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  1. Anyone who sat in on any of the VTANG zooms: can you recall if they said anything about emailing a pdf copy of the package or is it just the hard copy? Thanks in advance.
  2. I read that as the application itself was the first round, video interview will be the second round, and so on
  3. Anybody here join the VTANG zoom call last night?
  4. Crazy. That was the first board I applied to and feels like forever ago. Good luck to everyone still in the running
  5. Is this for the board with the original deadline back in February?
  6. Not sure how a sport license looks compared to a PPL. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to have especially if the alternative was not having either. I will say that something sounds off about a flight school telling you to expect 80 hours to complete the PPL. Everyone learns at a different rate but from a guy who is nearing completion of a PPL, if you put the effort in and have an instructor who is on the same page as you then you should be able to get the check ride scheduled well before you approach 80 hours. Not sure if that changes things as it’s still an incredible investment. Best of luck with whatever route you choose
  7. Update: retook the test today and ended up with a 98 in the last hour bracket. Boosted my PCSM 11 points to an 86 with no increase in hours. I’d recommend considering a retake for anyone below a 95 in the last bracket. Could be a significant return on a small time investment. Cheers and good luck.
  8. These are exactly the type of answers I was looking for. Wow, along the lines of what I expected but not to that degree. Thanks for the gouge, makes me excited about what the scores could look like after the retake.
  9. Hey all, I have a question about the tbas scoring structure after reading and hearing about some of the pcsm scores people ended up with. For some disclosure I have a 99 pilot score, 55 flight hours (so in the 41-60 bracket), and currently have a 75 pcsm. My 201+ score is 91 and I am retaking the tbas next week. Using some extrapolation I figure I have 8 points to gain if I max the tbas. However, I've been noticing some scores that have been posted that don't align with this (i.e. someone with an 83 pcsm with less than 20 hours). If I were in the same hour bracket that would put me at a 67 which is a 16 point difference, significantly more than the 8 points I figure I have to gain from retaking and that's assuming the other person has a 99 201+ score. My question is, if I hypothetically maxed the tbas, could I expect my score to increase significantly more than 8 points? Is there something else I'm overlooking that is affecting my PCSM? Or is the current state of hiring making me crazy and over-analyze insignificant things I read on the internet? 🤣 Thanks in advance.
  10. Just for clarification did you get selected for a phone interview or were you just calling to get a general idea of where they’re at with the process?
  11. I found that interesting as well. In the attached pdf it says they only sponsor you through UPT and then you are responsible for finding a unit to season with since you can’t fly as an IP yet at Tucson. First UPT board I’ve seen like that so far.
  12. Current situation bites with not being able to get out and visit units. But still 100% spot on. Helps put those big numbers into perspective.
  13. Phone call to those invited for interviews, email for the thanks but no thanks group
  14. Toledo notifications went out this morning.
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