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  1. There has been an insidious infection of the military by social justice warriors for some time now. If we lose the next war, heaven forbid, you can thank the touchy feely PC cowards.
  2. Seems that way. I totally get working staff prior to going back to command an ops unit, but I have a hard time seeing value added in ACSC besides the box to check. Any IDE grads on here care to share whether it was actually valuable for your leadership development and career beyond the checked box?
  3. We have not always treated India as an ally. Starting from the beginning of the Cold War and exacerbated by Nixon/Kissinger, we tended to side with Pakistan instead of India. India then cozied up to USSR, hence why they have MiGs. Trump is probably the first US president to flip this viewpoint, but it has largely been rhetoric. It will be interesting if this shift in foreign policy manifests itself now.
  4. Hopefully the IAF wing commander returns home safely. That’s incredible that the wing commander led the charge on the mission. Most of our wing commanders would be more concerned with everyone being green dot complete prior to the mission.
  5. 1. The quick turn is definitely useful 2. The 4th mitigation is the missing one, thanks!!
  6. 1. We mostly use it for pre flight planning, making sure we won’t have any issues landing or taking off from a runway, looking at 3 engine out issues and break energy. 2. If the TOLD app could include the required mitigations necessary from the 1-1 that would be absolutely awesome. Overall, right now it has been a tremendous app for planning so thanks!!
  7. Interesting to see all the people quiet when Obama abused executive privilege now up in arms about Trump using executive power..see how that works? The difference is this time it is actually to protect Americans from the out of control illegal immigration flood.
  8. That PR stunt is what is wrong with the Air Force and society. If women are equal to and as capable as men, then why does this warrant celebration?
  9. Sorry let me be more clear: the only rated O-4s I have seen as DOs are school selects, or are most likely getting picked up for school. Of those, most will likely go to staff after. These are the people I’m referring to as shiny pennies (not in a bad way, but their careers are pretty much taken care of.) There are a few other 0-4 DOs but they are usually already 0-5 selects (may or may not be shiny pennies.)
  10. Every rated* 0-4 I know of that is a DO is one of the shiny penny type that’s about to go to school / staff or is already an 0-5 select. Edit to include rated.
  11. This is my confusion as well, how the hell is this middle of the road with multiple top tier strats? Sounds like the dude’s SR either doesn’t know what he is talking about or is playing games.
  12. Shacked it. Let us also not forget that some people are against Trump’s ideas because they are fueled by their desire for him to fail. Look at Black Caucasus members like Lewis and Sheila Jackson Lee, they flat out admitted they didn’t vote for Trump’s criminal justice reform because they didn’t want him to succeed, even though the left has been asking for this for decades.
  13. And Wing/CCs blatantly ignoring CSAF and SECAF guidance. Can’t blame fingers for this mess when his minions’ minions run this monkey show.
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