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  1. I am currently putting an application together for Portland, New Orleans, and Vermont (and any other ANG fighter units that come up over the next several months). I just got my scores back from AFOQT and TBAS: AFOQT: Pilot: 94 Nav: 97 Acad Aptitude: 99 Verbal: 99 Quantitative: 99 PCSM: 63, based on 10 flight hours I will have over 20 when I actually apply bringing my score to 71, with a max of 91 with 201+. I also wanted to get advice on letters of recommendation, as I don't have many contacts within the military. Would it be better to get a letter from someone I don't know as well who is in the military or someone whom I have worked with for a while? I am going to visit Portland December 1st, and planning on visiting New Orleans early next year. The big kicker is I am about to turn 31, so I will require an age waiver. I know I would have a much better chance with heavies (certainly not a given, just a better shot), but just wanted to get some feedback on how I look for fighters in particular. Any advice would be helpful - thanks.
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