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  1. AERO app

    In this instance the troglodytes at new-SAC sound progressive for using ForeFlight.
  2. 11-217: should it stay or go?

    Kill it with fire.
  3. Leadership is one barrier; MAJCOM civilian staff dinosaurs are another, arguably more stifling roadblock. In one really forward thinking MAJCOM, the two star was briefied on an iPad TOLD app, pretty low cost. Totally on board. He leaves the room and the MAJCOM Department civilain says that won’t be happening because back in his day he was faster with a slide rule than any computer and that’s the way we’ve always done it. One sector has innovated since that dinosaur flew AF airplanes One has not Edit: in case you’re curious, the slide rule is more than twice the cost of an iPad.
  4. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Did he scroll 16.9 minutes into Top Gun and start quoting?
  5. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Nah man, it’s way easier to just tell you, “there will be others,” and try recruiting a 2Lt to replace IPs/EPs.
  6. Gun Talk

    No, you’re a tool because of your “I’m an operator” bullshit. No one cares. You’re also a tool because in a thread where we regularly have civil discussion on a near-daily basis about guns themselves (with gun laws typically in other threads), you rolled in and said we couldn’t talk about any guns because of an event. Wrong for two reasons: 1) there was already a thread for the event itself to hug it out for your sensitive psyche in addition to being able to participate in threads discussing the legal aspect 2) By your logic after the NYC incident no one should have been talking about their F-150 or rental cars. How dumb does that sound? So yes, go fuck yourself. Or start your own discussion board with the tin foil hat guy and PYB.
  7. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    He’s in pre-med.
  8. Gun Talk

    Is this the thread about snowflake whippersnappers? So much for intellectually honest discussions, huh?
  9. The Next President is...

    Lawfare: The fabricated news stories and click-bait headlines that dominated social media throughout the 2016 campaign are not a new tactic for the Russians. They are simply the latest iteration of a practice Moscow has used for nearly a century.
  10. The Next President is...

    Frontline: Putin’s Revenge Found it pretty interesting; episode two on Wednesday.
  11. CSAR to AFSOC? What do the customers think?

    It sounds like he’s referring to the electronic systems differences, which may have a more appropriate forum elsewhere.
  12. North Korea at it again

    They’re going to need ro recall a lot more pilots with how easy that separation decision would be.
  13. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Real issue: Will Huggy attempt to Favre it and set the record for most times returning from retirement?
  14. Time for the US to leave NATO?

    Regarding geopolitics (and doesn't fit military/aviation book): World Order by Kissinger.
  15. Time for the US to leave NATO?

    Tangentially related; addresses liberalism, conservative views, and the origins of America projecting its ideals. "Is 'Classical Liberalism' Conservative?"https://www.wsj.com/articles/is-classical-liberalism-conservative-1507931462