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  1. Got a hold of the B1 and B2 pilots a while ago. B1 guys said no Board for at least 3 years. B2 guys have prospects send in a resume and then they reach out, mostly rated though. This was maybe 8 months ago, so it be a good idea to reach out to them to get an updated response
  2. Might be a premature question here, but has anyone heard from the 303rd MO for interviews/updates?
  3. What's up guys, So several years ago I had a slight tear of my labrum in one of my shoulders. The doctor recommended surgery. I disagreed and elected to do physical therapy and personal exercises. Now my shoulder hasn't caused any pain or issues of any kind for years. So question is, will I have a DQ possibility at MEPS or FC1 for this documented tear? Would it be smart to go see that same doc so he can write a letter stating my shoulder is in great shape? Thanks
  4. Has Wisconsin finished sending out invites or have they sent out "thanks for applying" emails?
  5. Slightly related question to this topic bros, I am filling out a fillable PDF document for the IDANG app, and some of the answers can not fit in the blank provided, such as my full name, etc. I have been unable to reach the POC. Anyone know how to change the font? Or would writing in some of the answers be acceptable? Thanks
  6. I apologize for the neediness, but does anyone have an application item checklist for the 303rd in MO?
  7. Has anyone heard if the 303rd in MO board is still postponed? Has a new board date been decided?
  8. Any bros have contact info for the 305th RQS in Tuscon? Been on the struggle bus for a while looking into them for UPT
  9. Any word on interview invites with Duluth MN?
  10. Hey guys, might be a noob question here: Do some squadrons not allow applicants to rush? For example, this particular squadron wrote this note "Individual tours are not done for prospective UFT candidates during the period of time we are accepting applications." Does this mean we can only rush before the applications begin? Or we just cant have individual tours but can still rush? Thanks!
  11. Any bros out there have contact info for Tuscon RQS? Struggling to find numbers/emails to contact
  12. Anyone have any insight on the HH60/MV22 helo squadrons for the Guard/Reserve? Is it bad to have a lot of fixed wing experience, 0 helo? I’ve been dead set on fighters but I am really interested in the Rescue community. Looking for UPT
  13. Has anyone heard from 175th FS South Dakota? Might be a premature question
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