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  1. I do also have an astigmatism, but it looks like it is also within the standards. My cylinder is -0.75. I am going to get a hold of my recruiter later today, but I'm not really sure what we need to do. Does anyone have advise for how to get this resolved?
  2. I recently did my initial flight physical. I was initially told my vision would disqualify my from pilot, which I knew, but I would be good for CSO. My recruiter call me back yesterday and said I had been disqualified from both due to vision. When I was at the clinic that day, the med tech and I checked a vision standards chart and my refractive error fell into the CSO acceptable category, my refractive error is -4.00 in both eyes. I'm corrected to 20/15 in both eyes. Does anyone know if the standards have been changed recently, or if there is some other mix up that could have caused this? Thanks
  3. I just completed my IFC1 exam and was DQ'd due to cycloplegic refractive error. Everything else was fine and was approved for FC1A, flight med said they'd send up a waiver request. My cycloplegic refractive error is -4.00 in both eyes and my vision correctable to 20/15 in both eyes. Does anyone think my waiver has a possibility of getting approved?
  4. I am a civilian OTS applicant for Fy19ot3. I have a flight physical schedule for early next month. The other day after my annual dental exam my X-ray found that a root canal I had done a few years ago has failed and I was referred to an endodonist, with which I now have a consult set up for next week. The tooth has not bothered me at all. Since getting the root canal repair is a two step month long process, I will be going to my flight physical prior to the root canal repair, but after the initial consult. What affect will this have on my physical? Will it just not get certified until the repair has been completed, or will it be more extensive? I may not have the repair process completed until mid May and the FY19ot3 board is in late July. Does this seem like it would be long enough to get everything done?
  5. My AFOQT scores were pilot 54/ Nav 86/ AA 66/V86/Q44, PCSM 19 with one flight hour. I was told before taking the TBAS that with my pilot score about the best I could get for a PCSM was 20, so from that I'm assuming I did well on the TBAS. I plan on retaking the AFOQT when I can. I need to work on the math, I'm obviously a biologist and not an engineer. I have 5 solid LORs from previous EMS directors, coworkers and a professor that's a department chair. I also plan on getting at least 6 flight hours if not 11.
  6. I am trying to figure out where I would fair for OTS and UPT selection and what I should focus on. I have recently contacted a recruiter but haven't heard anything back yet. I just started a PhD program but am reconsidering my life in research science. I've started studying for the AFOQT, but feel fairly confident at my ability to score high. I have a good math and science background. I'm also a paramedic and been involved in EMS for nearly 10 years. Undergrad: molecular biology 3.18gpa Masters degree: molecular biology 3.65 GPA High scores on the GRE 94th percentile verbal reasoning 60th percentile quantitative reasoning I'm 27, I'm in really good physical condition and I think I could easily make >90 on a pt test. Besides obviously needing to take the AFOQT what else should I work on? I'm planning on attending a ground school at the local flight school, but I'm not sure if I can afford any actual flight time. Is my age going to be a big factor? I would still be able to start UPT by 30, but probably only by a few months. Will my EMS experience be a factor? I led small groups in fairly dynamic emergency situations.
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