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  1. There’s always rank, especially for an O-6+. We can pretend there isn’t all we want, but this is the military and we all know that’s BS. But it sounds like the Viper guys roll around in bed naked together, so maybe they don’t have rank over there.
  2. The military doesn’t want to fix it. You retain experience by matching the benefits they receive working outside the military and making their personal life easy to manage. Someone working a big contract doesn’t need to PCS, they should be paid a comparable salary, don’t send them on random useless TDYs, or live in the middle of nowhere, etc. I know people who get out of the military and then do literally the exact same job for a contractor except they make 2-3 times more, live somewhere great, deployments are half the length, and theres better overall benefits. It is literally impossible to keep anyone that can get hired by then to stay. You can only guilt someone with “service before self” for so long before self and family matters.
  3. Don’t go active duty. Be a full time reservist or AGR. there’s literally not a single perk to active duty over that, it’s why big blue tries to hide them and downplay it. Active Duty
  4. Disagree. The whole sim and VR can replace flight time mentality really bothers me. The sim has its place as an additional tool, but time in the air can never be replaced by it. The hawg community gives students 3 sims to learn how to start the jet and fliP some switches, and then sends them up for the first time because they realize this. From the instrument standpoint, not everyone flies around in glass cockpits, with coupled approaches, and 4 pilots all sitting around staring at the instruments. The first time I flew an ILS to mins on a stormy night with a shitty steam ADI and HSI was nothing like the hundreds of sim approaches, or the maybe 3-4 real approaches I had to take seriously in the jet. It was incredibly uncomfortable. I even forgot to lower the gear until well past the FAF. Now I always treat them as if they are real. I disagree even more that it can be applied to actual mission employment in a meaningful way over flying. Nothing replaces the experience, confidence building time, and feeling the jet and how it responds to environmentals. 90% of most MWS flying is done based on feel with fighters. There needs to be G, buffet, etc. The hours we give pilots in the jet is what makes them superior to other countries. Country’s who’s pilots fly in a year what many of our pilots get in a few weeks. I’m sure this can be applied to heavies too. The C-17 (who’s sims are crippling broken all the time) flies 300’ low levels and does air drop. Sitting in a box isn’t going to make you comfortable at 300’ with a 200’ wingspan, or jumping guys that will die if you do it incorrectly. Nor will it build any confidence landing on tiny assault strips. tldr: Sims augment actual flight time, they can never replace it. Decision making is learned from experience. Practice like you play. (In a real airplane)
  5. As a LT spending serious $ on a vehicle is stupid. Flying a fighter doesn’t ruin driving a vehicle. The Air Force finds a way to make everything not fun. All you think about in the plane is doing the mission, not enjoying flying. Also, gs aren’t fun or cool. No one likes pulling them, even though any fighting falcon pilot you’ve met at an air show pretends they do.
  6. In ops your job is to deploy and directly support the down range mission. It’s what we’re paid and train to do. In AETC your job is to train the personnel required to fill those ops positions. You can’t steal from your production ability to artificially inflate numbers on an excel spreadsheet without totally fing it a few years down the road. UPT is supposed to be significantly undermanned, being forced to increase production without increasing manning, and now told they’re supposed to lose more instructors to deployments? What a completely moronic decision. A group os 2LTs could plan the future of the Air Force better than these GOs. I suppose we could just replace them with a few more CBTs and syllabi changes. Oh and VR goggles.
  7. It’s not. That is unrealistic and unsustainable. What we need to do is realize that it takes time and money to train people, and no amount of academics/sims/VR/video games will replace air sense and experience developed in the jet. There’s a reason every thousand hour airline guy who joins the guard smokes all of his UPT classmates, and it’s not because he catches on any faster than a normal person. Either fully commit to training these pilots or stop being yes men to the guy above you and pretending we can increase numbers without increasing money, time, instructors.
