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  1. This whole thing has put the brakes on a lot of lives and immediate futures. All of the places I worked militarily full up if not jam packed awaiting opportunities, cargo outfit applications stacked by the 10s of thousands, granted its a shotgun effort but you get my drift. Contracts held in limbo, concessions being pushed and other contracts forward movement have slowed to see what the future holds. CJO’s pulled or pools dissolved, training stopped, retraining stopped for now, so many variables. Hold the line on contracts, give up something or strive ahead regardless of the outcome. All is happening at once, more lessons to be learned this year and the next. Geeesh, definitely the industry of highs and lows.
  2. Remember if you recall correctly I said “Don’t know if it’s right” and frankly don’t care. Masks definitely, since humans suck at hygiene en masse. Just giving you reasoning behind Delta’s move to convince the masses or cattle if you will. Maybe better on AA for herd immunity, whatever. My reasoning for Delta to be more specific is I don’t get a center seat AND plenty of room in economy which was not fairly obvious my apologies as a frequent flyer. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention I never check in bags for obvious reasons especially in my line of work; therefore, loading from the back, 60% fill rate = far less struggle regarding overhead storage. I am riding this gravy train and Delta gets our Company $ and I’ll take the miles as much as possible. Mentioning your “symbolism,” nothing new if you haven’t noticed, this whole society these past 20 years plus is “to make people feel “safer” - very well put! But once again, that’s seems to be a parallel strategy historically. Now, if they had add Avocado sandwiches, and even safer spaces (Emirates top rated individual cabin class) sign me up for $49 not a penny more. 9/11 - more TSA screening, flashy hands up screening machines, flight deck door vaults - all tangible events and makes sense and while pax bitch and moan, they began flying again. Virus issues - tougher to convince it seems when you can’t see the enemy. Time will tell, but social distancing has it’s advantages for me right now. *Chicago and Atlanta not so much ghost towns any more. ATL seemed to be almost a third as busy as it was before Feb/Mar. Looking much better.
  3. Asia only wears masks when needed. Less than 10% prior to Kung Flu. It always has been and always will be out of respect for others and common sense when they were sickish vs now they all wear them. When in the U.S. have you ever seen anyone with a mask for the same purpose, gang banging or carjacking you does not count. I don’t know which is right, but American Airlines was packing them in like sardines most with masks except for the mountain folk family (honestly, they probably didn’t know what was going on looking back at it). I chose Delta from Chicago today leaving 6 AM vs UA and definitely not American. Why = Delta, ALL pax with masks and center seats unfilled maintaining 60% fill rate only. Loaded back to front and deplaned row by row with constant intercom chatter “maintain social distancing.” Which is right, don’t know - but I see the strategy. AA $ up front vs Widget is building consumer confidence initially. Also, Bars in a few states (Alaska as an example) booming - we’ll see on the blooming/spike. Either way, time to get busy working. I was in Japan, Guam, Korea x2, and passed thru Shanghai and back to the U.S. these past 2 weeks. Authorities were discussing a quarantine in Korea for me since I flew into Korea commercially and was to operate next day out. It’s hit or miss on who you get at immigration. After back and forth for 2 hours in the back room I got our handler to book a room at the “Airport Transit Hotel” foregoing my nice digs downtown. Safer bet and hung out with the grumpy FedEx guys locked inside the Airport hotel. Room had no window, tight quarters, etc. good for short layer overs. FedEx “madness” makes total sense if they get stuck beyond 24-30 hrs. One guy was there for 4 days, at least he gets paid more for being in a decent cell and not like the other FedExer in a Singapore cell. *Note: Heard from an Air Wisconsin (AW)crew member today at the Airport that lead United fella said RJ 50 seaters will be retired. AW has the 50 seaters for UA so they were not happy and fully justified, felt bad for them and the other line/personnel cuts out there. Just info from them, others can give further verification.
