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  1. Who goes to said conference? People who deal only with the pipeline directly, or is there input from those that have to deal with the output?
  2. I’m not talking about someone remotely related or assigned to my shop, I’m talking someone in an entirely different section of the squadron I have no responsibility for whatsoever.
  3. I particularly enjoy when supervisors contact my shop for 1206 bullets, as if it is my job to keep track of what their people have been doing.
  4. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/order-from-chaos/2019/09/13/the-place-of-military-history-in-todays-defense-planning/amp/ O’Hanlon usually has some good insight, himself.
  5. The common sense in Top 3 is sometimes less common. I don’t think it’s important for experienced people so much, I can ID my top risks and consider mitigation plans without it; younger guys it can be helpful sometimes. However, sometimes it’s a nice reminder to the higher ups when they don’t for whatever reason see the value in curtailing/cancelling. ^plus, yes, some communities have way more of this than others.
  6. Not yet, in the queue. Just some excerpts in articles, but I think it looks interesting.
  7. That’s absolutely what we did when they wanted a new one down range...based on the heavy handed involvement typically evident (as above), I don’t think management ever actually ran the numbers to see what would get them involved.
  8. Checks. Sounds like most of you guys don’t routinely sit in the jet for three hours for maintenance troubleshooting in 100° heat on your five hour sortie that had you show 4 hours before takeoff. MX slip loses your tanker, your range time, and your coordinated mission training. “Mr Gp cc says he thinks you should still fly duration because you can ‘still get some training.’” ”Broken, confirm you want me to burn 120k and do patterns during my 14th hour of duty day?” ”Yeah, you’ll still get pattern work. “ ”Well Mr GP cc, this ORM sheet you signed off on says that’s not smart.”
  9. I see the point of his allegory...except that for the long history of Britain, it’s known more for fish than chicken. This chicken thing is the new item on the menu.
  10. One of the guys here tried it with PEX a few years ago; it never worked out.
  11. Except you pretty much are, and you haven’t learned lesson #1 yet: never pass up the opportunity to STFU. You haven’t gotten to lost LT status yet.
  12. Your joke doesn’t work unless you memorized all the pages of your TO before you had an EFB bro. If your EFB is reading your pubs for you, maybe your “forward thinking” is in the ball park. Reduced size and weight, and the ability to search are great, but otherwise... it’s on you to read it.
  13. Dude, there are absolute great-dude meatheads who weren’t very serious about their studies in skool who are Fighter WIC instructors. Some things click with some people that you wouldn’t expect.
  14. Hah! When I first glanced at it, I read “25 Million children per year...”
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