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  1. I’ve had a chronic back injury for several years now and still flying. But like many things I’m sure it depends on the specifics of your injury. Regardless, my 2 cents would be to get it checked out asap.
  2. "Acute Intoxication” .....better than chronic I suppose
  3. Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the help!
  4. ^so true. There is so much about the the AF that is so out of date it’s just sad. The way we promote, pay, incentivize, move, etc. Like several of us told a two star traveling around a year or so ago trying to find a way to solve pilots jumping ship - it just comes down to the way you treat people. Admittedly that’s a broad statement and encompasses many things. But when people are made to feel like simple undervalued cogs in the machine...well that just isn’t how you should handle some of the most highly trained and educated folks out there. I’m afraid there’s a great many things the entire military does that have fallen behind society and the way talented people expect to be treated and valued. Saying “people are our most valuable assets” in one moment and then treating them like cogs the next, all in the name of “needs of the AF”, well it simply doesn’t justify that kind of treatment to many people and I believe that pool of folks is only going to grow as time goes on with younger generations. People (especially talented) simply don’t want to be treated that way, in addition to having so little control of their lives in the mil, as Genghis John points out.
  5. ^this A patch in and of itself doesn’t mean much. I’ve seen idiots get sent to WIC along with incredible folks. It still comes down to the person.
  6. To follow on to my previous post, I’m moving to Vance this summer and looking for info on base housing. I’ve read this entire thread but looking for any current info. I’m an 0-4 with a wife and two kiddos. I’ve looked at housing’s website but it doesn’t offer a lot of data. Looking for general info: housing age/condition, size, management, general experience, etc. Thanks in adavance for any help.
  7. General caveat - I’m not an expert on every question you have but I’ll try and throw some bones your way. 1) Regardless of when your spouse moves, yes you should be able to move directly into base housing and not be subject to dorm life. That’s exactly how it played out for me when I moved and my wife later joined me due to her work. If your records show you being married that’s what they look for (regardless if she moves at that time or not). As far as you moving and then going to SERE, it just depends on what your orders say. If it has you PCSing to Vance with a date prior to SERE then yes it sounds like the plan is for you to move and then go TDY from Vance. You should not have to ever live in the dorms though given you’re married. You said something about a waiver? Not sure what you’re referring to but once you PCS any housing allowance you’re receiving will then change to the rates at your new (Vance) location....assuming this is what you’re getting at. 2) I would ask this directly to your TMO office to make sure. I believe you could do it that way but you’re going to have to investigate. 3) RNLTDs are NOT set in stone. If adjusting your date is advantageous to your family then explain the situation you your commander. If it makes sense, and won’t screw up follow on training, then your CC can certainly make changes to those dates through AFPC. Again, just go ask the question. 4) I would not wait till I got there. Call the housing office and start getting a feel for how close to capacity they typically run. Especially going into that time of year, they should be able to give you an idea of what to expect. You won’t know the final answer till it’s closer to move time. If they are full at that time then you’ll be able to go offbase to find housing. Have a plan for either case. Hope this helps a bit. Best of luck!
  8. Agreed. I wonder if there’s stats for late-raters who take the bonus. I’d like to see what percentage of total takers fall into that camp. That’s a completely different equation when it comes to folks staying/taking the bonus.
  9. Had a sqd cc say something similar to me once. I looked at him like he had a dick growing from his forehead. And they wonder why pilots go find other work.
  10. With stats like that we’ll never be able to understand why people are bailing... Maybe I should be looking into the VA!
  11. Unless you’re an 0-6 or higher, in a command billet, nobody needs to be doing a year deployment, period. I can understand needing that continuity at the 0-6+ level....outside of that you’re damn hard pressed convincing me there’s any good reason someone needs to spend a year over there. You tell me what job exists at the 0-3 ~ 0-5 level that absolutely must have the same human being in it for a whole year. I call BS on that noise.
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