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  1. I was told your Wright Patt physical and IFC physical needs to be within 4 years of each other to skip MFS. I am in the same boat as you. Passed everything but color in July 2014, so I will probably be heading back up there. I haven't heard about this new C version of the CCT, is that live now, or what?
  2. I'm also a prior med DQ guy...damn CCT. Anyone else got pwned by the CCT back in the day? And is anyone else mildly concerned about MFS?
  3. My Sq/CC today may or may not have gotten some of my results today, inadvertently, by speaking with AFPC directly, because my current Wing is trying to deploy me... haha. Results still scheduled to come out Nov, per AFPC. I have a 99 PCSM, PPL; going for pilot.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't aside from what was already posted earlier. We have had several Generals here at SOS, however, speak to these numbers for this Fiscal Year.
  5. I can confirm what is being said from earlier discussions, that big AF is looking to scale back production of pilots to "ease the pipeline". Apparently many of the UPT bases are getting burn out from the high volume of students. I recall the numbers going from ~1400 FY19 to about 1000 FY20.
  6. Non-medical ETPs came back in late last week...got approved! Anyone else?!
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