, so that's 5 months of pay you'd still be collecting if you got RIF'd instead of VSP, I know someone has run the numbers before but curious to see current FY14 numbers.
  7. KillEmAll

    VA Loans

    Those of you that have done a IRRL aka VA Streamline refinance, what was the typical timeframe to get to finally close? 30 days? 45 days? more? I am working with NBOKC and it seems to be taking a long time (going on 2 months+ now) on a refi for a house we have as a rental.
  8. KillEmAll

    Non Continuation for passed over Majs

    Yeah I always thought in the past you would just be continued, but these days who knows. Just watch though in a couple years after the AF kicks out too many dudes or loses more officers because people are tired of this sh*t and choose to get out, then it'll probably be safe again to get continued. It sounds like as long as you dont get a DUI or kill anyone you're safe as long as we're not under a RIF like last year. For me personally i'll just have to decide if its worth staying in or getting out and taking a chance on a ANG/AFRES gig. It would be nice to stay in one place with the family though, deployments dont really bother me its moving around constantly, buying and selling a house every 3-4 yrs, etc.
  9. KillEmAll

    C-21 info

    Glad to see this thread revivied, hey does anybody out there reading this have contact with the C-21 Colorado ANG unit at Pete? I am wondering how often they hire guys since I never see any ads for them (probably dont need to advertise) and do they ever take guys from other airframes? I think that would be a pretty sweet job in a great location. Any info on this greatly appreciated. I am an AD guy flying a heavy aircraft looking at Palace Chase options.
  10. KillEmAll

    Non Continuation for passed over Majs

    Van, yes I am a rated dude and I didnt catch that Note 9, thanks for the info brotha, I wasn't totally sure how tough a waiver would be, some other posters made it seem like it was a big deal. I am sure that overall if a unit wants you anything within reason is possible in the form of waviers, etc. @ BitteEnBit, dude I really wish it was more transparent because this kind of stuff affects more than just numbers it affects people's lives especially if you have family/kids/school/etc. I think we're all big boys/girls and can take a "hey we dont need you anymore, expect to be let go in ### years" its the thrash of thinking there is a possibility you will stay in and then suddenly get the boot like those 157 other majors and now are worrying about selling a house, finding another job, relocating, new schools for kids, etc. I have a feeling for some of those guys that got the boot though like MWS IPs with lots of hours it was a blessing in disguise because now they are "free" to explore other options. The rest of us are watching you walk away free and clear with a $125K check from inside the prison walls haha!
  11. KillEmAll

    Non Continuation for passed over Majs

    I am curious if an AD guy like myself would be able to use that same justification for PC approval basically stating that having been passed over twice makes you less competitive (or basically a pain in the arse) to a ANG/AFRES unit so in the best needs of everybody let me out of my ADSC. I dont have any misconduct or bad records so thats not the case, I am just weighing my options, i've considered getting out anyways, I am just trying to see if there is a smart way to do it early before I would potentially get the boot. Im not completely banking on not making 0-5...but im not dead set on making it either, like most of us on this forum i'd rather just keep flyin'.
  12. KillEmAll

    Non Continuation for passed over Majs

    Thanks for the reply, I am asking because if I get passed over twice i'll be right at my 15 year point and hopefully continued or I guess i'd be out by 16...but if I don't get picked up IPZ i'll be looking to Palace Chase at that point because from what I read its difficult to get picked up by a Guard/Reserve unit if you are twice deferred...and therein lies the rub...it seems even more difficult to Palace Chase with more than 6 months of your ADSC left. Sounds like it'll be interesting times either way.
  13. KillEmAll

    Non Continuation for passed over Majs

    Gents, I have read that the continuation happens directly after your APZ board and that the rules can change every year, but if you DO happen to get continued, does that mean you can from there on continue to the 20 year point or do you have to be re-continued every year until A) Retirement or B) Sanctuary?? I tried searching the thread(s) and can't find the answer. Can anybody help a brother with a quick answer?
  14. KillEmAll

    The Mother of all CGOCs

    And with shoes and CGOC presidents everywhere getting more DPs/school slots on promotion boards while dudes like us do more deployments and have one of the lower select rates for schools it reminds me of the quote from that movie that the coach says before the nerds yell: "You know, when you were a baby in your crib, your father looked down upon you and had one wish: "Someday my son will grow up to be a man". Well look at you now; You just got your asses whipped, by a bunch of Goddamn nerds! NERDS ". Freakin' CGOC... BTW, does anybody's squadron have a balcony? hehe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3njjD41f48