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  1. The POC did state during one of the zoom calls that we can start sending in applications; no need to wait until November.
  2. They are for UPT. If you reach out to the POC he will send you the info.
  3. I was on the one on the 8th. Everything was pretty boilerplate. Everyone had a chance to ask questions. Let me know if you have any specific questions about what was covered.
  4. If you already swore in, they own you. Explain the situation to them ASAP. They might decide to release you and hire an alternate. They might say no. Since you already swore in, the decision is their's. Best thing you can do is let them know immediately so that if they do decide to release you they don't waste anymore of their time and resources onboarding you.
  5. In typical military fashion, I was just informed by the POC that the board is back on. Deadline is still 31 October. Again, feel free to PM me if you need the PDFs. Good luck to everyone!
  6. The POC told me yesterday that the board has been pushed to the right. "Most likely January." I downloaded the PDFs. Feel free to PM me and I can email them.
  7. Yes, FE Warren is still doing tests. That's a haul from Austin so I would call around to closer bases first.
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