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  1. Same here. My degrees are in other things, but I still do airplane shit, but get paid a ton more without the queep, but also not the actual flying. My experience in OGV and the FTU is what helped me land my current role.
  2. You should take a job with the least amount of work/stress/queep to help you focus on your transition (i.e. writing a resume, job applications, interviewing techniques, moving logistics, VA claim, etc.). Helping the USAF in any type of way your last year in should be the last thing on your mind.
  3. The day before I got out Flight Med said I had to get a Yellow Fever shot. I told them I wasn't getting that shot and had no desire to visit anywhere where Yellow Fever was prevalent. The NCOIC said if I didn't get the shot, he'd tell the Med Group/CC, since it was reported to her for non-compliance. I told him that no one was giving me a shot and that at noon the next day when I was an official civilian, I'd personally tell her to fuck off. The next day I picked up my records and they said I didn't need the shot.
  4. Except it’s more like having the same job being paid by same employer two separate ways to do the same thing.
  5. I broke my hand flying, due to a pilot, while at Red Flag in 2009. My ring finger on that hand doesn’t have the same mobility and I get arthritis in that hand a lot. Thankfully it’s not my dominate hand. Being a KC-135 Boom Operator for 3,000 hours ruined my back due to the 1950s ergonomics. Do I work now? Yeah, I’m a contractor working with Boom Operators on the KC-46. I didn’t ask for that to happen to me physically, but it was a risk due to the job. The same job the military wanted me to perform. Therefore, the government can pay me the rest of my life for it. You want to go afte
  6. That and he has to mention how his wife graduated Harvard Law every 6-9 seconds.
  7. This. I've lost two friends so far from it, both pilots with no underlying health concerns. One of them was in his early 40s and left behind a wife and two teenage daughters. My uncle somehow survived the ICU last week and is recovering. This is after my aunt came home and found him sitting in a chair with blue lips and she could hear him breathe before seeing him. Glad you're here!
  8. I lived in Spokane for 10-years, just moved in August, and have never heard of that ISP. However, that type of mentality checks in North Idaho.
  9. Same, but that’s cause it was under 19th AF. The nonners that are under 2nd AF are the worst of the worst.
  10. Flying AETC is toxic. Non-flying AETC is insane.
  11. This, you have no clue what you’re doing, don’t file your claim yourself.
  12. Credit for what? Not listening to his advisors, which even drew a rebuke from McConnell, to make a rash foreign policy decision right before the inauguration? Especially as a lame duck president and not just leaving it to your successor. Where was this decision one to four years ago? The only thing I’ll give him credit for is acting in bad faith.
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