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  1. Interesting. Got my faa class 3 through the med group with little issue. Maybe it’s something they added?
  2. Correct. Got them about a year ago now. About 5 GPH which is good for the club’s fuel bill.
  3. Kadena has an aero club with 3 RedHawks. Availability is alright most the time, but I have no context to speak to the competency of the management. Prices are a bit high but hey you’re on an island in the Pacific.
  4. There were bits of info related to this question in this thread, but not as much from a ANG/AFRES perspective I could find. If looking to apply to C130 UPT boards, is it worthwhile to pay attention to whether they fly H1, H2, or H3’s? I guess my assumption is that the units flying H1s would be the first to be closed or BRAC’d in favor of units flying later H’s and J’s. Is this concern even worth thinking about? Does this question belong in the stupid questions section? Any input is appreciated.
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