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  1. 4 minutes ago, disgruntledemployee said:

    1. I'm not a doc or nutritionist, but I have schooling in chemistry/biochemistry.

    2. If you have a medical condition that affects vit D absorption, that will be the bigger issue.  If that is not diagnosed in records, then there isn't a known issue.  But if you think there is an underlying condition, it's in your best interest to get that figured out, you know, because of living.  Also, knowing the root cause will help with the right version of supplements.  Or you could be a vegan vampire and thus don't really get enough sunlight or food-based vit D.

    However, do you really have a deficiency?

    3. WebMd says, "A level of 20 nanograms/milliliter to 50 ng/mL is considered adequate for healthy people. A level less than 12 ng/mL indicates vitamin D deficiency."  This is a quote from Harvard, "In 2010, the venerable Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued a report based on lengthy examination of data by a group of experts. To sum up, they estimated that a vitamin D level of 20 ng/mL or higher was adequate for good bone health, and subsequently a level below 20 was considered a vitamin D deficiency."  So is your level really deficient?

    I don't think MEPS does a nutrient level blood test.  If they do, beef up (pun intended).

    4. Lastly, and it's been a long time since I visited a MEPs, but do they get access to your civilian medical records?  Or are these military medical records?  When I went, no civ records, just a lengthy questionnaire.  So if there isn't a specific question regarding vit D (and WebMD/Harvard says yours is in the normal range) and the docs don't ask that question, then there's nothing to bring up.  But seriously, refer to point #2 if you think there is something going on.

    Lastly, no doc here, just been around the block a time or so. 


    Thanks for the response! No medical condition regarded to Vitamin absorption. Just some bitching in college about being tired a lot so my TRICARE doctor just said it might be vitamin D deficiency so that is what was put into the records. 


    So I got the blood work from Quest Diagnostics and their paper work stated 20-30 ng/mL is insufficient but not deficient. My recruiter has no clue on what standard MEPS uses so the Quest Diagnostic readings kind of spooked her. And because of that doesn't want to submit me until I'm "fixed" but who knows how long that could take.

  2. Getting ready to go to MEPS but my records state a history of vitamin D deficiency. I can't find anywhere in any medical regulations that state vitamin D deficiency is a DQ. My current levels are 25 ng/ML which falls in the range of insufficiency. Below 20 is deficiency. 30 and above is normal. My recruiter thinks I will get DQ and if routed up to the ANG SG office, it won't get approved because it's a 50-50% chance. Anyone know anything about this or should I just suck it up, wait a few months to raise my vitamin D levels and then resubmit? My only concern is this is pushing my timeline even further right and if I can avoid it then I definitely will find a way to. 

  3. 47 minutes ago, Prayforwaves321 said:

    I have my CFI and Im currently working on my CFII MEI add ons. Would that help offset any thing like mediocre test scores? I understand that the boards may use the whole person concept but would extra pilot certificates help offset a weak area in an application? Would it be best to try the unsponsored route?

    Doubtful. I haven't seen even where PPL vs. Instrument gives an applicant a huge edge.

  4. 42 minutes ago, Terminator5lf said:

    Spamming the forum with the same post won’t get you an answer any faster trust me. Patience is key in a lot of factors. 

    Anyways last I reached out to the 163rd was a little over a month ago and received this reply.  

    Unfortunately we are not having a board this year.  The earliest would be next spring, but that isn’t certain at this time.  We usually advertise on bogidope when we announce a board.  Thanks for reaching out.
    Maj Hart

    When you're on probation for a new account your posts don't show up. He probably thought he posted it but didn't see it thus posted it again.

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  5. Welcome to the circuit. 

    • What can I do to raise my chances ? Keep your GPA up. Since you can still control this, keep it as high as possible and don't let it be a setback for you when applying to units.
    • When should I get the AFOQT ? When/How do I start preparing ? You can take this whenever you'd like. I would suggest a good block of time for studying. I studied for a month straight to get the scores I wanted. You can take the test twice, keep that in mind when scheduling it, probably during a leaner time during the semester. Buy books such as Barron or Trivium. Make sure you find out your weaknesses and focus on those. Then take practice test after practice test. Timing is one of the most important factors.
    • Is there an internship program for students where I can get in touch with a squadron ? I think I heard of something similar from friends but I couldn't find any information. Never heard about an internship. Guard/Reserve is becoming so competitive these days that many squadrons don't really allow that type of "unfair" advantage to applicants anymore. Best bet is to target squadrons you want to fly with, save your money and rush them.
    • I have enough money to fly gliders but not for a PPL. Should I start now and rack up more flying hours in gliders, or just save a bit more and get my license ? I would not waste money on gliders and just aim for the PPL. It's already expensive as it is. Unless somehow glider hours can translate to some hours in a PPL, if not then don't bother and just focus on the PPL.
    • Should I major in something easier or continue with what I like ? Science is my passion and I'm not steering away from any challenges, but if getting into an easier major will get me closer to my dream then so be it. Nothing in life is guaranteed. You can get picked up by your #1 squadron right when you graduate and then fail your FC1. What then if you majored in something easy? Major in something you can see yourself working professionally in. Excel in that major and do your best. It will help you out either way. Plus it could look like a cop out when squadrons are reviewing your transcript and they see you switched from BioChem to Basket Weaving.
    • When should I start rushing squadrons ? and more importantly, how do I get started ? There are no fighter squadrons in my vicinity so there will be some traveling to do. There is only a C-130 base in my state but they are very clear on their website saying they don't want any visitors unless hiring (not sure because of corona or just in general). There is also a B-2 squadron in the neighboring state, but one could only dream to get hired by them. You can rush squadrons whenever you like. Though, I believe most require you to be within 90 credit hours of graduation, or a semester. So by all means if you have the resources start rushing and building rapport with the squadrons you want to fly with. If resources are a limiting factor then I would just wait until eligible and then go all out.
    • Last but not least, is it too ambitious to hope for a pilot slot straight out of college ? Not at all. I know many who are in the last semester of college who got hired. It's all about how you fit into a unit and how competitive your application is. 

