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  1. Checks, also don’t cuss out your secretary if you’re a wing king. IG complaints follow and soon after a firing.
  2. The 0-6 acting air boss (C-5 Wing queen) at JFE for the WIC...first thing she mentions to the soon to be WIC grads is how she doesn’t like the grooming standards (referring to the moustsches). No wonder the CAF doesn’t think highly of the MAF.
  3. The timeline between the board and estimated release date is very similar to 09’s timeline, however that was due to big Air Force not trusting their senior raters and re-scrubbing the records. Looks like they are still figuring out this 100% thing.
  4. Just watched it, can’t wait to watch the temper tantrums from the left!
  5. How does outplacement from school work? Is it based highly on your staff vector or is it based on your performance in school? Once people go to school the whole career process thereafter seems like secret squirrel magic.
  6. Strong recommendation for the metro (enclave), if you are single, lots of attractive med student ladies there. Now that the former rape bridge is lit up, easy walk downtown.
  7. 100% go hercs. You won’t regret it. You get to do all the cool tactical stuff but plenty of drone time at the FLs en route to a 5 star hotel. Almost every herc pilot is airdrop qualified out of the get go whereas only certain C-17 units airdrop. Both the C-17 and C-130 are incredible aircraft but I’m obviously biased. Btw, 100A low levels are rare...both times I did it were during Weapons School sorties. 300A is standard though and a blast.
  8. Everyone likes to make fun of cyber but the effects that they bring to the fight these days are potent. Most of the discussion is not appropriate for this forum but rest assured cyber will play a huge role in the next major war.
  9. There has been an insidious infection of the military by social justice warriors for some time now. If we lose the next war, heaven forbid, you can thank the touchy feely PC cowards.
  10. Seems that way. I totally get working staff prior to going back to command an ops unit, but I have a hard time seeing value added in ACSC besides the box to check. Any IDE grads on here care to share whether it was actually valuable for your leadership development and career beyond the checked box?
  11. We have not always treated India as an ally. Starting from the beginning of the Cold War and exacerbated by Nixon/Kissinger, we tended to side with Pakistan instead of India. India then cozied up to USSR, hence why they have MiGs. Trump is probably the first US president to flip this viewpoint, but it has largely been rhetoric. It will be interesting if this shift in foreign policy manifests itself now.
  12. Hopefully the IAF wing commander returns home safely. That’s incredible that the wing commander led the charge on the mission. Most of our wing commanders would be more concerned with everyone being green dot complete prior to the mission.
  13. 1. The quick turn is definitely useful 2. The 4th mitigation is the missing one, thanks!!
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