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  1. I assumed the t-7 was just going to replace the 38’s in UPT, how many of those 500 38’s are a-model companions or ADAIR? I’m not quibbling, just genuinely curious at why there’s such a big gap in the T-7 buy...
  2. Isn’t the benefit that it starts divesting from the t-1 and provides a stepping stone toward using the t-7?
  3. Graduated in 2015 and can attest to seeing 38 classes of 2-5 Americans plus a few saudis/internationals... then only 1-2 fighters per drop generally. It’s a mind F*** to hear AMC was overmanned still but then to see the CAF deficit that was building.
  4. FWIW the leading edge of new UPT syllabus dudes have only been hitting IFF and the b courses in the last year or so. I’ve seen a lot of posts putting blame on the cut hours and VR/UPTN however I don’t think there’s many WM out there now that are products of those.
  5. Made an account to make a shameless plug. Here's an IP Fundamentals doc for a T-6 squadron made in the spirit of the same IP fundamentals class from PIT but also referencing a few classic and widely-referenced weapon school papers on how to brief and debrief. It was a labor of love and totally open source, free to use/modify/throw spears as anyone sees fit. 434 IP Guide.docx 434 IP Guide.pdf
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