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  1. They’ve been “sorting out” a lot of the stuff for a long time. Of course people will get promoted over this, it’s the MAF. The good leadership left long ago to fly for the airlines.
  2. So, it’s a K-46? Everyone that did the acquitions and acceptance should be fired.
  3. Had the USAF selected that after Boeing’s first appeal, they’d be employing by now.
  4. As someone who went through something like this and was entertaining a tort lawsuit against said accusers the legal advice I got was unless I had a proverbial smoking gun like a text saying they lied, I most likely wouldn’t win.
  5. That’s cause the last two Air Force judges in the seat left to go be immigration judges. One of them, Judge Vance Spath, just got rebuked by the D.C. Court of Appeals for being in that job and secretly trying to become a immigration judge, throwing out all of his rulings in the al-Nashiri trial. http://www.abajournal.com/web/article/dc-circuit-says-guantanamo-judge-created-intolerable-cloud-of-partiality-and-tosses-his-rulings
  6. Here's the judge's actual ruling. The Convening Authority's JAGs should have complaints filed at their state bars for the due process violations. https://media.washtimes.com/media/misc/2019/08/26/1_-_FINAL_RULING_MTD_Discovery_22__Aug_19.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1IMAJtdKOsWaPSoVLRw24kHfOb5cwcZR7Xr-ddmmJbooYGff0p_07nmRQ
  7. OJ’s driving the Bronco to Indy soon. https://twitter.com/therealoj32/status/1165441329226276866?s=21
  8. If USAF leaders don’t give a shit about their people, why should the people give a shit about the USAF? Money talks, bullshit walks.
  9. Innocence, which by the way is until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal court setting, is found by a fact-finder i.e. a judge or jury, not a casual bystander like yourself. If the law and court were so concise, there would be no reason to have superior appellate courts look at the verdict of cases, if petitioned. But it's not, and they do, because it's not concise. It's not a straw man argument. There are people like this guy who did illegal things to people, to show they did illegal things, to help convict them for something they never did and put them in jail for it and ruin their lives. The original idiot trial counsel in Navy SEAL Chief Gallagher was removed for illegally spying on the defense emails. A DUI is a DUI once that person is either convicted or pleads guilty of it. Not when people like you already judge from the cheap seats before knowing all the facts.
  10. I don’t really consider Due Process a “technicality.” It’s in some famous document at the National Archives in D.C. Just became someone is “accused” of breaking the law, doesn’t give the DA/Cops/Government a green light to not follow the law to obtain a conviction/sentence. If you’re drinking a beer, get pulled over cause you did a California stop, get a breathalyzer because they smelled booze and have a .10 BAC, that’s a DUI in most jurisdictions. But you know you just had a beer, there’s no way that you could’ve blown a .10 BAC. During your trial through cross examination come to find out the cop that gave it to you was newly trained with the equipment and the equipment was last calibrated a year ago and was pencil whipped erroneously saying it was calibrated. You get acquitted/charges just get dropped. However, the holier-than-thou crew at work is too busy talking shit about you, not that they know any of the facts, because you got pulled over and charged with a DUI.
  11. Security Forces is worse. My brother got a DUI while changing a flat tire on his car on McGuire a few years ago. In Oklahoma you can get a DUI while sleeping in the back of your car, while in your driveway, if the keys are in the cab with you (doesn't have to be in the ignition).
  12. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-truth-about-gen-john-hyten-11565214500?reflink=share_mobilewebshare
  13. At least his wife is famous. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Campbell_(pilot)
  14. Oklahoma in August should only be 85 degrees by 0530 lol
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