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  1. Dudes/Dudettes, I don't know where else to turn but I'm running out of steam for this whole process. Life is getting me down. It's been my dream to fly fighters since I was a kid but there were a lot of hiccups on the way there, but I'm still not even at the finish line. I haven't landed any fighter interviews yet and I've broadened my horizons to AD to try my hand there. But I missed this board because my recruiter wouldn't talk to me or would take too long to respond. Below are my stats: AFOQT: P99 N89 AA33 V35 Q31 PCSM: 99 GPA: 3.07 (English) Flight Hours: 23
  2. Does any bros/dudettes know what the hiring climate is for Boise, Idaho? (A-10s)
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