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  1. Just got the TBNT from 709th out of Dover for anyone waiting on them.
  2. I heard for everyone else it should be end of sept.
  3. Has anyone heard back from the 141st ARS (KC135s NJ ANG)?
  4. Has anyone heard back from the 177th in NJ?
  5. I’m applying to 6 guard units and 4 reserve units in my immediate geographic area (the more the better I’ve heard). Applying to both fighters and heavies. Education: BS: Geospatial science (STEM) GPA: 2.4 Masters: Public Administration GPA: 3.75 PPL: 120 hours SEL (Passed checkride and written on first attempts) Fun fact: I balanced grad school and flight school concurrently while working full time. Work: FAA where I deal with space launches, in the past I’ve done various GIS/Engineering work in government. LORs: senior FAA Chief (former USAF pilot), flight instructor, undergrad professor, grad school professor. (Don’t know any big name generals well enough, sadly). Scores: PCSM: 76 AFOQT: P83, N54, A35, V49, Q26 Personal: I was in a fraternity where I held a very involved leadership position and thrived in it. I’m a pretty like-able guy who can make friends easily. Not really a dweeb in any fair sense. I don’t have any friends in any guard units yet. I do have some AD pilot friends my age, and some retired pilots at work who have been advising me in this process. I have a few years of combined JROTC/ROTC experience so I’m not a stranger to military bearing and culture. I’m 26 years old. Non-prior/off the street. I think my test scores are my biggest set back. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  6. 104th says we should hear back in the next couple of weeks. They still haven’t met yet.
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