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  1. Thanks for the responses so far. I'll call my local MEPS as soon as I get through a few more practice exams. On that note- I ordered the Trivium AFOQT prep book.. are there any other highly-recommended resources I should explore? Thanks for the documentation advice, I'll be extra anal about scanning in everything and start getting the ball rolling. Where might I find that waiver checklist? @1nfrequentF1yer Good insight, thanks. Based on what I've learned from acquaintences in the Guard, my motivation (hopefully) matches the general atmosphere of the Heavy community- basically I miss working & building relationships with a core team of people, unlike the day job where I'm flying with new strangers every trip (or even every leg). Plus the flying seems much more meaningful, challenging, and interesting. I'll start getting in touch with squadrons; being in the Northeast might especially limit the chances of visiting in-person, sadly 🙁
  2. Hi all, thanks for providing such a great place for learning and guidance. I did lots of searching across the boards and still had a few questions on the ANG/Res hiring process coming from the civilian side. Some context: 31, part 121 airline captain w/ 4 yr degree, needs LASIK or PRK. Living local-ish to 3 heavy units. 1. I read that this time of year is normally quiet for UPT board announcements because it's just past the fiscal year end; should we expect to see a number of new FY21 UPT postings over the holiday season? (alt question: are heavy unit boards usually 1/year?) 2. I'd like to knock out the AFOQT+TBAS asap. With COVID, is the quickest way still to call/email squadron POCs themselves and request an appointment? 3. Since I need LASIK or PRK, should I start working that independently, or first contact the units i'm interested in for guidance on their waiver process? I've heard that some states' ANGs still require PRK over LASIK even though USAF allows both, and this is the step I'm most cautious about. How time critical is this part; is there still a 6-month gap between the surgery and FC1 eligibility? (I'm assuming the surgery must be done prior to any interviews?) Thank you so much in advance.
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