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  1. I'm sorry to hear that, but I really appreciate you passing along that info. I will look into the MSD, and the fact that I can apply again gives me hope for a different rated position. I am currently a non-rated officer, so I meet retention standards, but not sure if I can pass a FC yet. The opinion/language piece could certainly be frustrating. I hope all is going well for you in whatever you are doing now
  2. Hello, I was disqualified during my Class I Flight Screening after selection, and I'm currently applying for a Class III now to try and be an ABM. I understand that some conditions are permanently disqualifying from rated positions, but I have no idea if mine is (esophoria). Any idea where I can find out if I can even apply again? I've tried calling AFPC/AETC, and the base that performed the physical, but I haven't gotten much apart from the issue that DQ'd me the first time. If anyone has any info, thank you!
  3. Congrats to everyone that got selected! I basically just heard about this program, so too late to apply to this board. Does anyone know when the next board is? I heard September but I haven't seen that anywhere in MyPers or elsewhere. I'm trying for ABM, afoqt score is 99. Thanks for the help!
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