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  1. For perspective, they were the only service academy not on Spring Break when all this went down, so the others had the luxury of “just don’t return from leave.”
  2. Discussion at wings with HPCON levels devolves into “but Charlie indicates a lack of mission effectiveness so we don’t want to do that,” so in some places they have made it Bravo with selective implementation of Charlie provisions. On one hand, I think the innovation if you will is good to do what applies to your location, but also question if leadership is afraid to accurately assess if indeed they are mission effective because of higher up perception.
  3. That’s the one. #97 with Hotez goes a little further into some of the background science, but the more recent ones obviously update with newer data. I don’t think I would express my thoughts as optimism, however I found the detailed discussions on the different assumptions that go into the projections to be far more transparent than other sources. I also think it offers less hyperbole and emotion than other sources, which lends itself to more reasoning. They’re concerned but pragmatic and try actually explaining concepts instead of dumbing it down. I think that’s what I find reassuring if you want to call it that. Edit: recently he did a short post on social media where he talked about thinking of each area of the US as a locality instead of the US as a whole (which you can apply to Italy too: northern part far worse than Sicily for instance). I think with that framework when you look at a lot of the stay-at-home measures being taken in places it has the potential to start flattening if you will. NYC is in a bad spot due to pop density and had a “head start” in cases on Ohio on the same day they shut their schools (both shut schools same day, but Ohio was not as far along in number of cases), but since then Ohio has a slightly shallower growth rate curve though early to call it optimistic. So to me, some of the measures seem to be starting to finally sink in. Though we are sorely lacking on testing. We need to have enough test ability to be able to test a random sample of asymptomatic people to get an actual accurate assessment. Clearly not there.
  4. Hah, I can’t take for the prison/camel galaxy part. Ripped that from a dialogue in the movie Step Brothers when they get grounded or whatever. Glad you got a kick out of it though.
  5. BigRed at least your hydroxy word association was something meant for human consumption. This couple in Arizona, however, heard the talk of Chloroquine (you know, like a medicine obviously to the rest of us) and took the aquarium cleaning agent chloroquine phosphate to try preventing the virus. Darwinian results. Really belongs in the WTF thread.
  6. I think this is definitely a rhetorical because you know we know that you always say higher ups don't understand cyber... but you know leadership can't articulate cyber.
  7. Understood, and appreciated your humor. Thanks for the surreal pics.
  8. Air Guardian, just got done mowing the lawn of this prison on planet bullshit in the galaxy of sucks camel dick for the fifth time this week...are you doing those millennial facetube push up challenges now? World may well end up different.
  9. I’ll accept that risk of public internet scourging. His podcast is genuinely intellectually interesting. Especially the recent episodes on the Covid situation.
  10. You can listen or you can not, but I’m not synthesizing hours worth of material for your intellectual laziness. I don’t type that much, I’m not nsplayr.
  11. Except you haven’t bothered to listen to a reasonable medical doctor that has a decently respected podcast who is disseminating pretty apolitical unbiased info, so you have no idea what you’re scoffing like a true ignorant jackass with things like models of unchecked exponential infections that doesn’t work because they assume everyone the infected people encounter has never been exposed like a zombie apocalypse. I’m not telling people to go run around (instead of shelter IAW current direction, obviously), but I think you should figuratively read a fucking book instead of sowing panic.
  12. ...if you listen to Attia, he acknowledges he isn’t an epidemiologist and then brings in epidemiology and vaccine experts. That’s number one. Two: I didn’t say he recommends anything. You can listen to what he has to say or you can go about without the info. Your call.
  13. No, you painted this as apocalyptic. I have provided you a good source of info, but I’m not spoon feeding you. Especially since you’re so entrenched. Go listen to the good doctor because he’s pragmatic and you’re as sensational as the 24 hr news cycle.
  14. So, Peter Attia (linked earlier) addresses the vaccine problem with Peter Hotez (another doctor) across several podcasts with where things stand so far. I’ll try to summarize: -coronaviruses are historically hard to vaccinate against -attempts to vaccine coronaviruses typically have a high rate of leaving trial patients at a HIGHER risk for the virus than if they hadn’t had the trial vaccine -it takes time, even if you were to try shortening the trial sessions, which with the previous bullet is potentially a big risk But seriously, I really think Attia has been a concerned but pragmatic source of info and doesn’t have the hysteria of 24 hr news. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-peter-attia-drive/id1400828889?i=1000468407666 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-peter-attia-drive/id1400828889?i=1000469033937
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