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  1. Just a couple tidbits about the Trivium books: The table-reading practice they have is not on the same scale as the actual AFOQT. The tables in the practice books are maybe 7x7 or 10x10, but the actual table is closer to 30x30 with smaller font and less space between numbers. It threw me for a bit of a loop because I was not accustomed to being that precise when scanning the table. There were a couple questions in mine that straight-up had the wrong answer written in the answer key. If you find yourself tearing your hair out trying to figure out where you went wrong, chances are it's the book. Everything else in the books is pretty awesome and reflective of the actual exam.
  2. What's up with the USAF and Textron? I think Secretary James is now on their payroll.
  3. I went through and purged my posts and accidentally deleted my apology along the way. For the OP: I apologize for what I have said and for venturing out of my lane. What I was trying to say originally is that not having military background is not the end of the world and that trying to rush into an enlistment to boost your chances may not be as valuable as, say, earning your instrument rating. Enlistment takes a long time, and the training pipeline is backed up for a lot of schools. You could end up spinning your wheels for little to no gain, but it is entirely up to you. For me to challenge your statement, @matmacwc (is that how you tag people?), is way above my metaphorical paygrade. Instead of interpreting your post as a shot at me, I should have taken the high road... especially since I reckon we may not actually disagree on that point after all. Everything else said was mostly a result of my pride getting ahead of me. The remainder was a bit of misunderstanding the dynamic that this forum has, which is also on me. While I think that some of my comments were misinterpreted, like someone else said, I'm probably the asshole in the room if I think everyone else is being one. Bottom line: I was wrong. I apologize.
  4. How am I the one "mouthing off"? The only thing I've said so far is that matmacwc was unnecessarily rude and blunt when he corrected me. I have said nothing bad about him, only said that I don't know who he is. He came in, said that I was wrong, and offered nothing else. And I do know how to listen. I've had plenty of other pilots tell me and other applicants that the military checkbox is not as big a deal as folks make it out to be. So when he posts that the info I got is wrong, I want to know why! I'm looking for information here, just like everyone else. But please, for OP's sake, tell me how stupid I am here, not in this thread.
  5. Bumping after updating original post. Earned my PPL, and I'm back on the horse applying to as many Wings as possible. Hoping to get more feedback on my application package. Does anyone know if boards give any thought to an applicant's current security clearance? Obviously it's good to have the TS/SCI that they need you to be able to hold, but how good? To me, it could be inconsequential because the squadron is used to obtaining them, but it could also be a huge weight off their shoulders seeing as the clearance interviews are backed up and it's one less thing to worry about. What about the instrument rating? Should I place any priority on going after it? Or should I get some time with my new PPL before going down that road?
  6. Part of these interviews is a social outing that usually involves drinking. Ask for a non-alcoholic beer or mixed drink and try to socially open up the healthy way. I wouldn't make it "a thing" that you're under 21 because then the focus is on "oh hey this guy's 20" and not "hey this guy's a solid dude"
  7. *goes into web code* *Ctrl+F: http* *replace with https* *profit*
  8. If you want to get past interviews as fast as possible, the helos will do that for you. Otherwise, best of luck, you've got a great application package! The only items that would help you past where you are now are instrument rating and a time machine to go back and get some military experience and a STEM degree. That being said, military experience is a surprisingly minor boost and an economics degree is pretty damn close to STEM. You're solid, just start schmoozin, turn 21, and start boozin.
  9. AFOQT scores are percentile-based. You can almost treat them like letter-grades. You'll want to get >90s in Pilot, Quantitative, and Academic Aptitude with an average score overall of >80. Those are numbers just pulled out of my @$$, but they're not too far off if you want to be really competitive with AFOQT scores. Essentially anything >90 is great, anything 80-90 is good, anything 70-80 is acceptable, anything 60-70 is looked at with a discerning eye, and anything <60 is a concern. Less emphasis is put on verbal and navigator scores IIRC, but best to have everything as high as you can get it. I used the Trivium AFOQT study guide and kicked the test's butt. Now I've just gotta figure out how to kick an interview's butt.
  10. I would grab an AFOQT test prep book and rip through that as much as possible to figure out whether your Quant score (and possibly AA) are indicative of your actual abilities or if those were flukes (mismanaging time during exam, etc...). If you have knowledge gaps that can be fixed with some practice (i.e. you've learned how to do them but are just out of practice), then it's worth a retake. If they are true shortcomings that you simply have no idea about, then it becomes a little gray whether you should try and learn those concepts and retake or just persevere with applications. The Q and AA scores aren't so low that a board would discount you much, but they are low enough that you'd be an easy applicant to drop if they were comparing you with another applicant.
  11. I'm speaking from the standpoint of applications, interviews, and earning a slot. The interviews I've done and the pilots I've spoken to have taught me that the magic experience range is between PPL and IR, possibly CPL. However, though less often, the interviewers have said that on some boards, they are targeting those with much more experience. The least often they are looking for are those with <10 hours (no solo), though, apparently, that is occasionally something they desire. It depends on what they're trying to get out of the candidate -- generally, they'd prefer getting at least a couple years of full-time out of you before you back off to drill status. Sometimes they don't care if you go right back to your airline at the earliest moment. Others are desiring someone who will stay on full-time until retirement. Obviously, they can't hold you to any of those expectations, but based on manning and requirements, these boards have varying desires.
  12. You'd have to have an insane interview experience to get past those issues. If you want to apply, apply. However, I think people ask these questions so they're not spending time and money on applying only to spin their wheels in a scenario where the chances are pitted against them. Even with airline standby benefits, it will get expensive.
  13. Showing Not Secure for me. Also, I don't know where you get your certificates, but https://letsencrypt.org/ is always an option.
  14. Agree with cagg. It seems like anything under 50 is a concern. Large differences between scores are also concerns. An Air Force pilot is an officer foundation with pilot focus and skills built on top. If your resume is less than ideal for a generic officer like, say, Logistics or Maintenance, then your extensive pilot qualifications are almost moot.
  15. Hey everyone, I am an air guardsman right now, and I have a pretty complete grasp on how the applications work for Guard UPT slots. However, the Reserve side is a mystery to me. From what some other folks have said, it almost sounds like there is some sort of application you can fill out that gets sent to multiple bases, and they will reach out if they are interested. Is that a thing? Was that a thing? Whatever information you can give me so I can understand the differences between applying Reserve and applying Guard would be super helpful. Thanks!
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