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  1. Dudes/Dudettes, I don't know where else to turn but I'm running out of steam for this whole process. Life is getting me down. It's been my dream to fly fighters since I was a kid but there were a lot of hiccups on the way there, but I'm still not even at the finish line. I haven't landed any fighter interviews yet and I've broadened my horizons to AD to try my hand there. But I missed this board because my recruiter wouldn't talk to me or would take too long to respond. Below are my stats: AFOQT: P99 N89 AA33 V35 Q31 PCSM: 99 GPA: 3.07 (English) Flight Hours: 23 (Solo) The kicker is, I'm 31. I was so stoked to see the age limit be raised to 33 but I'm running out of time. AGAIN. I'm not doing well in my day job and it's super stressful. I'm in a Part 61 school, money is tight, so I just stopped doing flying lessons because I can't afford them anymore. I don't really know what to do anymore and where to turn. I know fighters is a long shot but if anyone can just give me some hope in my situation I would really appreciate that.
  2. Does any bros/dudettes know what the hiring climate is for Boise, Idaho? (A-10s)
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