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    flight test, math, applied mechanics, aeroplanes ( though I love the sr 71, I think I have always had a crush on the F86 )
  1. Happy holidays everyone, Putting this out there to hear any advice the community may have to make my application more competitive for F16. I'm a first generation immigrant moved to here when i was 14, it's been great living here and i want to contribute back. Age: 27, will be 28 when boards convene Degree: B.S Mechanical engineering GPA 3.0, minor- math I haven't taken the AFQT exam yet, but will be taking it soon. I have few flight hours ( less than 5, but i'm working on them as well) I graduated in 2016 and have been working as a flight test engineer since then, i started with testing jet engines for 2 years and recently moved on to testing the aircraft as a whole. Currently, i'm working for a fighter flight test squadron based out of pax river and i'm directly involved with the flight program. Other strengths (i hope they can be consider strengths) -i'm bi-lingual( i speak 3 languages), i have experience in leading few flight test programs from a department level. My LORs are going to be mostly form my current flight test manger, and few other fellows in flight test. I'm mostly depending on my experience as a flight test engineer here, i am hoping that will give me some benefit. i would like to hear what the community thinks, any advice or comments is greatly appreciated . edit: applying to the Air national guard
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