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  1. I’ve recently been educated on the ignore user function; I mean, why bother with obviously fabricated BS spam? And to think I could have been auto screening @nsplayr‘s dissertations all these years.
  2. There is a way to set the conversion rate, so you could look up the conversion rate for that day or use current. Alternatively, do the conversion yourself and claim the dollars. Assuming more than $75? If less than $75, do the conversion and claim the reimbursement for the appropriate dollar amount without receipt required.
  3. Right, but the part where you want to establish a DOS at the end of your ADSC, that makes it PF.
  4. If you’re at the end of your ADSC and separating, doesn’t that by definition make it Palace Front?
  5. And that’s about the only time you think to yourself, “man I’m really glad I fly an airplane too old (and neglected enough) for any kind of CVR.”
  6. Seems like you’re having a lot of trouble thinking of other ways you could continue to challenge Russia without allowing Turkey to continue on this path. Surely ACSC has developed your critical/creative thinking skills beyond, “but this is how it is.”
  7. Seemed like the logical condition that precedes Turkey leaving NATO.
  8. Why would you post this in the WTF thread? That’s entirely normal.
  9. The AF has a talent management problem because it continually refuses to distinguish between talents. Standby for everyone wears OCPs.
  10. “Overmanned.” Go with data.
  11. I hit submit a week ago. Still “waiting on funds.” Will be interested to see how this plays out.
  12. But the 3.2% GDP growth only fuels and enriches the evil capitalist overlords!
  13. I thought he had his own thread, but turns out he just turns up in What’s Wrong with the AF most often.
  14. They’re pushing for new uniforms.
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