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  1. That; the whole show digs all the way back to development of CAS concepts in WWII and Bronco in Vietnam etc.
  2. Clark, just watched a show on the Smithsonian Channel about the OV-10 and their role in Iraq 2015 using APKWS. I know it’s not Scorpion, but good stuff.
  3. That about describes the mental status of most WSOs, physically present in the airframe or not, so it’s been demonstrated at multiple RF vuls. Shots fired!
  4. SurelySerious

    F1 Thread

    Eh, Lando is way more fun.
  5. Nah, the flexibility to leave if I want is worth more than $20k a year, even in the current jobs environment. That should tell the AF something about its climate. (Yeah, I know it won’t actually.)
  6. I’d temper that a little on just being technically capable. I’ve also worked with a lot of partner nations, and the general ability of them to organize tactically is low. And our ability there isn’t because of industry, it’s complex training environments and expectations. Edit: that being said, with respect to current AF and career progression, there’s nothing in the AF today I want to do beyond the rank of Captain. So there’s definitely something off.
  7. Politicians use the VA as a third rail with illegitimate causes like the VA version of BRAC to avoid consolidating overlapping centers, and the VA has never faced a real audit and no one knows where the money goes...so I doubt anyone will ever do anything as applicable as assessing “100%,” unfortunately.
  8. That’s the big downfall of not having the conduit of current info and an advocate at staff, definitely. Especially at SAC, the dinosaurs don’t want to fund anything that bombers didn’t have in ‘Nam, because they don’t need that shit to gravity bomb. Some people want staff tours, some don’t. The AF is still very bad at listening to its people to figure out who is who.
  9. Vindman retiring So that means Tammy Duckworth can stop stonewalling those promotion boards?
  10. Weird, because AMC doesn’t think they’re overmanned. Believe they recently said something to the effect of “AFPC pound sand we’re done footing the AETC instructor billets.”
  11. Dude, you already posted this question in the ANG/AFRC forum.
  12. I was 80% sure it was going to be one of those Rick rolls you cant exit out of...just like the war in Afghanistan.
  13. This is why I find Kaepernick to have so much hubris when he says “we” as if speaking for all people of color. With that frame, it’s entertaining to see a direct contradiction and a nice reminder that the world isn’t just what’s hot in the news. Summary: -If white supremacy is such a “problem” he’s done pretty well for himself -Quotes Booker T Washington as saying those who profit from racism are those keeping it alive (very similar to views/words of Thomas Sowell) -He received a metric shit ton of money from Nike for his “cause,” would be reduced to irrelevance if not for activism
  14. Some analysis on mission creep; I’ve long thought this the problem. What was the desired end state? https://www.csis.org/analysis/tell-me-how-ends-military-advice-strategic-goals-and-forever-war-afghanistan
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