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  1. Any bros out there have contact info for Tuscon RQS? Struggling to find numbers/emails to contact
  2. Anyone have any insight on the HH60/MV22 helo squadrons for the Guard/Reserve? Is it bad to have a lot of fixed wing experience, 0 helo? I’ve been dead set on fighters but I am really interested in the Rescue community. Looking for UPT
  3. Has anyone heard from 175th FS South Dakota? Might be a premature question
  4. Does anyone know if South Carolina or Jacksonville have sent out interview invites?
  5. Hey guys, So this is semi-related to this thread. Several Squadrons, as far as I have seen, do not allow UPT applicants to visit the Squadron during the UPT Application window. Does anyone know why that is? I understand thats the rule, but i am just curious why they would not want to meet the applicants before the interview? Would one's application be the sole factor? Seems like blind hiring? Maybe I am thinking too hard. Anyway, appreciate any and all inputs!
  6. @goodflightcowboyI was told by the POC that they "definitely won't have one in 2019, and most likely not in 2020, no idea beyond that." Monitor their website BuckleyPilotJob if you arent already. It is their own unique website for UPT/Rated applicants
  7. @JohnClarkI have left dozens of messages and have yet to receive a call back. IMO dont expect them to call you back. Dont let that discourage you though! Try using the BogiDope Map, it shows squadron ops desk numbers. Call that and someone should be able to help you. Just keep trying man, dont give up
  8. Hey guys, When civilians rush squadrons, what are we expected to wear? I have heard it is an informal event, just meeting the guys - kind of like fraternity rushing. But I have also read to wear business attire... So what have y'all worn in the past or recommend wearing? Appreciate the inputs
  9. Thank you for the opinions y'all. Appreciate the inputs. Helps a bunch!
  10. Curious if anyone will be willing to share their schedules on a month to month basis. Obviously, dual flying jobs are very demanding. Are you working 25 days/month? Are you gone for most of the month? How do you balance your family/social life? etc.. Appreciate the inputs!
  11. Hi y'all, I was curious about others opinions as to where I stand competitively. I am applying to fighter squadrons currently. so here's the lineup: 22 years old College degree (B.S.), Flight Major 600 hours Total Time CFI and CFII Single/Multi Commerical w Instrument Now the AFOQT: Pilot - 91 Rest of the scores were in the low 40s PCSM 90 Another important info: I have not been visiting the squadrons, so that is something I am working on. So my test scores are not good. The big issue is that I am terrible at taking standardized tests. Even in high school, the PSAT, SAT, and ACT were all low scores. Brightside is that I have only taken the AFOQT once, so I still have another shot if needed! I am afraid of scoring even lower. So what do y'all think? Also, what is the AFOQT really for? From my limited flight experience, I feel like I am proven to be able to fly and learn aviation topics - but my AFOQT scores say the opposite, ha! Are the AFOQT scores used as a weed out because of the high volume of applicants that fighter squadrons receive? So that's all I got! Any and all opinions would be really helpful!
  12. Got a reject letter from Oregon yesterday early afternoon. So y'all that have not received emails yet, that is probably a good thing!
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