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  1. Has anyone heard anything about PRFs for O-4 this year? I heard nothing, now i'm hearing back to a 2 liner...my OG seems to be prepping folks to get a 2 line PRF together but nothing official has been published.
  2. I can't remember that happening in quite a while. Gucci assignment, hopefully they get a good follow on.
  3. That article specifically is one I was talking about. Trump literally admitted on the south lawn that he gives f*** all about the constitution. He asked Ukraine and China for help with the 2020 election. Not to mention the Mulvaney shitshow in the past few days. Its binary ones and zeros...this isnt up for interpretation. I mean I think we're on the same wavelength, but I really think Mcraven is for the boys and has our best interest in mind. I still think he doesn't lean one way or another. I think hes calling out dangers to our democracy. Maybe im wrong, hopefully not.
  4. Valid points. I don't have a rebuttal to that. I did enjoy his book "Make your bed" though, but my background is JSOC and he is pretty immortalized around these parts.
  5. It wasn't enough. I don't forgive him for joining that dumpster fire of a presidency then bailing. And that weird blood racket operation too... Mcraven is the hero here. He is calling it like it is, completely apolitical and just remaining loyal to the US.
  6. Anyone have the latest for FAIP drop? I've heard some bits and pieces from XL. Seemed like it was a good drop, at least from the 38 side of the house.
  7. Why did you apply for a non-rated board if you wanted to fly? They are completely separate boards that typically occur at different times of the year. At this point, if you turn down the non-rated slot, I believe you are ineligible to apply for any future AFOTS boards. The only established way forward would be to go to OTS and crush your AFSC then apply for the rated UFT boards down the road. I havent heard of someone getting picked up non-rated and making the jump to rated before attending OTS. The "recruiter is wrong/misled me" excuse won't wold much water, unfortunately. It is also not unco
  8. I guess I'm out of the loop...ADAIR doesn't go to raptors? I had heard sometimes you may get sent elsewhere but I didn't realize it turned into a full on "drop".
  9. KDLF 19-07 T-1 4x C-17 McGuire, Travis, JBLM, WPAFB (AFR) 6x KC-135 Macdill, Fairchild, 2x McConnell, Kadena, IAANG CV-22 Cannon T-6 Laughlin C-21 Scott KC-10 Travis T-38 3x F-16 TBD, AZ ANG, OH ANG 2x C-130J Dyess, Little Rock T-38C Laughlin T-38A Beale // U-2 follow on (for lack of a better term) KSA fighter TBD
  10. Laughlin taking a nice $165 hit for O3/dependents.Oof.
  11. Del Rio school for kids who cant land in the zone and want to learn to be bad at other things too. T-38 2X F-16 One WI ANG guard, one AD B-52 Barksdale, LA F-15C Kingsley Field, OR 2X F-15E Seymour Johnson, NC A-10 DM, AZ T-1 5X C-17 JBLM, Hickam, Elmo, Charleston, Dover T-6 KDLF T-1 KDLF AC-130J Hurlburt Field, FL 3X KC-135 Kadena, Fairchild, Forbes Field, KS ANG 2X U-28 Hurlburt Field, FL 2X KC-10 Travis AFB, CA E-3 Tinker AFB, OK
  12. I had about a 2 month wait from showing up at Laughlin as a Capt CSO going to UPT. I told the STUS if they had any earlier openings I would be glad to take them. They did and I started SUPT 4 days after i PCS'ed to XL. I also already had my PPL/went to IFS back in the day (in that order 🙄) so YMMV.
  13. Lou's Pizza Friday night special (19-01 KDLF) T-1 MC-130J Kirtland T-1 FAIP Laughlin T-6 FAIP Laughlin RC-135 Offutt C-130J Dyess C-130 AGR AWACS JSTARS C-17 x6; Charleston x2, JBLM x2, Dover, Travis KC-135 x1 AD Mildenhall, 2x AGR KC-10 Travis HC-130 DM C-5 x2 Travis, Dover Pointy Boyz T-6 FAIP x2 Laughlin A-10 AGR flyover state B-2 Iraq TBD F-15E Shady J T-38 FAIP Laughlin F-16 TBD A-10 DM The mafia is fangs out!
  14. Del Rio by the sea. Apologies, this was sent to me - I don't have the -38/-1 breakdown. F-16 TBD KC-135 X6 MacDill, March, Fairchild, Mildenhall X2, Scott ANG C-17 X2 Charleston, Dover F-15C X2 Kingsley, OR Saudi fighter TBD X3 T-6 FAIP DLF X2 T-1 FAIP DLF MC-130J Kirtland, NM (TBD) C-130J Dyess, TX B-2 Whiteman, MO HC-130J Davis Monthan, AZ AC-130J Hurlburt, FL F-22 Tyndall, FL
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