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  1. Guard off the street heavy Applied: Jan 2020 Board/Hired: May 2020 MEPS/Enlisted: July 2020 FC1: Mid Oct 2020 FC1 Approved (with eye related waiver): First week of Dec 2020 Packet completed, send to JFHQ/NGB: JFHQ mid Dec 2020, NGB late Dec 2020 NGB Approved: last week of Feb 2021 and put in request for TFOT TFOT: UPT:
  2. That's interesting/hilarious since I applied to them a year ago, got the "Received" response, and never heard again either way. 🤷‍♂️
  3. They will typically put you at a hotel they contract with for the night before. Then at 5 in the morning or whatever, you get on a bus and they will bus you onto the MEPCOM base. You'll then be asked to have all your stuff put away in this locker room kinda thing, and then get your medical file that you'll pretty much be carrying with you the whole time as you go through different processing stations. You then do some basic stuff like vitals, listen to a briefing, fill out some forms (check Enlisted on your paperwork, assuming this MEPS appointment is to enlist into your unit to get your commi
  4. Since I need LASIK or PRK, should I start working that independently, or first contact the units i'm interested in for guidance on their waiver process? Yes. For me, whether military flying was gonna work out, it was well worth it for convenience of life. You don't really need to contact the units about this specifically. Your unit doesn't handle the waiver so they'll probably shrug their shoulders. I've heard that some states' ANGs still require PRK over LASIK even though USAF allows both To pass FC1, either PRK or LASIK is approved, subject to the pre-op limits. Within the
  5. For Jax, you should have gotten email on 9/7 about scheduling a time if you were contacted initially about it. They were supposed to happen on 9/9 and 9/10 from the email I got.
  6. Definitely visit if you have the means to. I know it's a big time and financial burden but I'd pick 1-2 unit that you are really really interested in to go visit. Once you meet them in person and talk to them, you'll get a feel for the vibe and then decide how you want to stay in touch. It doesn't necessarily have to be the chief pilot or whomever, just someone you thought you vibed well with. Visit more than once if you can! If you don't feel like you vibed with anyone there, maybe it's not a great fit culture/personality wise for you. With that said, you definitely don't want to come off bei
  7. I applied to ~10 units too, combination of fighter and heavy (actually all fighters except 2). Here's what went down for me: Visited: 2 units, 1 heavy, 1 fighter. Got interview for heavy, but didn't really fit me. Got TBNT for fighter. one Interviews: 2 heavy. Again, declined the interview for one. Accepted interview for the other, got offer, accepted offer (did not visit, first time in person was the interview. Loved the atmosphere, loved the mission, loved the people). Phone/first rounds: 2 fighters. 1 TBNT, other one I declined because I already got picked up. Stats-wise
  8. First, congrats on getting and accepting an ANG slot. At this point, your recruiter is probably the best source of information. From my personal experience, it's a 1 year active (well, guard version of active) + 7 years inactive reserve as AF enlistment contracts are 8 years long. Essentially, that gives me (and them) a year to get pushed into the officer training pipeline. I didn't personally discuss it with my recruiter, but I am fairly certain that if something doesn't work out along the way (at FC1 or wherever else), I'll just go through an administrative separation process. All in all, th
  9. Can’t stress this enough. For some context I had P99/N99/AA99/V97/Q99 and 99 PCSM, 3.8 undergrad, 4.0 grad GPA both in engineering, industry experience etc etc and got 2 interviews after being told no for maybe 10 other apps I’ve sent out mostly fighters, and maybe a 135 and 130 sprinkled in. So as people say low score isn’t automatically disqualifying, high scores aren’t automatically qualifying either. I wasn’t a believer before, but it’s extremely important to connect and meet the guys at a squadron you really want to get into. I’m lucky the first time I visited the unit I’m with now was at
  10. It's more the thought that counts, if you have some interesting story behind what special liquor you wanna bring then go for it and make it a conversation point with the bros there. Otherwise the standard applies. It's (in my own opinion) extremely unlikely for them to hire one person over another because they brought some unique liquor. If you're their guy, then it's a really nice finishing touch. If you aren't, then no barrels of whiskey will make it so. Good luck, be cool, be yourself!
  11. Time to dig up an old mixtape CD or that disc we used to burn a torrented game lol
  12. I don't remember seeing this on Bogidope or anywhere but came across a posting for a joint UPT board at AK ANG (176th Wing and JBER and 168th wing at Eielson). Link here: https://www.176wg.ang.af.mil/Careers/Flying-Officers/UPT-Application-Information/
  13. I remember hearing that the logistics would be sent out once they know who's doing which option, have you/anyone seen anything yet?
  14. Thanks for update, was that sent out en masse? If so I didn't get it so I'm hoping they still got my app...
  15. tl;dr: No, either can be taken in whatever order. I don't believe there are any regulations surrounding the order of the tests being taken. I personally took TBAS at an AFROTC detachment THEN AFOQT at an ANG base. If there's a required precedence then they probably wouldn't have let me do that. I took the tests the earliest times I could get them scheduled and I would suggest you do the same if you are ready to roll. There are no advantages that I can think of for waiting, your AFOQT performance shouldn't be dependent on your TBAS performance and vice versa. That said (assuming your TCOs
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