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  1. SurelySerious

    Stocks for Dummies (Aviators)

    Alternatively, it’s just easier to use the Roth vs lack of self control.
  2. I was going to quip that cancelling for black flag is a pretty Air Force thing to do, but if you have first-hand knowledge that it does get brutal, guess I’ll give it a pass.
  3. This. Give the stud the basic proficiency to recover.
  4. As mentioned, we were briefed to make it to the field if we had the energy.
  5. Then there was a lot of turn, climb, clean, and check talk for nothing. 🙄
  6. Gotcha; I think the bigger issue is sending a dude solo without the training. But that’s me.
  7. Plenty of single engine patterns are practiced in the 38 before sending kids solo.
  8. That’s the part that gets me; when we’re not practicing the basic aviation skills a dude in a Cessna practices to recover his aircraft if they’re a solo emer, then it’s questionable.
  9. SurelySerious

    1801 Handling Question

    The short of it is in the route of flight you put the points of the track or altrv only, and then full annotation of the altrv in the remarks. Unlike domestic flight plans, you don’t put “(arip) ARXXX (arex)” in the route of flight portions. But there’s probably an AMC guru here who has a better explanation.
  10. I hear that for every Boldface/Ops Limits you correctly accomplish and submit, they waive an hour.
  11. SurelySerious

    Finance Problems

    I’ve not heard of something like that, especially if you’re based in the VPS area. If so, the GSA city pair fare from your base to destination is the standard if one exists. But I’m no finance guy.
  12. SurelySerious

    iPhone app inop

    Scrolling up may answer your question.
  13. SurelySerious

    Latest Movies

    I’m 6 or 7 books in. They’re more Rainbow Six-like than Sum of All Fears, for instance, but I think enjoyable reads. The geopolitical situations are almost worth it.
  14. SurelySerious

    Latest Movies

    If they wanted a modernized Jack Ryan universe series, they really could have gone through much less trouble inventing all of this new-story. The Jack Ryan Jr series of books is post-9/11 and actually insightfully touches on a host of modern security concerns. For instance, Russia annexing territory...before Putin actually did. https://www.goodreads.com/series/63669-jack-ryan-jr