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  1. I'm genuinely thrilled by how supportive people are here. It's good to know that anytime I don't get selected for a pilot slot it's probably going to someone who really deserves it more. I hope you all get picked up in good time! I had the good fortune of interviewing with two fighter units. At one of them the pilot candidate selected from the year before was present, and he explained he was in his 30's (I didn't catch his exact age), so the older guys here definitely have time still. I got a no from both units, but some good feedback and encouragement to keep applying in the future. Don't forget everyone that the fiscal year ends on September 30th, so there could be some more opportunities opening up in the near future as budgets get allocated. Keep applying, and best of luck to you all!
  2. I've been curious about the number of applications they received. Any idea how many they got? Their packet said they usually get 60 apps. Same story here- nothing from Duluth (yet, hopefully), but got an interview invite from Sioux Falls. Looks like I'll see you there!
  3. I called them up today, it sounds like they're going through packages right now and might send out interview notifications next week. Good to see someone else applying in Sioux Falls!
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