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  1. Yep, pushed back several times after initial Zoom interviews
  2. 457th FS interview notifications have gone out, no luck here
  3. Fort Worth Vipers told me I'd hear back with a positive yes or no on an interview in "about two weeks" after the meet and greet but they also said that they had no idea when or how they'd be conducting interviews. I think it's safe to assume we'll just have to sit back and wait for now.
  4. I was mostly joking but thanks! I'll do it in my office here at home which is pretty clean. I don't have a green screen, can I just email them a video of my first solo in a C150? 😄
  5. Just got word that the 457th online meet-and-greet is this Thursday. Quick! What do I put up on the wall behind me to make myself look cool! 😄
  6. It looks like it was sent to a list of people they created, but not individually so I couldn't say how many other people it was sent to.
  7. I got an update from the 457th in Fort Worth, made it through the first stage it says! Obviously they can't do anything right now but it was certainly encouraging to read in a time where encouragement is in shorter supply than usual.
  8. Ah well. That was my first time applying anywhere, getting an interview first shot would have been too easy! But man as a college student this is gonna get expensive fast.
  9. Weird, cause I know that one guy has an interview on the 5th but nobody else I've talked to has heard anything. I know half of them just deployed too, so that may also complicate things
  10. Seems a little odd that they'd pick people well before the application deadline, and not really fair to the people applying if they've already picked but I get that they wanted to give people plenty of notice and they can do whatever they want
  11. I applied to Cheyenne as well, haven't heard anything but interviews should be Thursday so I'm outta luck. A guy I visited with said he got a call for an interview like two weeks ago, even though the deadline wasn't til the 27th.
  12. Update to this, I took my TBAS today and scores came in like an hour. My PCSM is 84 at 20 flight hours currently, and 201+ is 99. I went and visited the 187th Airlift Squadron in Cheyenne this past weekend and had a blast. There were 15 or 16 other applicants there but I'm feeling pretty confident. Thanks for all your advice, now I can get to work and finish up my PPL!
  13. Thanks for the tips! Getting my PPL is my second highest priority right now after making grades. I've been looking around for a job at the local FBO while I'm at school but it doesn't play well with my classes and I don't have much weekend availability at the moment. I'm currently planning to make the most out of what I have right now and fly as much as I can, then wrap up my PPL at home over the summer while I'm working. I'll take a look at those flash cards too.
  14. Hi all, I'm currently a senior at Texas A&M University planning on graduating December 2020. I'm casting a wide net for guard/reserve units and I'm not picky about airframes. I'll be visiting the 187th AS up in Wyoming this weekend and they seem like a top notch group of people with a fascinating mission to boot so they're currently my first pick. Here are some stats: -Major: University Studies Geography, GPA 3.0 -Minor in Meteorology, Minor in Parks and Natural Resource Management -AFOQT: Pilot 98, Nav 87, AA 84, Verbal 94, Quant 63. Will be taking the TBAS soon. -18 flight hours, post-solo but progress is slower than I'd like due to maintenance, wx, $$$, and availability. -Member of the Corps of Cadets at A&M and Aggie Band, so some solid demonstrable leadership experience. Senior Military College experience similar to Norwich, Citadel, or VMI. -Worked 3 different part time/full time jobs since high school, all service/food industry jobs but that's how it is in college, whatever runs the Hobbs meter. I've done a lot of meteorological research relating to severe weather and tornadoes, mostly launching weather balloons and collecting data in the field near tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Not very applicable to aviation but I feel like it helps the whole person concept. Also an Eagle Scout for whatever it may be worth. LOR's come from a former F-15C/KC-135/T-38 instructor/AA pilot and the general manager of my current off-semester job. More to come, I've heard how well they know you is more important than title, thinking I'll ask my flight instructor. Let me know what you guys think! I'm interested in both heavies and fighters but only have visits scheduled for heavies currently.
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