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  1. Thank you for your input! I have been a little late to the game in deciding that I want to pursue the military route. I started at a full time airline prep school about four months ago that takes me through all the ratings. With that said, it is a very fast paced program and I only have about two months left in order to rack up those ratings. They also will only refund me pennies on the dollar to skip those ratings in the program, so essentially I will be in the hole either way and might as well get the ratings while I can. In addition, the units I am really interested in don't have any hiring boards posted for the coming future so I know it won't be anytime soon that I could get a slot. I imagine at this point I will end up instructing for at least six months out of flight school before I can even get to a hiring board. Those ratings should help me to be a little more enticing to a flight school picking me up as an instructor. I appreciate your insight into the instrument training though, I can certainly understand where practice there is time well spent. I will make sure to prioritize that. Thanks again.
  2. I appreciate the additional thoughts. It is nice to hear that it doesn't always mean it is the end of the road. I feel alright about getting through the T-6 portion at least. By the time I would be able to pursue any of this, I should have 300+ hours of flight time racked up and hold the following ratings (IRA, COMM Single, CFI, CFII, COMM Multi, MEI) so I would imagine I would have a leg during some of the initial training at least compared to a zero time guy. I have heard of some guys waiting until they get on with a regional to pursue military flight training to get their line number started..I'm not sure that would be a huge benefit considering it's a number with a regional not the majors so I wouldn't plan on spending much time there anyways before I could move on. Not sure if you had any thoughts on that? Thanks again for the insight.
  3. Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it! It will certainly help me with making a decision.
  4. Hey everyone, I would like to start by saying that I am new to the forum, so I apologize if this has already been answered before. I tried searching for the answer to no avail. Quick background on myself. My father flew T-38's, C-130's, and is now at the airlines. Currently I am doing my pilot training in the civilian sector working towards my Commercial check ride as of current. I would like to stay local so guard/reserve are my preference I am familiar with three separate units that fit (2 units fly c-130's, and 1 flies f-16's). As many would say, I think flying fighters would be right up there with the coolest experiences you could have, and think I would like to pursue it. My biggest concern would be flunking out during UPT in the fighter portion (assuming I had a slot and the unit wanted me) and was unable to continue the program in cargo or alternate track (if there was a unit with availability to take me). I know many might say you can't go in thinking you will fail. I understand that, I simply would like to have an answer before I find myself putting in all the effort for something that is a bit of a reach and end up not even being able to fly as a serviceman in any capacity. If that truly is the end of the road for your training if you can't get through pulling 9G's in the centrifuge, or something to that effect, then I may consider c-130's more heavily or at least realize if I want to fly fighters it is all or nothing. This isn't meant to look down upon other flight tracks or units, simply a personal preference. Sorry for the longwinded post, I just wanted to give a little insight and am happy to expand on anything as well. Whether or not you can continue pilot training in another track if you fail the fighter portion after breaking off is the root of the question. Thanks for any insight you may be able to bring!
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