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    BLUE: Episode 25 Pilot Pipeline

    USAFA is a DRU--why doesn't big AF just order them to add it into the curriculum and require it if you get a pilot slot? I know I prepped like crazy before UPT, I just didn't know WTF I was reading or what was important. And there were definitely no sims or UPT Next sets floating around my ROTC unit. Seems like you should be able to learn systems, basic EPs, basic instruments and pattern procedures remotely. There is nothing magic about being physically present on a UPT base to start memorizing some shit.
  2. Where is all the gouge? When I went through UPT years ago, there was a lot of great stuff out there. Now it seems like someone has carefully combed through the internet and removed all of it. Yet strangely, there is quite a bit of T-6B info out there, even YouTube videos of IPs instructing in uniform. Did Big Blue crack down or is something else going on? WTFO?
  3. YungBuck

    BLUE: Episode 25 Pilot Pipeline

    Why isn't someone putting VR T-6 headsets in the hands of cadets who have a pilot slot long before they ever set foot on a UPT base? I know I would have given my left nut to practice in the T-6 before I ever set foot on a pilot training base. Is there any portion of a young officer's career where they are more fired up to spend hours practicing in a f*king sim? Give them a bit of guidance and let them do it on their spare time. Better yet, make it part of flight screening.