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  1. Women do lie, as do men. The key is to not make rash decision until presented all fo the evidence as a fact finder. However, if a commander is solely using "evidence" from a very biased OSI Report of Investigation, then they might as well just skip that step and just punish the person since they've already made up their mind already. I saw a SMSgt get accused of giving an "inappropriate hug" at a party. The TSgt's wife, who was also a TSgt, wrote a statement to support the SMSgt stating she didn't feel the the hug was inappropriate. However, the douche of Sq/CC we had at the time didn't care, still pressed for an Article 15. The only thing he was relying on was that bullshit OSI Report of Investigation. He could've rolled the dice and went to a court martial, but the stakes are higher, and he had a possibility of getting a punitive discharge and losing his career. If he accepted the Article 15, the Sq/CC wasn't high enough rank to demote him, just take money away. Cost him $5,000 and the chance of ever making Chief.
  2. During my stuff OSI Skyped my ex-wife, who had been out of the Air Force for years, to see if they could get her to say what a shitty person I was. We were on good terms, so she had nothing but nice things to say. That didn’t fit their biased narrative, so they’re excluded her statement in the Report of Investigation.
  3. My brother’s a Boom there and loves it.Great squadron.
  4. So, you’re upset about getting KC-135’s, are excited about living in Europe, but are looking to leave the community?
  5. Years ago two Reservists (-135’s) from McConnell taught MCT at Fairchild to Active Duty. Lasted a few years. They also had an interfly with the ANG unit here too. They only went back to McConnell for drill.
  6. At least in the MAF the problem is bad aviators dodge flying, do the exec/staff/school, get promoted, then make poor decisions about the topic they weren't good in to begin with: flying. The good aviators see the writing on the wall and GTFO at the earliest opportunity and fly for the majors. The bad aviators get out after retiring and go into project management, policy analyst, or some other staff job.
  7. According to my test friends, that's a early test video. That's why they do test to identify and work those issues out. People have short term memories considering the early -135's had AR pumps that would blow up when they got hot, killing the crew.
  8. I bank with them because I grew tired of USAA and haven't regretted it. They're part of some national banking network, so I'm able to go to the local credit union and deposit cash in their ATM directly to my Navy Fed accounts. Did that the other day and it was instantly deposited. The fee is a $1 per transaction. I don't withdraw from the ATM that much, so that doesn't matter to me. Their mobile app is also 1,000 times better than USAA's, who constantly resets the biometrics (Touch/FaceID) when it crashes. I only kept USAA for insurance.
  9. Navy Federal was really easy to deal with and gave me a really good rate. The dealer was able to beat that rate big a small margin, so I went with them. But I was impressed with Navy Federal's customer service. I feel they are what USAA used to be years ago.
  10. If you have a paid travel voucher, LOE, Air Medal, etc from a base with a burn pit, that’s a viable source document. Plus when you get your medical records, make sure the post-deployment assessments PHA are in there showing where you went. The VA also has a burn pit registry, make sure you register.
  11. “....The King said that the Saudi people are greatly angered by the barbaric actions of the shooter, and that this person in no way shape or form represents the feelings of the Saudi people who love the American people.“ And his “thoughts and prayers.”
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