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  1. *than the government is willing to pay for Auto thrust reduction would 100% solve the problem, works with the C-130J, too. Whether the AF is willing to fork over money to have the FADECs do their thing is another matter. And that’s also why they’re keeping 8 engines. Changing to 4 would be a TON of engineering work for the pylons and subsystems etc they’re not interested in. They’re barely interested in doing the work to make the engineering for a nearly similarly sized engine work.
  2. Plus or minus the Blue Angels footage.
  3. VA hospitals were getting marginally efficient at care, so the terrorists had to knock it back down to deplorable.
  4. So the there’s also less engineering work to do with keeping 8 similarly sized engines when you consider all the hydro subsystems etc., although figuring out how to deliver the power with modern gens has been an issue they have worked through. Clark wrt more thrust, that’s actually not a good thing. Would over stress the wing spars etc. It’s never a thrust limited airplane; there’s virtually no condition heavyweight where more thrust is needed. Control authority and steel brakes are the limiting factors.
  5. Banging a subordinate? Sounds like something you’d expect a leader to be fired for.
  6. White Supremacy is the Root of All Race-related Violence in the US Excellent, glad the science is settled on that.
  7. Sadly they didn’t consult me in the late 80s wrt naming the strike pig, but you’ve got light grey, dark grey, and now nouveau medium grey. Done. The S, I, J, K, and SG all make a bunch of sense given the buyers.
  8. Eagle II? It’s just another Eagle. If we bought Block 69 vipers to meet 4+ needs, are they going to seriously call it the FF II?
  9. What’s the Kendi quote, “the only solution for past discrimination is present discrimination, and the only solution for present discrimination is future discrimination”? So all aspects, I think.
  10. I’m still wondering how they have managed to avoid getting penalized for flying the Russian flag.
  11. He is, but that clever cockiness really fits with the brand RB is going for it seems. If they were the perennially dominant team, I think it would be unbearable. I think Toto has a bit of an arrogant ego, too, but it’s usually hidden behind ze German understated front. And for Haas...if the driver goes so does your major sponsor, so it’s a tight spot.
  12. Exactly. Spun in every round of practice, quali, and then the race itself. Passed people on an outlap he had no chance of outpacing on the quali laps. Just a real gem. Too bad they don’t air the GPDA meetings.
  13. If they could figure a way to depict Mazespin wrong way round, perfect. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  14. The money talks, same with Force Point Aston Martin Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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