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  1. Just out of curiosity. Could I apply to both ANG & AFR units even though I've gone through an AFR recruiter? That knowledge is new to me!
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    I'm not extremely familiar with how going through the unsponsored board, but how did you get a guaranteed fighter/bomber track with going this route? Can you compete for those slots going unsponsored and then just wait for a reserve unit to pick you up? I'm at a PCSM of 59 (Pilot 97 - No flight hours, but @ 201 I'd have PCSM of 95 which is what I tend to see hah..) and so currently I'd say just the score appears like I'd be at a disadvantage for fighter/bomber unit, but if given a chance then I would definitely prove myself worthy to be a fighter/bomber (A-10 would be the dream). So I'd be interested in your thoughts on if that's a valid idea to run with? Also, another question - how much training do you go through when you go unsponsored? To my knowledge there is OTS, IFR, UPT, and then your specific airframe. I thought you could only go through OTS but obviously I could be mistaken here. I'll again mention I'm trying to go for a reserve slot if that makes any difference in your response. I appreciate your input in advance!
  3. Hello, I'm new to this board, of which has been resourceful to me. So first off thanks everyone for your attention to this and helping others by taking time to give input! I realize this is rather long, so I'm grateful for anyone who sits down to read through this and give your advice!! A quick snippet of me and my situation - Always had inside me the heart to be a pilot for the air force, but due to a number of factors I decided against it and took another route. Spent 4 years in school for actuarial science, and spent additional 2200+ hours of studying to be an Actuary. If I'm honest, I never thought about what I wanted to do and just picked this path because it paid incredibly well; that and I enjoy math and a challenge. After a season of thinking through life, I'm convinced that living out whatever one believes to find purposeful or meaningful to them is the path we should all seek to live by - not just for the money as it turned into for me. To keep it brief, being a pilot for the air force reserves is incredibly meaningful/purposeful to me and I've made the decision to take a risk and go for it. I begun the process and scored 97 Pilot / 76 Nav / 60 AA / 74 Quant / 49 Verbal for AFOQT. I was told the pilot section only mattered for applying to be pilot - so the scores are reflective of effort. My GPA was 3.5 in college. I'm currently 24 (almost 25) years of age. I have a PCSM of 59, but that is with 0 flight hours. If I were to get 201 flight hours I'd be sitting at a PCSM score of 95. My recruiter explained that I won't need to worry about getting a ppl, and I can apply and have a great chance of getting in with my current scores. Currently I'm waiting to hear back from Surgeon General to finish out MEPS medical processing - was DQ'd because I went to ER for chest pain and they ran EKG (which was reason for DQ), even though the findings was that it was just acid reflux... So, while I'm waiting for the waiver on that I'm cold calling bases near the STL area, within 500 mile radius, in attempts to get a hold of the hiring manager or chief pilot to see if there are any openings. With all of this said, here are a few things i'm looking for some guidance on: 1.) Thoughts on scores in relation to being accepted into a unit? I'm looking into Barksdale (B-52), Whiteman (A-10), Dobbins (94th, C-130J), Wright-Patterson (C-17), and Little Rock AFB (913th, C-130J). Each of their missions just would be a dream to be on! 2.) I've seen the bogidope listings but notice there's not really any reserve listings (what happened to the huge pilot shortage!?!) - do they post them on there or should I be just cold calling bases consistently until they say "oh we have an opening"? 3.) I'm having a tough time getting good contacts for a hiring manager or the chief pilot. With the exception of Wright-Patterson, there appears to be no good contacts listed on their websites. I've tried operators with no luck, and have only been sent to people where I've just had to leave voicemails. Does anyone know how to get a good point of contact? Also, do people typically return voicemails or should I be calling them every few days until they answer? 4.) Anything to keep in mind when looking at applying to bases - just in terms of my desire to live in my hometown after my 2.5ish years of training? I'm hoping get one of the bases within a 3-5 hour drive of STL. Those are Whiteman, Wright-Patterson, and Little Rock AFB. 5.) Anybody have an idea of a good time frame for when I can expect to officially depart for the first training day at OTS? I have a few life decisions I need to make very soon, and understanding a time frame for this is crucial in planning. 6.) Any other guidance or wisdom to give for applying to units? I've read that coming to drill weekends are good! Any other research I need to do? 7.) Any other general guidance or things to keep in mind for myself as a married civilian (no kids yet) trying to get into air force reserve as a pilot? Thanks again for your input and advice guys! I truly do appreciate your help!