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  1. My understanding is the same as yours in that an age waiver/Exception to Policy is NOT required for candidates that have not yet reached their 33rd birthday. I believe there's a link/thread on here somewhere with the actual policy. From lurking on here, it appears an ETP is possible for qualified candidates 33-35. Age is not something I would be "concerned" about if I we're you as I'm 35 and a wannabe also. You have a solid package and what seems like you've already identified the areas you can improve with your package. Happy Hunting!!!
  2. @GeekUSA Check out https://bogidope.com/squadron-job-listing for a wealth of information regarding units that are hiring with POC information. I'd also recommend joining the "The Pilot Network on facebook" and search around on there. @FDNYOldGuy gave several of us old wannabes hope by getting an age waiver at 36 for a reserve C5 unit. Congrats on the impending PPL and keep pushing (I'm in same boat as you)
  3. Anyone with the 434th ARW out of Grissom that cares to elaborate on this? Or any other reserve 135 driver that wants to share?
  4. Congratulations!!!! As a fellow old guy thank you for updating us on your progress and being willing to be a resource for your "former" fellow wannabes!!
  5. Welcome! I'm a wannabe also so I will only address a couple concerns you mentioned. If I were in your shoes my focus would be on getting full time employment.... preferably in something that interests you. Be a team player/work your ass off in whatever career you decide to venture into. Live at home or find a reliable roommate, avoid unnecessary debt/expenses to get your student loans paid off ASAP. Drive for uber, keep the serving position part time WITH full time employment, sell a kidney.. you get the idea on the debt/overall financial picture haha. From what I have read on here, If you have Solo'd that's generally a good sign that you're somewhat serious about flying. It's a good start until you can resume working toward your PPL. If you held down two jobs at one point that implies you have a work ethic, however you may want to start thinking about honest answers to account for a GPA less than 3.0. If you aren't in decent shape or have a good workout routine I would suggest building those habits now. You're 22 years old so time is on your side. Building some great work history outside of serving will improve the total person concept that's equally if not more important than your scores. Hope this helps and congrats on the degree and joys of adulting..student loans!!
  6. Just to add to several of the points mentioned, I would also consider FD/PD employment AND rush AFRC/ANG units. I took the path you're currently considering and got on a FD after my enlistment (after two years of trying out). The pay/schedule afforded me an opportunity to get my PPL/Finish my Undergrad simultaneously without any loans. A PD brother is a Guard Blackhawk Driver and K9 Sergeant; He was away from the PD for about two years without any negative repercussions at work. PD/FD in GENERAL is part time friendly for Military types. So much yes to the better QOL on the FD side; I get cursed out by every Patrolman that comes through and witnesses us playing PS4 in the training room on a Saturday afternoon. XBOX elitists. I'm a "wannabe' as well at 34.5 and just decided to dust off the dream because I gave up prematurely. Lots of great advice in this thread, I can also answer any questions about FD albeit it's not of FDNY caliber!! In the best drawl I can muster sober, Get Er Dunnnn young fella.
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