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  1. Same here! Oh well, guess I'll keep on it
  2. Any word on Tulsa sending out invites yet?
  3. Same, waiting for details! You’re not alone
  4. Thanks, I appreciate it! Good luck going forward as well. This forum has a great community and I’m very fortunate for it
  5. Thanks and not at all, very laid back and more of just a conversation!
  6. Anyone hear any results from Oklahoma yet?
  7. Of course. That’s exactly what I was expecting, but was more curious to know if anyone had received an email yet.
  8. Has anyone heard of the results from South Carolina interviews this past weekend?
  9. Who's going to be in South Carolina for the 157th Interview on May 4th?
  10. Random but does anyone have any information on the 112th Fighter Squadron in Ohio? I’d be curious to know when their last board was and how often they hold one.
  11. So 303rd isnt holding the board until November?
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