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  1. If anyone has a minute to help me out with the flashcards I'd greatly appreciate it! Is it true that you have to orient 'A' with your direction of travel (the yellow arrow) and then answer? The reason I ask is because when I google images "TBAS directional orientation" it shows a tracker map and then an aircraft view with 4 grayed out parking lots. The parking lots are not labeled A-D on the picture so I am confused. Additionally why does the compass rose to the left of the terrain picture not have a dial on it? Is it irrelevant, unneeded information? Thanks!
  2. In case anyone is having trouble getting the simulator to open once they download it, this video explains the 7 zip download and file extraction For those wondering what kind of joysticks/rudder pedals work with the software, I have successfully used the following: Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick, Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas X, Logitech G Pro Pedals, CH Pro pedals. I have tried both sets of pedals with both joysticks and all combinations work (The pedals and joystick run concurrently so you can do both the horizontal and vertical tracking at the same time) I think someone else was only able to get one work at a time, with a different hardware setup.
  3. Hi all, I have a 96 AFOQT pilot score and a 44 PCSM with 5 flight hours. 6 months has passed and I am considering retaking the TBAS. The first time I took it I did poorly on the directional orientation part, but I have since studied the flashcards and played around on a simulator and I am confident that I can do a lot better. I know a PCSM calculator doesn't exist, but does anyone have a general idea of how many points my PCSM can go up if I do really well on the TBAS my second time (with the 96 pilot AFOQT)? Looking around at some other people's scores on the forum I am thinking it may be in the 60s-70s but I was wondering if anyone could weigh in? I understand that flight hours have a lot of weight as well, but I think my PCSM is pretty bad for a 96 on the AFOQT. Thanks for the help, this forum has been awesome!
  4. @donkey thanks for posting the software! I downloaded both 7 zip and the file you posted to my computer but I am not having any luck getting the simulator to open. Any ideas what may be going wrong? Thanks!
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