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  1. You answered it yourself in the first paragraph regarding the “They’re stupid to limit the target audience to retirees only.” Not so stupid from the bean counter perspective. You just guaranteed a 10 year, 20 year or even 30 year plus bill to pay in your scenario that has been playing out for years now. Multiply that retirement cost as long as the individual is alive. They have been closing the 15 year AD time or greater loop hole for getting orders for several years. 2010 was about when the first big AD orders cutback hit if I recall correctly. They have plenty of data of what it’s costing them now.... They’re stupid not to hand folks $300,000 or even $400,000 plus (half up front/other half when done) who left at the 10-12 year point and abuse them for 5-7 years. No indefinite continuous bill to pay. Basically paid for your services and be off with yourself. Selecting the “retired folks” is getting a $50,000 plus benefit on a bill that was already being paid..... think about it. Basically getting a Lt Col for $100,000. Even doing 4 more AD years and getting 10% more in retirement pay won’t catch up until decades upon decades for the $200,000 plus paid as a retiree during those 4 years if you stayed retired. Quality of life will dictate decisions differently for everyone. What does make sense is a retiree who recently was hired by an airline, has small children, finally has become a newly-wed (after the fact), tons of debt, a dog who has separation anxiety, etc. then it works out as better pay for a couple of years or so and then getting your $50,000 plus annual retirement bonus upon exiting the AD yet once again. (Better be non-deployable🙂
  2. Well, at least having similar seat time should help while in training. Should be able to feel right at home and sleep thru half the course is my guess.
  3. Same General wrote this on his white board as well... Let’s issue 1 copy for all the families to share!
  4. Good to see the hornets getting out of the hive. Keep it up! Go to your Commanders, be a Commander, push your State HQ, press your TAG! If your young in the game and you don’t know what a TAG is or who, TAG is not doing their job... *Work with neighboring units (initially select parallel mission units), states, connect the dots with data/ impact statements, monthly reports, do your due diligence if not for yourselves but for the others coming up thru the ranks. Everything else leads to separations or units unable to fulfill their doc statements and that will lead to an undesirable event however defined. Its always an uphill battle with bean counters, budget and self-proclaimed we know best Bureaucrats (Bureau). Do something and something might happen. If you do nothing, expect nothing. Fight for honor and good sense. (I chose honor as American English, don’t get hung up on it below 😉 ) Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. ... - Never Give In. - Winston Churchill
  5. P-8, very good choice and most likely with the 737 type rating to boot. Whats not to like as a great transition to the airline community as the most successful platform ever produced (sales). 10,000th delivered as of last year I believe. Had a tour on a P-8 and it was impressive. Very nice, but definitely still too tight of a tin can to be loitering around on/with long legs (both meanings). Great for many, but interstate hopping would be miserable as well for my fat @ss. My buds flying the Airbus A320s seem to have a much more enjoyable/spacious/ergonomic experience. Good advice alwyn2d, get that lite twin rating for future prospects.
  6. While this 2 cents may belong on a retirement thread I will state a viewpoint that has reinstated itself during the past decade plus of increasing AD retirements and “I have 20 good years” by the Guard & Reserve. Increase pay types such as AFTPs gains more proficiency for our forces without any backpay towards retirement. Very smart bean counter strategies. If you achieved an AD retirement via the separate point system, then your other points are thrown on top of your total AD points and it is a significant increase of retirement pay dependent upon how many you have. As supporting info, the DoD will not offer or change retirement systems to benefit the individual. Giving you cash now without any strings attached (not having to pay you til you die) is a business model. Hence, only one makeup RUTA is a screw job... More AFTPs not RUTAs = cost savings, Redux, Blended retirement system, RIF, etc. Military spends money, civilians make money - but the military is getting better at their oversight and starting to parallel the civilian sector regarding cost savings, but forgetting we are here to break sh*t...
