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  1. Great info brabus, No issues in any other areas except for normal shooter lust, just haven’t ordered any air cans as of yet. Thx.
  2. Cargo outfits have been able to secure new business rapidly due to the 2020 debacle. Far faster than any plan any of them had in play; therefore, their acceleration of hiring has been above and beyond normal induction/attrition. More aircraft being ordered, delivered or converted to include a few pulled back out of the desert this past year just to fill unprecedented demand. Belly freight that normally Pax carriers had fell to pure cargo assets literally swamping the landscape initially. FedEx was quick to secure several long term contracts with prior belly freight customers as did a few other
  3. Gun Control is very tricky. Definitely could institute some sort of common sense measures whatever they may be. No expert by any means although many initiatives are a gateway drug to further action. But in the end if you believe there is absolutely no threat of gun confiscation, history has proven you wrong. To paraphrase Lloyd Christmas, I am telling you there’s a chance. However miNute, it’s the same reason you have a CCL. Buyback is gun confiscation, or you could just mandatory register your items making it easier to go door to door, granted plenty of states/counties becoming sanct
  4. Very Great points jazzdude: Regarding the subset of voters I mentioned you are correct, maybe we trust a proven system whatever that might be which I guess I only alluded too. America as a whole has voted for a very long time centuries now without such mail in ballots as a predominant measure, it has just been a rushed measure with this current state of affairs. Standing in long lines losing pay with skin in the game, bad bosses and not getting paid for your time being American that’s nothing new if you have been voting for quite awhile now as your civic duty. I can only account
  5. While it’s not Cherry right now, it’s still a charmed life retrospectively. Food for thought: If you were born in 1900 and lived til you were 75... You have first hand knowledge of WWI, Russian Revolution/Communism, Great Depression, WWII, Holocaust, Korean War, Cold War/Nuclear rise of Nations, Civil Rights Movement, Viet Nam, Cuban Missile Crisis, Space Race, Woodstock, Oil Crisis... etc. Many of those would tend to put a real damper on things and some uplifted/matured our nation. Definitely missed a few more notable events. What lies ahead? Especially without curr
  6. Every country historically goes thru true culture shift or growth pains if you will due to economic, military, political aspirations, technology gains, etc. - Dictatorship, Authoritarian, Communism, Socialism, Birth of Democracy, Revolution, Civil War, Civil Rights, Civil Disobedience, etc. list goes on and on. Pick your starting point or ending point as many are born and their destiny is either cut short or end up where we are today. Every empire if you will has grown to its peak and then slowly or rapidly rescinds its title due to many shifts within itself or outside overtake. Futu
  7. So many Puppeteers control this old worn out puppet that it’s inevitable the “Harris/Biden” yard sign will come true. That will be a whole whipsaw in itself = U R correct. Let’s just say there were no shenanigans regarding the election itself and everything was pure, fair and balanced. In the end, regardless of who you voted for or what you believe in = Every Other Person thinks the Opposite of You/Me. Traveling thru a lot of these Lockdown states = we know better than you draconian measures and self righteous “do as I say not as I do” Governor's/Mayors paints quite the picture. In the beginni
  8. Apologies Clark. It’s definitely a good idea to weigh in future ops/costs and how it will affect future generations. We are well beyond any recovery anytime soon or possibly a point of no return. Only time will tell.
  9. Passing a National Debt of of $27 Trillion now should curb some enthusiasm (doesn’t seem so does it) and a more realistic system of checks and balances reviewing the validity of National Interests internally and externally has been needed for decades. 5,600 page Relief Package makes me wonder how many copies were printed. Some sarcasm there, but 5,600 pages...really... Can’t pay for everything or everyone with nothing. We are already on the losing side of this equation and as said before - Your grandkids kids will still be paying for this debacle of lack of oversight, common sense an
  10. Nuclear umbrella good stuff, but with hyper velocity at the forefront of research/implementation with nothing to catch it or see it in time for anything we must just keep on keeping on. Plenty of “practice targets” around. Besides, Israel will take care of a few things behind the scenes while the Giants lurk around in the background. They always have.
  11. True, most of the fleets were parked just over 6 months like that initially, but thankfully quite a bit have been brought back on line except for the ones that were to be slated for the chopping block within a few years anyway. Iron is laying around more sporadically than before but still very much around. Heavies are where it hurts regarding international movement. They are still very much stacked in clusters overseas. Good review of how bad it really was. Domestic heals a lot faster although what are we at currently - 40% perhaps, have we past 50% consistently? This will take some time and t
  12. Big Joe has many ideas although many not his own. Merely a Puppet with so many strings attached and those are as mentioned the true “players.” Follow the lines back to their sources. Biden here before but we need not tempt Harris. Big K is totally something else stay fit Big Joe. 1440 days will pass then and it will be interesting to say the least.
  13. Whatever the outcome, for those “ridin with Biden”, just keep him fit for duty/alive and Harris out. Ensure there are always O2 Bottles nearby, copy of the Declaration of Independence, wife not sister by his side, 2 masks nearby and the White House cellar at the ready, etc., etc., etc. Plenty of time for irregularities to show themselves if they hold true.That’s the bottom line. Stay fit for duty/upright Big Joe.
  14. Nice, gave or were taxed by your wife... hahaha, pretty much the same here but mine does the finances so I wouldn’t have known anyway had she not told me. I just continent hop and see the various ways countries/governments are dealing with all this. Distance yourselves, mask up, Clampdown, freedom with just reduced clustering, bam lockdown, Mask/distance/takeout only regulations, bam lockdown again, hotel keys that work only once. Snitch on your neighbor having Thanksgiving - next pill to swallow = no sending gifts/virus. How ridiculous/draconian can we go remains to be seen. Vaccine
  15. Gun Prices through the roof so I can’t really just pick and choose anymore just for fun. Bought iron at the end of Oct for a want not a need, got lucky as the same Metal is now $500 at the minimum more less than a month later. Good thing most of us have always left a store with at least a box of ammo every time and the Czar administration that started in 2008 forced the rest to gather their needs vs wants keeping gun companies in the black. Once again the threat awakens. So many first time buyers on Gunbroker it’s lunacy but with much warranted fear.
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