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  1. Correct, because I quoted him. I however never said he was impeached for collusion with Russia.
  2. I’m not backtracking anything. Trump was alleged to have colluded with Russia, an independent counsel investigated the allegation and did not substantiate it, however even if they had, the DOJ couldn’t refer charges for an indictment. Why? Because that was the OLC’s policy on sitting presidents. Had Mueller opined that Trump had colluded with Russia, it would’ve most likely been another article of impeachment. An impeach is like an indictment since the House is acting like a grand jury, then the Senate acting like a trial jury.
  3. You do realize that impeachment isn’t a legal process, right? Can you show me where I said Trump was impeached for colluding with Russia? Recently report? No, I have a DD-214, so I don’t really care. I was banned by a mod, without notice, for showing data where he was wrong and apparently that got his panties in a twist.
  4. Here, I quoted the report because you either: A. Can't Read B. Are Stupid C. Both (I assume C) Sorta hard to push impeachment for collusion with Russia, as it should be, when an independent commission found that Trump did not collude/coordinate with the Russian Government to interfere with the 2016 election.
  5. Apparently you didn’t read the Mueller Report? https://www.justice.gov/archives/sco/file/1373816/download
  6. Yeah, they just interfere with court martials and due process of the accused (Amos with the Marines who pissed on the dead insurgent) and make, or allow, poor leadership decisions that violate safety and cost Marines their lives (Camp Bastion Attack).
  7. Only if you’re Enlisted. Officers get “forced” retired and obviously enough Senators didn’t give a shit about a private matter to removed Clinton.
  8. They’re also receiving shots of J&J, due to Moderna not providing enough.
  9. So, like Clinton’s impeachment for lying about banging/getting a blowie from an intern?
  10. Well the DOJ couldn’t legally indict a sitting president due to OLC “rule”, but since the House voted to impeach, that was considered somewhat of an indictment.
  11. Pfizer #2 yesterday. No side effect other than a sore arm like #1 gave me. The 5G reception has improved though.
  12. Allegations or charges? I can allege anyone to commit a crime, but if any level of prosecutor doesn't indict or a judge/jury doesn't find them guilty, they're just nothing more than allegations.
  13. The song that played 6.9 times at the now-closed Scooters in Altus.
  14. Doesn’t one prove they’re a citizen when they register to vote?
  15. Copy You: ”I don’t have anything else to add other than conjecture.”
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