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  1. Pressing to test on that physical network thing on extended TDY. Hopefully VPN is enough.
  2. No, you shrink the federal district so you don’t have to make a new state.
  3. So you don’t think our government is representative of the populous? Interesting, go with data.
  4. No, the risk has been accepted at the top.
  5. Don’t think he was looking at the small picture of just enlisted sim IPs.
  6. Brutal! They could have at least kept him at KRND.
  7. SurelySerious

    F1 Thread

    Somehow Grosjean keeps getting hired. I’d take Perez/Mag over him for sure.
  8. If you’re a journalist, don’t editorialize your opinion in the news reporting. There’s an Op-Ed section for this specific distinction.
  9. Present facts without your opinion. That’s what I want.
  10. True. I was more impressed with the last go third party choice of Johnson/Weld , but good luck hearing anything about the alternatives this time.
  11. That’s the same argument I made for what the Democrats should have done this year instead of a lifeless hack who’s been doing nothing except keeping himself in power for 47 years...and several avowed Democrats were aghast that someone could not accept Biden as a good alternative, so I see your last paragraph as disingenuous.
  12. Now your what-about is making this into a game of relativity, and everyone loses that game. This does not change that Biden is incoherent.
  13. It’s a general observation bro. I don’t need to interview the thousands of people all together in the street yelling, screaming, breaking and burning shit, and getting in people’s faces to know they don’t give a fuck about covid.
  14. Specifically? Biden is a vegetable. Trump has regressed to a child. But I’m with you on this part.
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