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  1. Hello all, I am going to ask for LORs for pilot positions from my previous bosses, volunteer coordinator, co-workers, ect. I will ask for 5 letters and source to 3 as required. I don't know what I should tell them to write about me: personalities, work ethic, etc? and how many months should I ask before the application deadline? and do they need to sign? Please advise. Thank you,
  2. But because the place, which requires a recruiter, has the date I want. I don't know if I do with a recruiter will put me into any commit situation.
  3. Hello All, I want to schedule an AFOQT test, but I have seen 2 scenarios with/without a recruiter. Some test places require me to go through a recruiter, and the recruiter sent me lots of documents to fill out. In contrast, some places just need my Name and ask to bring ID and Social Card on the test day. Are they different? The place requires a recruiter has the date I want, but I don't to do or commit anything until I take the test. Please advise, Thank you,
  4. Great. Thank you for your advise.
  5. Thank you so much. I appreciate your response.
  6. Hello everyone, I plan to take AFOQT by the end of the year. I bought a book to study; however, there are some questions that I would like to ask. 1) Which websites/ sources should I use to do more practice questions? The book does not have enough. 2) Is it a good idea to focus on Pilot & Nav score to get the best one and just have the minimum on aptitude, verbal and quantitative? 3) How did you study for Aviation Information? I have PPL, but it has been for a year, so I don't remember 100% what I learned on that. 4) English is not my first language, so how do I study for English subjects like Arithmetic Reasoning, Verbal Analogies, etc? The examples in the book are much easier than the one I found online. I don't know how the test is, but I assume it is harder than the book to make me study more. Thank you,
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