  7. Maybe your life insurance is in question. Some airlines have stipulations via insurance companies regulatory policies. Life/limb catastrophic issues demand payment, but airlines are good at circumnavigating this arena so be aware. Makes sense that is your time and many pilots fly recreationally as well and do more high exposure activities if you will. Your a loss Manning wise, but the insurance might be a plausible note. One of our folks had an issue/death on the road and it seems there was much contention regarding payment of insurance. Company time vs off company time (flying), but the issue was he was on a trip. I hope to believe this wouldn’t happen in the Big 3 or other biggies. I am not going to say beyond company... Many know though. Just some thoughts... While your an asset, you can be a liability as well.
  8. If that is the case, then it seems it’s unit dependent. GAZMOs post indicates units have Carte Blanche to give bonuses out so that may have or still bleeds into hiring wage practices as well. I am just trying to put the Humpty Dumpty pieces together from several of the previous posts to gain a better picture. Not the source here, just a historian at this point.
  9. ANG units are the focus of discussion I believe, NGB probably not as they are either AD folks or Guard folks on Title 10 AD orders for a set period or have earned career status which brings them to a minimum of 20 years at higher headquarters. Our unit was Co-Piglet GS-11, Aircraft Philander GS-12 and the Destructor Pilot & Devaluator Pilot GS-13s. Several of us were grandfathered in as GS-13s prior to this mandate so we were lucky. Now it looks like it’s MDS hours driven vs position, but most likely both since the GS-13 isn’t listed on Jetpowers post. 750 hours total time (waiver required at the time since those hours included UPT was the issue) was one of the lowest thresholds I had seen transition thru the school house during AC upgrade so that tier level of experience seems to fit as a graduating scale of pay and experience. I recall many folks pushing for AC and then IP hard to get the pay increases despite not really being ready to perform. You must have a good prep process within the unit prior to sending them to upgrade school. At least get your Co-pilots some hands-on supervised tanker time prior to upgrade.
  10. Instead of throwing rocks at them like seagulls to get them to fly, throw $$$ at them. Nice millennial adjustment. Cool, my stranded buds can focus on other things finally. Good stuff.
  11. Someone has got to be at Admin/Finance right now or at least by tomorrow as they are “Closed for Training” or it’s an “Off Monday” 10hr working day unit... Too big of a retroactive clam bake not to check it out... Bueller? Maybe Tomorrow Guardian, I’m pulling for ya!
  12. Thanks Bergman! That is refreshing as it paralleled witch hunt proportions during that timeframe. We squelched 99% of their stack of names and were fortunate they were easy to substantiate. It was a bit eerie how pointed the questioning was by that specific airline. That explains a lot Bergman - Appreciate the info on the new world order!
  13. Time will tell cuz Uncle Shuga don’t give deals without an unknown side event. Someone will always take a back seat. That bait & switch was horrible. We tried for more RUTAs back in the day to secure valid points, but it seems the 72 was shifted to the AFTPs which isn’t a total loss by any means. Great for the Bums, but I doubt the 3 year and beyond large airline folks will capitalize on this encouragement regarding $ value, but the ability to pop holes in their schedules will definitely be more enticing, especially if they live near their unit. If you happen to be at both domicile and unit, more power to you - well done! Hopefully your CC’s aren’t Richard Craniums and all goes well... *If you are held to one makeup drill only, that ain’t pretty, that hurts, that’s wrong!
  14. Max limit EBT Card? Or does it have a better trade value? Don’t destroy me, but I was curious.
  15. The unit may have some opportunities in other areas you have not considered. You have the gift of gab and can write like mwa - I revamped all the OPRs within the squadron. OPR system definitely different now. Back in the day I updated all the regs (books) - not a today thing. We had readiness inspections; therefore, checklists were right down my alley. Check with XP or whatever they call the plans shop, they are always working on something. Understand this - look around and see what’s not getting done or everyone despises to accomplish and offer up your services. Temp AGR is almost perfect as some benefits are lost, but I managed to pick up extra man days, especially as we get closer to the end of the fiscal year.
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