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  1. Scott AFB calls were made today for anyone who dropped a packet there.
  2. Sweet, maybe you misread but its not that scores "aren't" my concern.....rather, that was my concern. Hoping they are good enough to get the interview and then I have the chance to show myself outside of scores. Copy on the TBAS, I will likely take that again when able. Thanks for the critique!
  3. Alright, short and simple heres what I have got -3.79GPA in Business Admin., Deans list from the start of my time in college -private pilot 107 hrs -AFOQT Scores: Pilot- 97....Nav-74....Acad. Apt.-35....Verbal-45....Quant.-29 (Acad Apt and Quant are my main concern) -PCSM: 89 -Currently enlisted guard crew chief: Have a deployment, handful of TDYs, and volunteer multiple state activations -airmen of the year nominee (was not awarded=had not deployed was the reason I was told), honor grad BMT, distinguished grad tech school -extensive civilian work experience starting from beginning of high school -3 letters of reccomenndation: One from retired eagle driver and UPT instructor, One from a current ANG pilot, and last one is a cumulative letter from ANG direct supervisor, SMSGT section supervisor, and shop Cheif
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