    Don't be too discouraged with all the COVID stuff going on. It will pass and the way squadrons hire will also go back to normal. Good luck!

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  6. I'm currently in the pipeline, trying to go to MEPS. I know it's crazy right now with the kung flu so things might be different now. How much can I control or get the ball rolling during all of this and where do I draw the line being annoying or inappropriate? So I know the motto "nobody cares about your career except you", but I don't want to go overboard. My recruiter is currently trying to get MEPS going but haven't heard anything back for about 4 weeks. Can I call my local MEPS to try and set things up myself or is that a big no?

  7. 2 hours ago, ryleypav said:

    Going tomorrow morning. They are only open on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are safe from the 'Rona.

    Good to see people are at least getting MEPS done. Wonder if it is state specific on closures. 

  8. Hey man, really sorry to hear that during these tough times. That sucks and there is no doubt your honesty definitely played a factor. "This guy isn't even going to be with us because he wants to be a pilot, let him go." Unfortunately, with at-will employment, you are pretty much SOL. Especially with what is going on now, there probably aren't any resources to even investigate your case right now. Plus dumping money into a lawyer right now for an unknown reason of being let go is really risky. I think it's a really good motto to not lie, but don't give them info that will only hurt you. You really have to look out for yourself, same goes for in the Guard. Everyone always says it but you're the only one who gives a shit about your life and career. Time to stop spending money on Starbucks and Tesla's.


    But really, hope you can find employment soon. Take care of yourself man. Wishing you the best and prayers. 

  9. I see it as two options. You can implement draconian measures which will shut down and cripple the economy and people will get fed up and risk getting the virus so that they can feed their family. Or, we can assume a level of risk, ramp up ICU care around the country to handle illness, and halt the tanking economy. One option cripples the world economy and people get sick and die. The other prevents financial collapse but people still get sick and die. Risk management. 

  10. 36 minutes ago, Burger said:

    Alright guys,

    i am currently a civilian pilot and have come to realization that I will be bored doing the same thing till i'm 65. I have been applying to Guard/Reserve squadrons in the mean time. 

    Anyway, I am curious if the AF or Navy has better chances of tracking fighters in the training pipeline? This seems to be a AF heavy forum group so if there are any Navy bros/broettes out there that have some insight that would be great. Calling recruiters to set up the AD process this week. I understand it comes down to luck and the needs of the branch but besides that does the Navy or AF have better chances of tracking fighters in training?


    Check out airwarriors.com. That's the navy version of this forum.

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  11. Your scores are decent, and I say that because of your Q score and 85 PCSM. If you can get your PCSM above 90 then you would be in a better position regarding your scores.


    Your age is probably the greatest factor here, especially with your fighters only mentality. I'm not wanting or trying to discourage you but it is seeming that unless you are the perfect fit in a fighter unit, they still don't like interviewing candidates 28 or older even with the new age waiver policy. With that said, rush the units you want to be at and you never know what will happen. They could really like you and not care about the age. There are also some on here who have been picked up by fighter units at this age or older. Also, don't discount AD. You will definitely get a pilot slot and can still get a fighter that way. Good luck!

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  12. You will see it vary from unit to unit. Some have been picked up with 99's across the board, others with 90 pilot and 30 everything else. Of course your chances are lower if your scores aren't the best but if you rush and the board likes you, they will make exceptions. It is very rare to get an interview and then get looked over just because one of your AFOQT scores are lower. The interview levels the playing field. 

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  13. 29 minutes ago, gear3green said:

    So you are trying to switch Laughlin for Vance? Bro good luck that’s like offering a kia  for  a BMW. Good luck! Also jokes aside I’ll ask around and see if anyone is interested. 

    Hey, Stingers are nice. I'd take one of those over a 335i, not an M3 though

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  14. 12 hours ago, mb1685 said:

    Very interesting to see their age cutoff being age 33 at the time of board even though the (updated) regulation applies to starting UPT by age 33. Wonder if that’s a misprint or if they’re just more willing than most fighter units to submit age waiver requests?

    Yesterday, it said age 29. So they definitely intentionally updated it to reflect the new age waiver standards. 

  15. 3 hours ago, WannaFly2019 said:

    Little bit of a gouge here for you.  This was briefed at Vance a little while ago:

    UPT 3.0 is going to be with the T-7. That's planned for a 2021 takeover.  With the T-7, they're going to be giving wings BEFORE entering that airframe.  IE, if you want to track fighters, then you're going to be in a T-6 for 8ish months, get winged, then hit the T-7 for like 6-8 (undetermined now) months then go to a shortened B-Course.  UPT 2.5, which is the "Banzai" classes they keep doing, is going to become a real thing come this June.  It's essentially going to be the shortened syllabus with more practice in the beginning and tying it all together towards the end of UPT, with the early "track select" while in T-6s so you do more nav for T-1s, form for T-38, etc.

    Oh wow, T-7's are really on track to be in UPT starting in 2021?

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