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  1. Now Shanahan is out as acting SECDEF due to “devote more time towards his family.”
  2. The AC was the 344 ARS/CC. He'll probably get a bro pass from AMC.
  3. Arashi’s garlic rice or CoCo’s.
  4. That's because senior Civil Service are like tenured professors. Can they be fired? Sure, but it takes a lot of documentation, fighting HR complaints and grievances, etc. It's easier to eliminate their position than to directly fire them.
  5. By having an education in how domestic and foreign political systems work and the U.S. government? Standing by your quals....
  6. Because I have an opinion, like everyone else here, of the Russian investigation and stated it, like everyone else has in this thread?
  7. I’ll do that until UPT starts awarding degrees in law or government.
  8. You mean like your peanut gallery input you provided? Remember, I’ve stepped foot in a courtroom a few times. Not that you’d know anything of what happened to me other than hearsay. And we were talking about the president, government, things I studied and have a degree in. You on the other hand decided to take a personal shot because you really didn’t have anything constructive to provide to the debate.
  9. Copy, only thing relevant in your response.
  10. Where’d you go to law school? I’m going to one in the east coast myself.
  11. Bachelors in Political Science. Oh, the other thing? Be over 20 years so you can retire if you’re court martialed.
  12. And the the Deputy AG was the final authority for said team when hey were hired (since Mueller worked directly for Rosenstein) and could ultimately voir dire (challenge) anyone off the team. If you’ve ever stepped foot in a criminal court room, you would know that you can challenge for cause any attorney, and even the judge, on the record for bias. Any member of Congress could’ve raised the issue as well. Your argument is moot. “One would you assume you are...” Pretty bold statement, I for one could care less because I’m neither left or right. I however don’t use confirmation bias and tin foil hat theories to construct some alternate theory of things. “Fast band loose with prosecutional standards” that’s also a pretty bold statement since the prosecutor is the arguably most powerful person in the court room and has very wide latitude on how to conduct their duties. If one was playing “fast and loose” which violated rights of the accused or ethical standards, then there’s a state bar to have a complaint file upon an attorney. You don’t really know what he looked at completely because you saw a redacted report, like everyone else but people that needed to know. There were pages that were almost fully redcacted, so to claim something like that is hyperbole. At the end of the day I would like this country to move on. Mueller did his job that he was assigned to do. He didn’t find Russian interference on Trump’s part and for those that did, they’re either in prison, awaiting trial, or already got out. He couldn’t make a determination, much like a hung jury, beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump committed obstruction. But even if he had, the DOJ policy, not a law, states they weren’t going to charge him as a sitting president anyway. I do have a feeling that the states that have brought charges against Trump e.g. New York, will have a different conclusion and there will be a penalty landscape for him to trek across, but I feel they’ll wait for him to leave office before that happens baring any statue of limitation issues they might run into. I think the Dems wanting to shake the proverbial tree for fruit to fall down from this makes them look flat out silly and desperate. They’re so fractured, Trump will most likely win reelection in 2020.
  13. Well, surely one would sue and preserve those unconstitutional changes to file a writ of certiorari to have the SCOTUS rule on the law like they did in King v. Burwell, Halbig v. Burwell, etc? Also, the list you made is a little misleading. There are plenty of states (Minnesota, Washington, Wyoming, etc) that still have high risk pools. It's a state-by-state issue due to funding.
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