  4. Definitely the perfect scenario, especially IF that place IS where you have always wanted to live. Less than 10% live in base and near their Guard Unit (commutable daily, not over an hour away) or vice versa, probably less than 5% really. If that is achievable AND you live in your actual dream spot (Don’t kid yourself it’s the place you plan on departing Earth Fix) that’s more like 1%. That my friends is a unicorn and I envy you - You are actually living the dream with some seniority prior to Kung Flu. Using current events, give it some time and Social ID is exactly right. Super senior folks will be back doing schedules they thought they had grown far away from and junior folks - well, we will see what actually happens day by day. Maybe 5 folks I have ever met were Living the High 3 Dream (Base/Guard/Garden Spot Plot). Couple guys from Hawaii which makes total sense if you crave island life. International Airport/Guard Unit/Dream Home since they lived there all their lives with family and life long friends - nothing like being a native with all the benefits! On a different note: 20+ year FedEx great friend of mine has a significant amount of land out West and planned on living there with limited commutes to Memphis. He has an Active Duty retirement, making Capt Cash - But... still lives near Memphis doing Hub turns to stay more nights at home and can’t scrape any International if he wanted, while the dream remains out West awaiting him and his wife’s arrival near 65. Doing better than most, but still not quite full circle and in a holding pattern EFC 65 barring any medical issues. That was a teaching moment for myself. Enjoying the ride(Work) to retirement, not as much cash as the others but no jumpseat/crash pad/commuting pressure or responsibilities, traveling Internationally on Company time/dime vs painfully at 65+ (Probably wouldn’t have the cash to do it 1st Class anyway:) - Flyer Points will be the kicker so I need Big 3 to hang on tight or my investment choices tank... This career/aviation industry has always had pain associated with it and folks are walking the streets yet again, applying in panic to other areas and running back to the Guard/Reserves. Pray that true furloughs do not happen and regarding us current/former mil folks, we are the minority by a huge margin with something to fall back on or pension. Timing is everything. Those with part-time ties, able to Bum/Trough and bid short call from your dream home within an hour THAT is the ticket as joe1234 said. I will say you are more Lucky than Good and that is what I prefer. Enjoy going to work - Check, Driving to work - Check, Pension - Check, Dream Spot - not really and we will immediately move to it when found despite furthering my distance from base, commuting/crash is not my worry. Domiciles within my company and even the Big 3 are not that alluring speaking for my family only. Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Lifestyle!! Many live at their dream locations which are not domiciles or near their Guard unit. Your paradise is definitely not another's. Those who do it’s just a matter of making life easier normally. Pulling chocks - selling/buying a house, yanking kids out of school (maybe easiest point right now with no school) and packing it all up coupled with extra financial/moving expenses incurred during these times or any other time is rather painful.
  5. So true, it’s definitely a “wait-and-see” circumstance. They will keep chiseling and chiseling at the sculpture until it’s true form is revealed. And then chisel some more or not hopefully. No one truly knows anything except that the Airlines form will be of a different nature/size/construct than before. The shell game and musical chairs have only just begun. Economy, Businesses, families financial state, etc will dictate the future. Quite a few more folks in the airports as of late, but it was far from packed. Speaking of packed - just flew thru Dallas to SFO last week and it was packed. Looking at the digital scoreboard showed only 3 flights vs the 10 or more normally. 5 seats open on a bus. Better numbers than in late March, but the flow constriction provides higher density of course. Packed aircraft, far less and smaller herds in the terminal, but they are showing up. Would have appreciated an open seat in between (won’t mention the airline), but that didn’t stop us and only a handful of unmasked types. Whether it helps or not, you could tell those folks came out of the mountains. 2 family groups just there for a good O’l time. Quite amusing since they were not in my row.
  6. Well that came full circle for her. Contract wise (Emirates included), they all are strict on their training payback periods. Normally it’s the 2-3 years for their type rating. Most Expats or whomever just play til the Big 3, etc. called looking to return stateside and pay whatever is prorated/leftover.
  7. Now that is hurtful. From no college debt per say and a entry into a great career to this... College like debt and no career start for awhile perhaps. Dang!