  8. That’s “successful” from big Air Force, not the B course IPs. Also, those guys were all hand picked because the Air Force knew they would do well in UPT due to prior experience. They didn’t allow standard students into that round of PTN. Nothing can replace time in a jet. If something could we wouldn’t require hour limits for upgrades.
  9. This. If it requires approval for the points it’s goes like this: “you feeling okay to fly?” “Yeah” “Cleared to step”
  10. I have to agree with this. I’d much rather continue doing our ORM on a dry erase sheet than deal with a computer. Make an excel sheet and enter everything after the crew steps if they want it all tracked. Don’t make my job harder with terrible Air Force technology skills.
  11. I’m talking more phase 3 after the basics of airmanship are learned in T-6s. However, I do believe not having an IP they know will save them helps develop some self preservation (it did for me). There’s a couple formation solos in 38s. I also think they need a nav/inst block containing solo O&Bs (chased by IPs). 38s are training single seat fighter pilots, so might as well train how single seat fighter FTU does. Model it similarly to vipers and eagles with their blend of dual/solo. People still hook in FTU for trying to fly into their flight lead, it just requires an attentive IP. They also do dumb shit like accidentally shoot rockets at their flight lead in the hold too. Students will always find a way to scare you. I don’t really have a problem with the RSU. I think trans should be flown to other local fields after setting the foundation on a few flights in the RSU pattern. From my understanding that’s how the T-1 side does things in trans and nav.
  12. While I agree parts of the RSU pattern are a necessary evil, it is taken to a ridiculous level. When someone is hooked for turning half a section line too early. We do have an outside downwind kind of thing at DM, but it’s requested from tower if we can’t pull closed. Solo doesn’t mean they are by themselves. I see no reason why the majority of formation isn’t flown solo. They could have a few instrument rides dual and a few solo as well. Aft is the learning channel and instruction can be done by the flight lead. At FTU the student’s IP flies chase during transition (when not practicing formation) until they get a form 8. This could easily be applied to UPT. If it’s form they always have a chase, if it’s instruments/trans it can be a mix of both. If we want to make pilots we need to treat them like pilots, not hook them for being 2/10ths of a mile off the outside downwind track or perching slightly late.
  13. I’ve noticed that to be a big issue with UPT graduates. They lack confidence in their own abilities because they are rarely solo. As well as UPT teaches them to fly a syllabus, not be a pilot. They keep doing the same things that don’t work for them instead of what does because “that’s how the 3-3 says to do it.” The minute anything changes some guys will freeze up and short circuit. VFR is non existent in UPT and confuses those who only know AF flying. Ive heard IFF guys talk about how students can’t even fly the pattern. Well, the first time a student is flying the overhead pattern, or landing in general, at a different airport shouldn’t be IFF. I think students should always be in the front seat during instruments and XC and be required to do VFR patterns and visuals at foreign airports. T-1s do much better in that side of the house than 38s. We need to work more to make pilots once they have the basic aviating down. Hell, all of our student sorties are solo in the A-10 and they only get 2 EP sims before they fly. After ~20 hours of foundational instruction solos could easily be integrated more often into the UPT syllabus.
  14. Lol “bad leadership”. Are you still in college? LTs are barely capable of leading the coffee pot and corn machines without getting lost on their way to work, regardless of where they went to school. We’re all morons for the first few years. Pretending like they know about leadership as an LT, or are a better candidate for UPT, because they went to the academy just makes people think you’re a tool. College performance =/= flying performance. Quality is decreasing because the # of flight hours has decreased. Nothing replaces experience. You can teach a monkey to fly with enough time.
  15. I know a guy who flew ejection seat aircraft with back and neck issues like you. He went through surgeries and stuff to help mitigate the pain. They allowed him to switch over to aircraft without ejection seats and he’s still flying I wouldn’t not speak up about it for fear of an FEB/MEB. I don’t think they would boot a pilot that can fly other aircraft, and flying is most definitely not worth destroying your body.
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