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  1. Thought it already happened? Selectees matched with schools released in August.
  2. Can you please elaborate once again? I know you “told the story on this site.” It seems Fingers is well respected across the Enterprise but it’s obvious you have some insider information. Honestly curious to hear the other side.
  3. Texas, Florida and a few other states are a few weeks into “opening things up” and so far so good. The sky isn’t falling and the death rate has peaked. Far stretch from the doom and gloom we heard about from certain people. If someone has a problem with it then they are welcome to stay at home. Michigan on the other hand? The ‘queen’ there is asking for a rebellion.
  4. Yepp, that was my intro to my first ops Sq 10 years ago from my Sq/CC, who on top of telling me to get my masters also assigned me my first task of making sure all the bulletin boards in the Sq had 4 corner thumb tacks instead of two because that is apparently a rule...this from a Weapons Officer. He was a real piece of work. Sidetrack I know but too good not to share
  5. I hear you. This is a constant struggle. However, we are always going to have a steady stream of copilots whose GK is trash..but at a certain point, we aren’t going to be able to use that as an excuse. When shit hits the fan, these guys better know the basics and then some, a lot more than that. Speaking for tac airlift here but the next conflict will demand that they are masters of their craft but are also able to understand integration, datalink, degraded ops, you name it, 6-9 months after they show up to the squadron all while getting the goods to our brethren on the ground. Want to know why the MAF is so far behind the CAF? Why we rightfully get all the ATIS jokes? It’s because our copilots struggle through something as simple as TOLD or comms while their peers are putting warheads down range. Got it, different mission sets..but I firmly believe we don’t challenge our copilots enough. Many of them will rise to the challenge, and those who don’t will be left behind.
  6. No? In my experience T-38 studs perform much better and have stronger hands than T-1 trained folks; another argument for single trainer for phase 3.
  7. Looking back UPT was the simplest and some of the most fun times I have had in my Air Force career. No paperwork, OPRs, EPRs, dealing with Airman snuffy and his financial or marital problems, building PowerPoints or briefings. All I had to do was study, fly, grill and drink beer with the bros and not be a douche. It was awesome! To the OP, take it one sortie at a time and enjoy it.
  8. I see your point, I’m just hesitant to dismiss basic raw skills because “airplanes are more technologically advanced”. Will you need to do a fix to fix over the straights of Taiwan? No, but you may need to utilize raw chart/map/ground navigation because you have no GPS. Will you need to do wing work while dropping the 82nd into a hell hole? No, but those crews will need to handle not hitting each other under stress. Pilot training decisions are, and have always been made by bean counters instead of being driven by MAJCOM requirements. 20 years of low intensity conflict (relatively speaking) allows us to rely on our technological advancements, many MWSs have not had to push the envelop in combat in a while. When that happens, forgoing training will come home to roost.
  9. Haha, not a big fan of SKE, it is merely a tactic that we focus too much on. But I have to roll my eyes anytime a cocky young AC tells me “oh we will never have to do x, y, z.” Then I ask them what are the odds that the Buffs or B2s have to execute their nuclear mission? Does that mean they don’t train to it hard and seriously? As to your example, there is historical precedent for a JFE. Twice they were recalled but it is definitely an arrow in the NCAs quiver so let’s not suck at it?
  10. Yeah, until we get plunged into a war with one of the big 4 near peers, then big Air Force would pray our pilots had those skills.
  11. This is the BS I hate about the Air Force promotion system, why is there a secret language? For instance, the wording on when you’re ready for Sq/CC on the push line can be really stellar or killer for promotion. Why not just give people honest feedback instead of mincing words on an OPR? As a young exec I saw a SQ/CC OPR come through that said “staff blah blah..WG/CV next,” I thought to my self at the time, that’s pretty good! Then someone explained to me that if you don’t have a Wing/CC push as a Sq/CC you’re pretty much garbage .. I would like to see us move to more of an Army / Marine evaluation system. I’d rather be told I’m 19/20 FGOs like you would in the Marines and be given honest feedback then the uncertain BS push line language we have now.
  12. It is California, what did you expect? It is the cesspool of everything that is wrong with this country. If only they could become their own country; just got to figure out how to transport all the New Yorkers there..
  13. I am personally terrified that someone that deranged and devoid of logic is allows to be a nurse and work with other’s health.
  14. No dude, it’s anecdotal. We are arguing whether it’s okay to be mediocre and just shoot for Vol 1/2 minimums like Joe1234 suggests or be the professional combat aviators that our country demands of us. I have zero doubt as to why our CAF bros scoff at us MAF dudes.
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