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  1. Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not? I had recently heard through the rumor mill that your best AFOQT scores (except pilot and nav) will be the ones that count after your second retake. Has anyone else heard this? Meaning if you scored a 50 on verbal your first test but a 30 your second the 50 will be the one that counts.
  2. Anyone doing the meet and greet with Wyoming?
  3. Does anyone know the process for prior enlisted? Do we still have to go to MEPS even though we had to when we enlisted? Does the FC1 staff just take our medical history from when we enlisted? If there are any enlisted guys on here who went through the process or if anyone knows that would he great.
  4. As a enlisted guy myself i also have the same question
  5. I made it by enlisting when i was 17, and good timing!
  6. My letter are from the: State command chief, maintenance commander, and supervisor
  7. Hello, I’m a 23 year old TSgt crew chief at a fighter unit. pilot-86, Nav- 65, AA- 30, V- 52, Q- 16 PCSM-91, with 102hrs and instrument rating 3.1 GPA and a business degree. The AFOQT quantitative score is pretty ugly, but other than that I feel like I’m fairly competitive. Have been on many deployments with lots of experience. Would like some input. Thanks
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