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  1. Thanks MooseAg03, I’m following and appreciate the questions/answers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Any recent Palace Chase approvals or denials and timeline from submission to adjudication? MyPers is advertising 16+ weeks for officers, just trying to get a feel for current timelines if your package has to go to SAFPC for adjudication. Understand if you have all approvals/concurs it could be faster if adjudicated by the O-6 at AFPC. Lastly, I've heard from AFPC that there is current HAF/A3 guidance to deny/non-concur any Palace Chase applications that are asking for greater than 6 months off a ADSC. I've been told this guidance was initially put out specifically to address UPT commitments for the rated folks, but have heard it is being applied to other ADSCs such as GI TEB, PCS, TA etc by some functionals at AFPC. Can anyone corroborate or heard anything different?
  3. Thanks Kitten Mittens, I finally got Sq and Wg/CC approvals today and those options opened up in vMPF for me to see approvals, comments, and the next steps. Really hoping my application can get adjudicated at the O-6 level and not go to SAF/PC. Once again this forum is the best resource for learning how to flight follow/keep this thing going. Thanks all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Found another way to see where your PC app sits through vMPF’s Case Management System link at the top right of the vMPF homepage. Maybe this is common knowledge, but wasn’t for me as I just assumed since I didn’t have CMS access I couldn’t track it. Confirmed this morning you are able to view your own cases by selecting “active cases” inside that page. Unfortunately it doesn’t list contact info but does have office symbol with a time/date stamp of when that office was assigned it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Unfortunately I don’t have a secret code. I’ve had the same experience of having to go through a middle man which is super frustrating that you can’t just talk to the actual office. My experience has varied wildly depending on who the middle man happens to be. If I don’t like the result, I’ll just call back an hour later (wait on hold for 45 mins, speaker phone helps) and then hope for someone different/more helpful. I’ve had some success with filing MyPERS incidents and then calling the total force number to request updates to that specific question through the middle man but even that is hit or miss. Hoping someone can chime in with a better way because the current process is ridiculous. Also, I’ve had mild success with having someone with CMS access look up my case number to figure out where it might be hung up and then calling/e-mailing repeatedly that POC until they determine it is easier to move it along then continue to deal with me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. If your still waiting on the AF to address retention I have some ocean front property in Oklahoma to sell you. Anyone heard from the ACTF in the last 6 months? I think they may have given up after the 69 initiatives bumper sticker that never went anywhere. Based on recent testimony from AF management to the Hill even despite the T-6 OBOGS issues we still produced 1211 pilots last year and with increased production are on track to meet 95% of pilot manning by FY 22-23. I find it hard to believe myself, but seems to resonant on the Hill. I keep hoping the AF will ask for larger bonus/incentive authority for aviators, but magic 8 ball says “outlook not good.” I cringe to think about overall aviation experience levels 6-10 years from now if all we do is continue to focus on growing our way out of this. Unfortanately, mishaps are a lagging indicator and will have 2-3 different CSAFs by then, so why worry about it now?
  7. Second post, longtime lurker and want to thank everyone for their help in navigating the Palace Chase process. I’ve read through this thread in its entirety numerous times to get all my questions answered. 11S applied for PC on 28 Feb. Already hired into AGR job in same AFSC and MWS with 2nd and 3rd endorsements complete. Turned down IDE in-res this summer to apply. Guard unit supports AD unit I was previously assigned. Asking for 3 months off UPT and 15 months of GI Transfer of Benefits. Sq and Wg Commanders are supportive. Hoping for first time approval to get the family back to our hometown. If anyone has any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out either here or DM and I’ll do whatever I can to steer you in the right direction.
  8. Call the Total Force Service Center and ask to talk to the Palace Chase office. I submitted my PC app a month ago and kept checking vMPF to see the status and it said “Referred to Sq/CC” except it wasn’t. After the J1 failed to track the app down in CMS, I called the PC office and found my app had been sitting for over 2 weeks with the Palace Chase office with no action as it was missing Sq and Wg/CC endorsement. I asked what they were planning on doing with it and was told, nothing. Eventually got them to reroute it per the PSD Separations Guide to the Sq/CC and it just recently showed up in their CMS...so that’s a month added to an already long process. I’d imagine if you don’t have a Sq/CC check but have Wg/CC that shouldn’t hold up the process but is worth asking when you call the PC office. Squeaky wheel gets the grease and good luck.
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