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  1. People who spend 8-24 hours in the ejection seat of fighter/bomber, already wearing a bunch of additional shit, that can’t get up and take some laps around their aircraft anytime they’re uncomfortable and need some adjusting. It a big enough pain in the ass to get the g-suit on with a bag, I don’t see it working with baggy regular pants. Plus all that additional stuff on them would make it painful. Made the mistake of flying with my keys under the g-suit once, only once.
  2. Obviously not all of them are, but it took about 6 flights in a T-6 for the bar to be set higher than any civilian checkride I experienced. I was not prepared to calmly handle a real, complex emergency or SA draining scenario until UPT, and even then 38s is when it all clicked having an engine shit the bed. Knowing what I do now, the phrog pilot at my school was the only person I feel was a true professional aviator. There’s too many people that lack repetition and experience from their 1 Sunday flight a month or just trying to reach the magic number for a regional job. The airlines seem to see value in our training as well. But I digress from the original post.
  3. Like everyone said, there’s the milcomp tests to award all the civilian equivalent ratings for your military experience. Also, as someone who went through the civilian training before doing military flight school. AF training is much, much better than my civilian training. It made me realize that the majority of non-airline civilian pilots are really incompetent and dangerous.
  4. Is it really realistic that they accidentally wound up almost 50 degrees nose low responding to a power increase? I’ve never flown a big old airliner, I just feel it would take a good amount of time to get that nose low without a malfunction, and would be incredibly uncomfortable if you happen to look out the window. But I’m just a guy that knows nothing about computers being involved in controlling a plane.
  5. If I don’t wear a normal flight suit then how will everyone know I’m a pilot? And if no one knows I’m a pilot, then why bother being a pilot?
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