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  1. So I have never met matmacwc in person. But hearing that we lost him made me cry. He was extremely kind and helpful, always answered my questions, reassured me to try again when I was ready to quit. I just got picked up as pilot on the Active duty UPT board, but I can’t stop reflecting on how great a person he was to take the time to talk to me when there was nothing in it for him. Since I can’t message him and say thank you, I am saying it out here - loud and public. If there is a soul and god, may yours rest in heaven! RIP sir!
  2. @StopLoss123 From my experience so far, your best chance of actually getting to UPT would be with a Guard or Reserve heavy unit. Active Duty will not do an age waiver. Guard/Reserves do. Reserve/Guard fighter units will not do an age waiver. Its sad to let you down on your fighter dream, but you do have a good chance of getting to UPT before it’s too late and you are 36. Apply widely and hope for the best.
  3. I was the one posting about being enlisted army and a doctor, so what? You are not the first person trying to be a A-hole to me.. people don't understand why I do things no one else would.. I've been through army enlisted boot camp and medic training as a doctor and have seen tons of folks trying to mess with me just because - I'm different. If you don't want to answer my question, then fvck off. Nobody's asking you to come here and give me attitude. A proctologist is a doctor too and deserves respect. You did nothing in your life that even comes close to what a doctor does so please don'
  4. I had to look up what a troll means on urban dictionary. Since you seem to be obsessed with trolls may be you are one. But I am pretty sure I'm a human. You spend way too much time on the internet trying to instigate me. I suggest you focus more on real life and other more important things.
  5. @jazzdude Thank you so much! Considering AoA makes perfect sense to me and I push the “I believe” button! Answers to 1. For flying knife edge the whole plane fuselage has to act as the airfoil and the nose be up slightly so there is a positive AoA that is maintained by the rudders. 2. Level inverted is not the same as inverted in a loop or barrel roll. Centrifugal forces have to be considered in this case. Correct me if I am wrong, but now I see how it works 🙂
  6. This Q and A forum is for all questions, including ones that some people find stupid because they know the answer. There is no answer to this question on Wikipedia. I found some learning value in the answer @black hills tj gave, and I appreciate it. Other people lurking silently around may find it useful too. These great revelations or “Aha..” moments are how all students learn and I haven’t even been to UPT yet. I believe that’s how IPs enjoy teaching their students, and guessing from how you reacted I can tell you have never been an IP.
  7. So the recent Seattle stolen plane crash involving Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 had inverted flight for some time. It has a symmetrical wing? Or he used the horizontal stabs to compensate? Perhaps a Cessna 172 can fly inverted too.. not gonna try it myself though lol
  8. So, perhaps many of you folks here have flown upside down in an airplane like the T-6. We all know that the shape of a wing is what causes lift due to air on top of the wing moving faster than below the wing, which creates a pressure differential. Low pressure over the wing, high presure below the wing, inturn produces lift which balances weight. Thrust forward balances Drag backward. Now, when you fly inverted and level at the same altitude- the lift should be pointing toward the earth because the same shape of the wing is upside down. This adds to the weight. So what force is balancing
  9. Very weird/ unusual indeed. I had a green card before but wasn't a citizen. Only citizens can be officers. Now I am a citizen though. I am gonna try my luck with this Active Duty board - hopefully the stars line up finally!
  10. Is this even for real? This seems like just in time for me! I was so much worried about how I can go active duty from reserve during UPT. Trying to be a pilot physician ultimately and I know that program is Active Duty only. Does this mean I can apply to AD directly without a waiver? I'm 30, took AFOQT and TBAS already! ..PCSM 82 and AFOQT pilot 86. However I am not already an Air Force officer but enlisted Army Reserve. Any help is appreciated.
  11. @nsplayr Outstanding! I am 30 and I was under the impression I am a financial genius. And here you are, a financial mastermind! This is a great piece of knowledge that will help me make more $$. I was frustrated with the $5500 Roth limit. I am a fan of Roth though I used it only for last 2 years. Didn’t know about it before. I do have some debt that I got from flying my 200 hours, but going forward I will try to max out $18.5 pretax 401k then roll over my after tax contributions next year to Roth! I honestly believe if you are financially smart, you don’t need to work at all, as your
  12. @nsplayr Can you please elaborate on how to use this after tax 401k and launder it into Roth for the next year.? I max out on my Roth too and wish I can contribute more to it. Thanks!
  13. What are the rules of drinking alcohol in the military when you are a pilot? Are you allowed to drink the night before if you have an AM flight the next day?
  14. @hindsight2020 Me being in the Army Reserve for 3 years now - All I heard was that the Air Force indeed has the hottest women. And agree that hot chicks in an infantry squad or special ops squad will somewhat jeopardize the mission. Not because the chick in question in unable to carry out the mission; but because the dudes are "worried" about the safety of that chick during the mission. Agree, personal life should be kept personal. That banging should happen out side of work in a hotel room, not in and around work area. But you know there's always these people that get a kick out of do
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