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  1. For anyone that was previously med DQ'd and was picked up this last board thanks to the relaxed color vision standards - did you have to go to MFS at Wright-Patt again? I reached out to AFPC inquiring about a TDY RIP, and the tech said I won't need to go since I went back in 2013 (despite getting DQ'd under previous CCT standards). Sounds fantastic, but I would assume I'd have to knock out a successful round with them... and my 2808 is of course stamped pending MFS. Any insight from those who have already PCS'd? Headed to Vance 31 Aug
  2. 65 with green (both eyes). I took it again once on active duty just to confirm and got 65 in my left eye, 95 in my right... fast forward to my IFC for this board and I got 90s in both eyes... I can’t explain and neither could the optometrist. pretty bizarre
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