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  1. I would rather fly Active Duty than any other branch however I was under the assumption this was a hard "no" due to my age. I'm willing to pursue this with everything I got but I'm not sure what other avenues are available outside of my recruiter. Should I reach out to a different one? I was thinking a phone call to the Air Force Personnel Center might be worth it as well. Thanks for everyone's responses. This forum and the people here have been such a valuable resource.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for advice on which are my best options for getting my commissioning and going to UPT. I'm currently working as a Test Engineer at Northrop Grumman, have been working in the Aerospace/Defense industry for 6 years and have obtained my single engine airplane private, instrument, and commercial ratings on my own. I understand I will need an age waiver. The AD recruiter I'm in contact with has told me the current AD board is not considering anyone requiring an age waiver. I'm putting out applications to every ANG unit that I can as well as getting the ball rolling with an AFRC recruiter for the unsponsored route. I have no wife and kids and would be willing to pick up and move anywhere. I'm open to flying any manned airframe, just don't want drones. I'm curious if you all think I have a decent shot at going to UPT at my age. I'm willing to do whatever it takes. Thanks to everyone posting on this forum, its been a great resource to me. Major/College GPA: Mechanical Engineering 3.2 AFOQT: 97/79/96/95/90 PCSM: 92 Flight Hours: 270 Total Time, Single-Engine Commercial with Instrument Rating Age: 30 LORs: 5; 2 CFI's, 2 lead engineers at Boeing and Northrop Grumman, 1 Chief Test Pilot Northrop Grumman Prior Service Experience: None but have worked on Military/NASA contracts my entire career
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