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  1. Shoot for OSI if you want to do investigations. Thank you! That is the goal, all my friends are saying to try to go in as an officer so that I make more money and whatnot but I know that I need more training and that I really just want to start over.
  2. I'm not the best with heights or flying. I've always wanted to work in investigations.
  3. Hello, My name is Savvy and I am 26 tomorrow I meet with a recruiter to discuss my career pathway to becoming an officer. I have a BA in English and an MS in Criminal Justice. I wanted to join Security Forces and maybe eventually OSI. I just wondered if anyone had any advice in terms of what my chances were into getting into Security Forces is and what kind of things they would be looking for in my background. I have never been in trouble but my family has and I know I was asked about going to therapy or counseling as well which has me a bit worried because I have attended it in the past.