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  1. I failed the color vision test in 2017 at Wright patt but passed it at my base when I got on active duty in 2018
  2. Hey guys, I failed the CCT in 2017 in rotc with a 50 for green. Applied for the active duty board last year and passed the CCT. Initially they approved my physical, but then DQ’ed me because I had scored a 50 in rotc. I would love some help getting past that. I’m literally fighting it right now.
  3. I’m not sure they can push it back if it’s an FY19 board because FY19 ends 31 Sept
  4. Anyone else find out about this program? I wasn’t selected but I applied with 8 hours.
  5. Anyone know a process of an inter service transfer from AF to navy/army to try and fly?
  6. Trying to figure out if I should retake the TBAS before the next active duty board. I have a 95 pilot AFOQT score. Can someone with a similar AFOQT score share their breakout of PCSM scores with flight hours?
  7. I know this is a long shot, but I got picked up for UCT. Anyone want to swap who got UPT?
  8. If I’m stationed at Robins AFB, GA but my senior rater is at Wright Patt, anyone know which FSS would tell my senior rater?
  9. My senior rater sits at Wright patt and I haven’t heard anything yet either. Anyone from wright patt hear something?
  10. My physical reads “Pending successful completion of MFS-N”. Does anyone know if there’s a difference between MFS and MFS-N?
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