  8. Bottom line up front, industry wide mil reservists pilots have duty they must perform/requirements. Many times it conveniently chops things/balances things out. Having mil leave within a pattern doesn’t necessarily mean you lose the pattern. Most of the time they just create new lines that plug holes within the active schedule. i.e. You have a pattern you bid/won for 10-26 May 20, but have a mil leave request that is 13-17 May (5 days of mil duty whatever it may be). Most likely get 10-12 = R1 (Home Reserve) unless a quick trip in/out is available. Not likely on a 747, but a 767 if you lived in base is possible. Away from base with travel and rest required in a 3 day period not probable. They will build trips after your 5 days or whatever if enough time remains; therefore, this conflict bid does have some goodness if you catch my drift. Just don’t be predictable if you will. Regarding pure 17 days, contract indicates you owe the company up to 17 days. I have a 15 day trip tomorrow and the 1st day happens to be a DH on AA so that counts as Day 1 working day. Sometimes 14,15,16,17 and if your on a 60 Day Line it can be split up with smaller duration trips. 10 off, 12 Fly, 6 off, 15 Fly, 12 off, 5 fly as an example. Or bank $$$ and do mil during off days and fly 17... not always 17 so there’s that gentleman.
  9. Fantastic and we appreciate your efforts. So many TALCE’s working including ours. It was a great show of force and long long days of non-stop dedication. Will always remember HH-60 assessment flights and the Aegis cruiser being different colors on each side (like it was sandblasted), 60ft yacht miles inland by itself and railroad tracks pushed inland 20-30ft or more. New Orleans was a disaster, but mostly a man-made one. Hurricane was a direct hit/smashed MS with its right front quadrant. So many units, so many heroes. Thanks again to all who came on a dime and saved many!
  10. Example: During Hurricane Katrina as Chief of Scheduling/Air Guard HQ Combined Forces Lead Planner within my State, I burnt over 50 crew members (max allowable flying time) in less than 7 days running evacuation ops. Had the iron, desperate for bodies. I called Alaska ANG (C-17s) for crew members that might be hanging around and interested in helping out? AKANG Response: We are all here wanting to help, but AD took ALL the remaining jets a few of days ago to the fight without us. My Response: Can you help? We’ll pay the bill - Commercial Tickets, Per Diem, whatever you need. I need a minimum of 12 Pilots/8 LMs. AKANG Response: Packed and Ready! Thank You AKANG to this day! *I understand that AD was ready and ran out the door the next day and it takes a couple of days to recall ANG folks at times. But 0 ANG taken, that’s a deplorable in charge and the friction of shared/rented iron. Still much friction on iron usage most likely. God worked it out for us and them. They were greatly appreciated. ANG - One Call that’s all. We had so many ANG units show up without a call as well. Great credit shout out to the Kirtland Rescue Squadron/Special Ops Crews/PJs as well who were in the Air already when they called. Despite media crushing FEMA etc, military folks volunteer support was phenomenal.
  11. You got that right. Never share iron with the AD if you have a choice. Plus your jets are pridefully maintained and clean if you will. One of my best friends still in one of my old Guard units (formerly part-time) landed himself an AGR position and just started 1 Apr. Told him it was the best move he could have made. He especially believes me now as he was at United with 5 years of seniority and like most he was unsure what the future holds. He remained in good standing/great worker/known quantity and was a previous Technician like myself there! Wish all the best for those doing the Guard thang. Nothing like a true safe haven during tough times. More points for retirement and he got a signing bonus - nothing beats that, good for him.
  12. Good place to jump to FedEx/UPS when you get the chance and/or if your young and haven’t invested quite a bit of time in Atlas and built seniority which provides a manageable lifestyle you enjoy. We are being given some compensation for some Asia flying, per diem bump for the time being. Word on the street indicates a 10% bump in normal pay without strings attached. We’ll see what the outcome is...?
  13. So true, so true. Time to unF*ck one’s self and F*ck up the others responsible.
  14. now I enjoy the variety and it’s very similar to AMC flying when engaged in change. Much better layovers for the most part, very nice hotels, decent support overall. Nothing like flying the Queen of the skies in the commercial world. I will admit I prefer the upper deck of the pure cargo birds vs the pax conversion freighters. True separated rooms vs the bunk garbage. Long trips but always interesting on the 74. Welcome aboard and it’s definitely what you make of it. Plenty of time to have fun or complain, it’s what you choose. Lady 747 will take you around the world faster than any other jetliner. She also will take you to most any airline of choice when hiring so there’s options. Not many if any other can provide a better steppingstone from the military to your 1st choice, it’s a smattering of everything. It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure. Well, it’s a job so there’s that again.
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