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  1. I was told by one of the guys at the 457th FS that invites would go out by next weekend. Good luck!
  2. Anyone have any inside information on the 457th FS at Fort Worth and how many people they invite to their meet and greet and how many they invite to interview? I'm sure they're a popular spot.
  3. So is Oklahoma supposed to send out invites this weekend?
  4. I just heard back today. Invites were sent out already.
  5. The posting on bogidope said they would send out invites by Feb. 7th
  6. My recruiter told me that last Tuesday... not sure what the deal is.
  7. My recruiter told me both the January and March Reserve pilot boards were canceled and all active duty pilot boards were canceled this year.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. When I originally had my interview my PCSM was a 78 and since then I have retaken the TBAS to get an 88. At the time, the unit that interviewed me (New Jersey), they told me they don’t take PCSM into as much consideration as other factors like GPA. So I was wondering if my current scores could still land me interviews at other fighter squadrons.
  9. Hey guys. I'm just looking to get some feedback on my chances of getting hired at a guard or reserve unit for fighters. Any advice is much appreciated! AFOQT: Pilot: 99 Nav: 90 Acad: 70 Verbal: 70 Quant: 65 PCSM: 88 (201+ hours is 98) I will graduate in May 2020 from Purdue University majoring in Industrial Engineering Technology, minor in Biometrics, and certificate in Entrepreneurship. GPA: 3.51 I have my PPL with about 70 flight hours. LOR: one is from my flight instructor who helped me earn my ppl and knows me very well, the other two are from an Air Force Colonel and 2 star General that also know me well and can attest to my character. I have a number of volunteer/community service events I have been involved in such as missionary trips and philanthropy events with my fraternity. I also have leadership experience in Boy Scouts (life scout), Purdue Student Government as a board of director, and in my capstone class working with Boeing and engineering students on an engineering related project. Some academic achievements are making the deans list and semester honors, and being inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success and the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders. So far I've had 1 interview at a guard fighter unit and my feedback was basically to just to be more of myself instead of giving rehearsed answers to their questions. Let me know what you guys think!
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