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  1. I think there are plenty of healthy people who lose points on the waist measurement with how different the body can be due to genetics, especially when you start looking at women and how the Air Force thinks they are all tiny twigs. It doesn’t help that everyone also has a different interpretation of how to take the measurement either. I’ve never thought it was value added to the Force.
  2. I think hybrid flying is great once you have the foundation. As an example, we have a detailed moving map in the jet that students aren’t allowed to use during low altitude navigation until they demonstrate proficiency using paper maps to navigate by terrain features. You definitely end up using hybrid flying for point to point navigation, but they way we do it in the hawg is really just homing on a steer point. My second statement contradicts the first, but that is the difference between a single seat and a crewed aircraft. I’m not going to tell you what to do in your cockpit outsi
  3. As buddy spike said, I don’t view it as providing me any valuable data. If I’m flying visually in the pattern, the only time I look inside is to lower the gear and confirm 3 green. I have a HUD and helmet display to provide airspeed, altitude, and navigation information. Our aux field on the range doesn’t have any sort of approach. The Air Force and all their IFR to the max extent crutches create absolutely awful VFR pilots. If someone wants to pull up the ILS to back themselves up then go for it, I’m not going to stop them. I personally feel it’s useless to me, like using a GPS on my
  4. I’d say the takeaway is that most platforms in the AF treat the pilots like children and this is a perfect example. You decrease their proficiency by telling them all they should do is unnecessary IFR and to follow the thingy on the MFD instead of look outside the aircraft. If it’s not night or IMC I never have an ILS pulled up, I look outside. I’ve flown significantly more visual approaches than instrument approaches. This is something the general aviation world does that I like. Then again, we can’t even fly the magenta line and also spend most of our time VFR. I do have an issue with the fi
  5. I think anybody who lost a son, daughter, father, mother, brother, or sister for no purpose or benefit to national security would disagree. An Afghanistan presence isn’t even close to a deterrence for major powers in that part of the world, and certainly has no real quantifiable objective or reasoning behind it. People’s children who weren’t even born when this shit started are going off to get killed and kill people in Afghanistan who weren’t alive when it started either. We shouldn’t have a single American in that place.
  6. I’ve talked to a guy who ejected out of the T-6 a few years ago who also had the det cord explosives in the canopy basically turn it into a grenade going off right next to his body. Said he was filled will glass that he could feel underneath his skin for months. I don’t understand why it’s the new hotness in ejection seat design. Even if you actually fly with all your shit rolled down (which almost no one does) it still messes up the pilot when they have an explosive embedded in glass go off a foot away from them.
  7. If he’s already highly experienced in another fighter airframe he will get pushed through upgrades quickly, and if you have close to 1500 hours you are definitely very experienced. I’m guessing he was transitioned to help bring the older experienced type into the community. 1500 hours in a fighter isn’t a small amount. We don’t fly 50 hours in 5 days twice a month like those heavy pilots do on their missions.
  8. They are removing ~44 aircraft from service. The rest have/are receiving a rewing to extend their lifespan. The aircraft removed are mostly AD because the guard has mostly lower hour jets. Some of the guard units are receiving F-35s/other aircraft and their A-10s are going to AD. If you get in the A-10 you will likely do a few ops assignments if you don’t try to transition, and then eventually transition to the F-35. If you desire to play the role of CAS/CSAR/FAC(A) then it is, by far, the best aircraft to go with. Things are currently winding down in COIN, but the A-10 has been the most
  9. It will be a fighter. You’re in ACC at that point. They aren’t going to release you to hop around majcoms without a legitimate reason, usually medical/ejection seat DQ. If you don’t want to fly fighters then I can promise you that you don’t want anything in AFSOC. They have the same mentality/culture setup, but are extremely overworked and always gone, unlike fighters. Also, if you’re in T-38s then you are 99.69% likely not going to receive anything AMC besides the herc.
  10. If you don’t want to spend time in a vault then FAIP. KCs, C-17(if you don’t airdrop/SOL)/21/5s are about the only ops aircraft that wont require much vault time, or really even much mission planning and debriefing. Anything kinetic, ISR, or the what support kinetic assets (airdrop, FARP, etc) will be spending time in a vault.
  11. They did okay, but IFF isn’t the filter that it was back in the day, which is good and bad. It’s not just a pointless haze, and it’s also not easy to remove students from training in general. I’ve heard from some guys who instructed there that they are already spending extra time working on tac form for many of the students. The problem with many of these students is they don’t have the repetitions of flights that hammer home and make purely flying second nature, which is what ultimately drives many of the problems on follow on trainings. We have students that can’t fly straight and lev
  12. The problem with those studs is they were hand picked to go there because they were already a level above their peers, and this program wouldn’t fail even if they were trash. The washout rate in our B course classes has been rising over the last couple years from the general population of all this change and reduced experience. They won’t all be fine, the number of students who can’t make it through PIQ is on the rise. We’ve had multiple cycles with washouts this year, which is not standard. Basic fighter admin is what drove most of it.
  13. So what you’re saying is the Navy realizes VR isn’t a replacement for stick time in a jet, especially when you’re going to jets that have no family models.
  14. He’s got a good point OP. Your SA is about as high as the vipers blowing through the entire stack claiming they have radar SA, even though they almost hit everyone, including their own wingman and still don’t see the guy in front of them. You just don’t have the experience yet with that sort of flying. Most people start UPT wanting to be fighter pilots, many finish with no desire to ever go over 60 degrees of back again. The guard is still the way to go in my opinion. Once you’re in your in. If fighters don’t end up working out a heavy unit will almost definitely take you if you’re not j
  15. Are you trying to say 6-9 jack and cokes affect my geography skills? Well I guess South East Asia is where the war will be. After everyone on the peninsula is dead.
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