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  1. Barr is nothing but a loyal Trump puppet. The fact he started looking at election fraud before some states certified a winner says a lot. Expect to have him, via the OLC, come out with an legal opinion, once Trump pardons himself, of how “this situation is different” to the Nixon pardoning. One of best parts of Biden winning is that Barr, as well as that idiot that runs the FCC Pai, who shit canned net neutrality, will be booted out of office.
  2. Dang https://apnews.com/article/b1f1488796c9a98c4b1a9061a6c7f49d
  3. Never take advice on how to get out of the military from those who are still in the military.
  4. https://www.statesman.com/news/20201001/fact-check-did-trump-overstate-manufacturing-job-gains-during-debate
  5. That’s how they work. Whenever you point out facts of Trump and the GOP they can’t bullshit around, it always turns into “I’m not a fan of Trump” and “both sides do that” while they pull out more straw man arguments. Oh yeah, whatever happen to Hunter Biden’s laptop? I thought that was going to put a dagger in Biden’s campaign?
  6. Hobbes believed in complete monarchy and that government must have absolutely authority. If that’s what you’re advocating, readjust your tinfoil hat.
  7. Yeah, how’d that recount go for Trump in Wisconsin that he spent $3M on? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-gets-boost-after-wisconsin-recount-that-trump-paid-3m-for
  8. I had a Rudy joke, but it lost its appeal.
  9. With a dismissal from a lower courts, and not a subsequent opinion from ruling on the case, most likely not.
  10. Some Dems think the lock down theory applies to everyone and only applies to them when it’s convenient to do so. Denver’s mayor tweeted yesterday about staying at home for Thanksgiving due to the pandemic, help prevent spreading of the virus, etc. He then tweets that he flew from Denver to Mississippi to visit his daughter and wife for Thanksgiving because it “would’ve been safer for me to travel instead of them traveling.” Then asks for forgiveness as a “father and husband.” Newsom did something similar a few weeks ago at a winery party since the group of 12 violated his own order of no groups to be bigger than three people. “Rules for thee, not rules for me.”
  11. Yeah, what a bummer that real “evidence” is required and not just hearsay.
  12. Willis is a prior -15E WSO.
  13. Grand Forks had a KC-135 pilot that did the same thing years ago. Around 2003-2005 AFIT had a software glitch that showed some officers didn’t have a bachelors degree. His commander at the time just assume that what was wrong with his records and told him to just send in his college transcript to fix his records. After getting the push for his masters, it comes out he never graduated college. Apparently he went to a smaller college and did ROTC at a bigger university. His college academic year ran longer than the one where the ROTC detachment was at and the ROTC Commander allowed him to commission with the rest of the seniors. He ended up failing some finals and never told anyone, but he was a 2Lt and on his way to UPT. His Sq Commander went to bat for him to take night school to finish his degree, but the Wing King booted him. Last I heard he was a Warrant flying some Army helos.
  14. Looks like Trump’s legal team is doing well. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/11/22/trump-campaign-sidney-powell-legal-439357
  15. How many of Trump’s legal filings have been successful in proving fraud?
  16. I answered an asinine question with an asinine, but factually true, answer. Obama met the basic qualifications to be President. Being “qualified/prepped” for leadership and decision making ability is subjective, not objective. Obama is also the guy who ordered the executive of Neptune Spear against Bin Laden, even when Biden told him to wait. That’s one of the great parts of America. You can have an actor, peanut farmer, governor, lawyer, and now a con-artist be President. All bring pros and cons to the office. You’ll disagree, but that’s like, your opinion man.
  17. More than Trump’s legislative achievements as a Senator.
  18. Yeah, the .1% of germs Lysol couldn’t get rid of. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHwLjl5hwiY/?igshid=1fpj5hqp0iy7j
  19. Translate: In my opinion, he didn’t lead anything.
  20. The MAF considers one to be a good leader because they're good at tracking/editing awards & decs, performance reports, and setting up holiday parties. YMMV.
  21. Subjective, he was the Chairman for the Subcommittee on European Affairs. He was law school professor, State Senator, and U.S. Senator. To skip being a Rep in the House to go being a U.S. Senator that young is pretty amazing.
  22. He was a U.S. Senator, which last time I checked, is sorta a big deal.
  23. Except the bipartisan CNCS asked the White House to review Walpin’s conduct as IG. Unlike a president who removed an appointed key figure who stated facts, which wasn’t inline with the president’s partisan, and legally unproven as of yet, narrative he’s spewing.
  24. I thought you went to your Parler safe space?
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