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  1. Promotion and PRF Information

    Sadly ACC has given way to AFGSC on the bomb wing side.
  2. I may never understand his contempt for compensating the volunteer force sts.
  3. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Faye Malarkey Black, president of the regional airline association, said the proposed changes would incorporate more meaningful education into pilot training than mere flight hours. "Far from weakening safety, it's one of the most important things we can do right now to advance pilot training," she said. Riiiiight
  4. Promotion and PRF Information

    My commentary wasn't on the process itself, but rather that the AF is portraying this as some great thing they're doing for people, when it's a self-induced reaction to the circumstances, and that people who otherwise don't want to get promoted could be voluntold.
  5. Promotion and PRF Information

  6. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Standard gatekeeper BS Like you're getting at: they probably correlate their strat with the amount of time they don't tell the boss anything unsettling, instead of addressing problems. Service before self?
  7. Flight Pay increases

    Which feeds further into the double secret decoder ring.
  8. Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    I was curious whether Google Translate would be able to detect this incoherent smattering of words as English. I'll be damned, it did.
  9. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Diversity and inclusion! http://www.kktv.com/content/news/Controversial-newsletter-compares-veterans-to-white-supremacists-441704493.html
  10. NFL Ratings are Way Down

  11. NFL Ratings are Way Down

  12. NFL Ratings are Way Down

  13. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    I have no argument, but I am going to continue pointing out to you (since you're "slow") the discussion was about a Kaepernick exhibit at the museum, and there was a claim that Clarence Thomas would be a better subject. As far as everyone else you keep trying to use as a distraction to the real discussion?
  14. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Don't be obtuse; the article in question was about a Kaepernick exhibit, and the objection was made about him versus what they should have in an exhibit about Thomas.