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  1. Probably because it’s called Le Mans ‘66 everywhere else, really is more that story. They just retitled it for America because of marketing.
  2. Yeah; It’s waterproof and actually fits under the harness.
  3. SurelySerious

    F1 Thread

    IndyCar make too many left turns.
  4. I think what mcbush is getting at is that COCOMs have a very strong veto power at that level.
  5. Buried last week on A16 on Turnberry Report: much ado about nothing.
  6. Reference the pred/reaper sensor operators, who can do that on the outside, and the Air Force can tell you they leave in droves. They just don’t care.
  7. They’re buying three of each...there’s no economy of scale at that scale.
  8. That’s not what CAF squadrons look like.
  9. “Medicare for all” which is not actually Medicare in the least. Penchant for “wealth inequality” and “wealth transfer” along with demonizing any success in that realm. I’m not going to list his whole campaign rhetoric, there’s plenty of it.
  10. It’s not just higher taxes. If you think that’s his only step towards full blown socialism, you’re not listening to what he’s saying.
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