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  1. I have 6 months AD time left...Can I start the scrolling process now unsponsored (waiting for choice unit's upt board)? Also, do I still receive a DD214 when I'm considered an inter service transfer? Everyone I have talked to thus far seems to think I need the dd214 from the navy AD side in order to get the dd368 from navy IRR to cross over to AFR.
  2. Thanks for the replies! To answer a few questions: -I am not a rated military pilot (civilian CFI) and have been AD navy for 6 yrs driving ships and Intel....got med dqd from navy pilot and now am 100% cleared for air force (had to pay back rotc commitment before i could switch) -I have a unit lined up but am trying my luck with interviewing for pointy nose since i recently just got the height/anthro waiver from big blue for f16/f35 (smaller female) So, I guess i am trying to see if all the boxes are checked (flight physical, scrolling, etc. And can skip all mentioned above OTS, IFS) what my last day in navy to foot in the door at upt might look like....i plan on getting a seaplane pilot job in the interim...will pay like cheap compared to O3 pay but it will be a fun time filler for me. Thanks!
  3. Anyone out there with an estimated timeline for someone switching services? I already have a commission (can skip OTS), pilots license (can skip IFT), TS clearance, FC1 complete with all waivers needed in hand (finished with this bureaucracy)...just wondering possible timeline from my last day in the Navy to potential UPT dates.
  4. Anyone know any upcoming hiring boards for F-16s of F-35s that are not already posted on Bogidope? Trying to cover all the bases.
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