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  1. Hello all, I am looking for y’alls honest opinion for me getting a shot at a pilot slot. I appreciate any input that y’all have for me. Age: 23 Flight experience: 200+ hours PPL in a C172 and currently working on Instrument rating (about to complete the written) Education: Just graduated from a State school with a BS Aviation degree and 3.0 GPA AFOQT scores: 86 pilot, 20 nav, 50 academic app, 40 verbal, 70 quantitative PCSM score: 80 (also I've only taken my tests once) Work Experience: 2 jobs working the ramp in aviation, been working in it for over a year now Leadership experience: In college, President of my Fraternity and VP of the Hockey Team Volunteer experience: A couple of mission trips to Jamaica and Nicaragua Looking at heavy units on the west coast Thank you, any input helps
  2. Which unit out of Beale are you looking at? I just sent in a app for the KC-135R unit
  3. Has anybody heard back from the hiring board for the 130th RQS out of Moffet?
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