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  1. The free market is amazing (for businesses I personally agree with.) For example: I fully support businesses' constitutional right to not bake gay wedding cakes or refuse service to certain minorities. But the idea a business could deny internet service to a seditious mob actively inciting violence is simply a bridge too far.
  2. One of the dumbest side effects of this ordeal is that the California covid shitstorm currently happening is going to be completely swept under the rug. It would be nice if blue states with insane lockdown rules had to answer the mail when they spike just as bad or worse than the evil Floridas of the world. But I guess trump and the far right taking a steaming dump in the halls of the capitol kind of overshadows that.
  3. Yeah but if he had an actual press conference he might have to answer super duper unfair questions from the lame stream media. Questions like: why did you incite an insurrection? why do you continue to deny the results of an election virtually all republicans acknowledge was legitimate? why did you try to pressure the Vice President into doing something he has no constitutional power to do? I suspect this is why you're seeing mainly pre-recorded messages from the president at this point. Yet, somehow he manages to botch those too.
  4. Go watch "the dissident" right now. Documentary made by the guy who made Icarus, it goes into detail about the Jamal khashoggi murder and the Saudi coverup/social media campaign to silence political opponents. Not available for streaming yet but you can rent it.
  5. Your argument would make sense if it weren't for all of the prominent conservative voices that are still all over Twitter and the rest of big tech. You act like there was some giant purge and every conservative on the internet is now some sort of social media refugee wandering the wilderness looking for a place to exercise their FiRsT aMeNdmUnt rIGhts!!! This is not what's happening, but it fits perfectly into your view of the world, so it's no surprise that you believe it to be the case. But the truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle. Did some conservatives flock to
  6. Maybe because interest in a thing tends to surge when it becomes the center of a national scandal/media shitstorm. It's so weird but for some reason I have a hard time believing a fringe media echo chamber with 1/50th the users of Twitter grew organically into the most popular app on the internet. Or am I making too much sense? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. The cancel culture stuff is way overblown. There are huge communities of conservatives on every platform that exist without the threat of bans for one simple reason: they don't go around threatening people and inciting violence. If cancel culture is such a problem you're gonna have to explain to me how the #4 and #5 podcasts on apple right now are Dan bongino and Ben Shapiro. Seriously.. All of the biggest political channels are conservative. This is the case across most platforms. Conservatives are killing it on social media, and this has been the case for a long time. T
  8. Twitter just permanently suspended trumps account. Good move in my opinion. He's been using the platform irresponsibly for years and now has strayed into blatant violations of the terms of service.
  9. @ViperMan the capitol "seeing some action" from a few nut jobs isn't the problem. Of course that was never going to go anywhere. The problem is those nut jobs were incited by a sitting president who has spewed falsehoods about an election he lost for over two months now. That is the concern. Over half of the republicans in the house opposed certifying the verified election results from Arizona earlier tonight based on absolutely no evidence. That is the coup attempt that could actually matter You want to talk about eroding trust in institutions? How about a sitting president lobbi
  10. I feel the exact same way. If left wing protesters had done this every trumper in the military would be screaming to high heaven about political norms and institutions and the constitution and what have you. Just goes to show how vulnerable people are to cults of personality. I'm no fan of the left and I think they continue to trend in a very damaging direction, but as of tonight there is only one political party whose supporters have invaded the capitol and endangered our duly elected officials conducting the people's business.
  11. Nihilism is one strategy I suppose.
  12. When they're incited by completely false and unconstitutional claims by a sitting president.. yes. and your tone might not be so flippant after you realize that the right just lost all of their power for at least the next two years and all of their credibility for the next decade.
  13. Amen. The problem is that people have their political views inextricably tied to their identity and value as a person. This is where the whataboutism and equivocating and excuses come from. When your identity is wrapped up in politics it's more comfortable to keep doing that than admit you were wrong.
  14. And yet you still can't admit his words and actions directly led to the violent riots today. You're right. Groups shouldn't be characterized by their worst people. They should be characterized by their leader. This situation is just unique because those happen to be the same person.
  15. You're right. They're pretty much the same thing. So no doubt we can expect the exact same level of condemnation from you right?
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