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  1. dream big

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    SecFo “earned” their berets? If having the lowest ASVAB score amongst all AFSCs and checking ID cards makes you think you are badass then it’s no wonder other services make fun of us. There are grunts our there who do god’s most dangerous work and have legitimately earned those berets.
  2. dream big

    Not being a SNAP

    Dude married the wrong chick then.
  3. dream big

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    They don’t have to be, but it helps, here is why: you can’t force a civilian to come in at 2200 on a Saturday to give malaria pills or ambien to aircrew deploying short notice the next day. Also, it’s a lot harder to fire civilians when they suck at their jobs.
  4. dream big

    The Next President is...

    It’s awfully quiet here. Republicans keep the senate while Dems take the house. The house will do everything in its’ power to get rid of Trump while tripping over themselves while Trump has guaranteed himself another Supreme Court pick when RBG bites the dust thanks to the senate. Here in Texas there is hardly any “blue wave,” as some would wish. Let the 2020 blood bath begin.
  5. dream big

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Aaaand this is why we have a retention crisis, incase anyone was wondering.
  6. Why don’t units just buy the J? Eventually Lockheed is going to refuse to support MX for the H.
  7. dream big

    Grumpy MC Driver

    We IPs in the MAF are getting tired of this. Whether a shitty copilot who shouldn’t have made it through UPT is babysat by an experienced AC/IP or not..he/she is still a safety hazard and a liability. Yes, some are coachable but some do not belong anywhere near an airplane.
  8. dream big

    The Next President is...

    Just curious, why do you think Trump won’t run in 2020?
  9. dream big

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    Everyone would wash out, the “distractions” nearby are too scenic for studs’ own good. Enoid single moms looking to latch an officer down was enough reason to keep to the room to study and chairfly!
  10. dream big

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Traditionally, yes. The HPO process was formalized by being a “school select” at the 04 board. However, now that they haven’t designated school selects on two 04 boards in a row, it’s more of less open game. Those who would’ve been selects will probably still go and become a HPO and those who still want to play the game have a better chance/ more time.
  11. dream big

    The Next President is...

    Yes I meant representative* my bad
  12. dream big

    The Next President is...

    I’m too young to remember her antics as the “first female wing commander” or something but she has been a phenomenal senator and an outspoken advocate for national defense issues and the military.
  13. One of the best herk drivers I have flown with. He embodied the community and what it means to be a tac airlifter. I too will have a can of Copenhagen straight for you sir. Godspeed.
  14. dream big

    LAF Major Board

    The SECAF released a memo today reiterating that 100% promotion opportunity means just that, opportunity, not outcome. Your senior rater can still tank you. How that plays out THIS promotion board is yet to be determined, esp after the fiasco that was the ‘09 board.
  15. Same in this corner of the MAF. Lot’s of former RPA or white jet guys within 3 years of the commitment that are already refusing to upgrade. Many of the other IPs planning to punch at the earliest opportunity. It’s okay, we don’t need instructors...