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  1. @stuckindayton Do you know if we can go back and find out results of the CCT? I had my physical before I commissioned and was DQ'd from rated because of one color in one eye was below 55. I am curious how far below 55 I was.
  2. I know this thread is a somewhat dead, but I need advice. Just finished day 3 at wright-pat and was told I was DQ'd because I had a 50 on my right eye for Red for the CCT. They had me do a bunch of other color tests, and ultimatly at the end of the day said DQ. Is there anyone I can talk to, to take it again? Am I completely put of luck as far as possibly flying? I took the test late in the day and yes my eyes were tired, but not overly tired. The test was a C on the screen and you had to choose the orientation of the C and you got 4 seconds for each choice. Any advice??
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