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  1. I'd recommend not retaking the test man. Your scores are good. I got picked up with 3 out of the 5 AFOQT scores in the 30s. Focus your effort on rushing squadrons
  2. Okay that makes sense, thanks! Yeah i'm a guy OTS bound with a Reserve sponsored slot
  3. Any idea why it takes the Surgeon General many months to approve of a medical waiver? Going on 4 months. Can my sponsoring unit make a call?
  4. Hey LJ, Could you clarify how the UPT Helicopter track works? All i know so far is that we go T-6 then head to Rucker for Huey. How long is the Huey training? And do the UPT students that track helos, do we immediately head to Rucker or is there a long wait? I have a 60 slot. Thanks!
  5. Hey bros, Got FC1 coming up - curious to what the minimum passing requirements are for Depth Perception. From what I understand, the DP test is the exact same one from MEPS. I got 6/12 on the DP Test (Passed B) at MEPS. Is the minimum requirement to pass "D"? To be eligible for pilot. I do not have an eyesight problem, nor do I wear contacts/glasses. After MEPS, I went to an Optometrist and maxed out every DP test they had. Any info would be awesome, thanks!
  6. PM me and I can send the 183rd info packet. ^ 106 RQW calls went out for the 60s
  7. Bros, What should a civilian wannabe mil pilot wear for a zoom interview? I'm assuming typical interview attire but I don't want to overdress if that is not the norm for virtual interviews. Thanks
  8. Has anyone heard from NY and/or Patrick AFB 60s?
  9. Alright guys, i am currently a civilian pilot and have come to realization that I will be bored doing the same thing till i'm 65. I have been applying to Guard/Reserve squadrons in the mean time. Anyway, I am curious if the AF or Navy has better chances of tracking fighters in the training pipeline? This seems to be a AF heavy forum group so if there are any Navy bros/broettes out there that have some insight that would be great. Calling recruiters to set up the AD process this week. I understand it comes down to luck and the needs of the branch but besides that does the Navy or AF have better chances of tracking fighters in training? Thanks
  10. Guess i've been filling it out wrong for awhile. Does anyone know what code to put? Off the street civ applying for upt slot for guard/reserve
  11. When filling out AF Form 24s for a fighter, do you use 11F or 11F1F for the specialty code?
  12. Got a question bros, So if the squadron lists in the application criteria to email the app only, would it be frowned upon to deliver a hard copy when you rush? Or would hand delivering it and emailing be the best option?
  13. Just out of curiosity, when y'all sent a resume to 63rd ARS (Tampa), did they give you a response or any follow up email?
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