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  1. Richard_Butte

    UPT Class Start Dates

    I had about a 2 month wait from showing up at Laughlin as a Capt CSO going to UPT. I told the STUS if they had any earlier openings I would be glad to take them. They did and I started SUPT 4 days after i PCS'ed to XL. I also already had my PPL/went to IFS back in the day (in that order 🙄) so YMMV.
  2. Richard_Butte

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Lou's Pizza Friday night special (19-01 KDLF) T-1 MC-130J Kirtland T-1 FAIP Laughlin T-6 FAIP Laughlin RC-135 Offutt C-130J Dyess C-130 AGR AWACS JSTARS C-17 x6; Charleston x2, JBLM x2, Dover, Travis KC-135 x1 AD Mildenhall, 2x AGR KC-10 Travis HC-130 DM C-5 x2 Travis, Dover Pointy Boyz T-6 FAIP x2 Laughlin A-10 AGR flyover state B-2 Iraq TBD F-15E Shady J T-38 FAIP Laughlin F-16 TBD A-10 DM The mafia is fangs out!
  3. Richard_Butte

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Del Rio by the sea. Apologies, this was sent to me - I don't have the -38/-1 breakdown. F-16 TBD KC-135 X6 MacDill, March, Fairchild, Mildenhall X2, Scott ANG C-17 X2 Charleston, Dover F-15C X2 Kingsley, OR Saudi fighter TBD X3 T-6 FAIP DLF X2 T-1 FAIP DLF MC-130J Kirtland, NM (TBD) C-130J Dyess, TX B-2 Whiteman, MO HC-130J Davis Monthan, AZ AC-130J Hurlburt, FL F-22 Tyndall, FL
  4. 19-02 (possibly 19-03) was the last class at Laughlin to get them on a transition checkride. No idea if its a demo/do now or if its even taught at all.
  5. Richard_Butte

    IPhone to Galaxy S9+

    My wife are looking at the S9 in favor of our iPhones...and ditching Verizon for TMobile. Concerns: all our music/pictures/movies are tied up on iTunes. I haven't gotten a good answer on the transition from that standpoint. We don't want to lose all that stuff. For deployments iMessage is nice...if you have Wifi. Thats far from guaranteed now though and even if they have it, if you're bouncing between temp housing (looking at you Died, al Salem, DJ)...you either have a half mile walk, or have to pay for it. Positives for switching: We're getting sick of Apple's bullshit. Its exacerbated by this XS release. They (Apple) are consistently a generation or 2 behind Samsung. Verizon just doesn't seem like a good deal, we still have a 10gb plan and don't want to upgrade until we figure out what we're doing. The wifi/iMessage solution is TMobile's plan includes data in something like 200 countries. anyway...change our mind.
  6. Richard_Butte

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Anyone have HUMINT on Faip-a-palooza?