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  1. Your stats look awesome and the fact that you're almost done with PA school speaks to your academic ability. You didn't mention air frame or geographical preferences but I'd start applying anywhere and everywhere you could see yourself wanting to live. I'm not sure how visiting/rushing units is going to be at the moment with the covids but that shouldn't deter you from applying and making them tell you no. If you haven't heard of em Bogidope, The Pilot Network (TPN facebook group) are worthwhile places to use for hiring/contact info and board announcements. People have had great things to say about Bogidope interview prep/application review package as well. You have nothing to lose I say make them tell you no. That's my plan and I'm older with a less impressive resume, ha! Happy hunting
  2. I think this is a great topic to add to some of the commuting threads on here, yes? I'd be interested in what the consensus is or how people make in work in a situation similar to yours. I'm somewhat limiting myself to places I can drive to in about 3 hours.
  3. @sartoreabram @CavGuy @Lisenbyjacob the Columbus 135 unit application window has been extended and updated on Bogidope. Thanks for the responses.
  4. Thanks for sharing, this alone could almost warrant it's own discuss thread in/of itself. Interesting times we live in!
  5. Anyone have any updates on if the 121st ARW out of Columbus Ohio and if application are still due on the 15th of May? I haven't been able to get in touch with anyone so far.
  6. Welcome and the illustrious individual you're referring to is @FDNYOldGuy although there are a few individual around here whom have secured an ETP for age. I need an ETP for age also so I'll share what I've been told since we have some similar bullet points please keep in mind I don't have a slot etc. I'd consider getting some flight time if it's financially feasible as this can have the added benefit having some recent time in your log books and it'll boost your PCSM closer/possibly over 80. When you get a slot, this recent experience may be the difference in having to attend IFT or not; It's waived for PPL holder however I don't know if that applies to people who haven't flown in awhile, plus it'd be fun anyway. I don't know what VA benefits you may have available to you to use (Voc rehab, TA, Post 911 etc) since you obtained your degree before joining the NG so perhaps you can weigh/consider using some of those for flight time. This is direct feedback I was given by a Heavy Unit i regards to the flight time but varies depending on the unit; I hadn't flown in 8 years. I HIGHLY recommend joining the RTAG nation and TPN (the pilot network) on facebook and Search around. Bogidope has a pretty legit POC contact for units and they advertise when Units are hiring. Networking is key on/offline. Have you been visiting Units that you're interested in applying with? Since you'd be happy serving in the NG in some capacity if this doesn't work out have you considered the NG WOFT route? Are you locked into a specific geographical area or are you open to moving/living anywhere that will give you a slot? From my POV your scores look competitive for Heavies but I'm sure people with more clout will chime in and speak to those areas specifically. Good luck you have great story!
  7. Welcome, Marine. Have you considered Army WOFT? Given you being two years away from a degree @ 35 years old you're facing an uphill battle. You are prior service, have two years of College and have the flight time/rating boxes checked so where you stand today (with great SIFT score) perhaps you'd be competitive for that? Worth considering, IMO. I'm sure more credible people than me will chime in, make em tell you no is my plan also. Good luck
  8. @WeatherLion I think you may get more feedback if you consider starting a thread and following a similar format as others. People will need your complete AFOQT scores, what air frame you're shooting for (anything vs fighter only) along with the information you have above to gauge how competitive you are. The obvious thing would be to continue plugging away to get your PPL and at 50 hour I would imagine you're within striking distance. There isn't anything you can do about your GPA but it would be good to have an honest explanation as to why it's low. RUSH, RUSH, RUSH if you haven't been doing that already (when the Covids is over). You're a Marine and you mentioned not giving up on this for quite some time so keep at it. You're 28 so not age critical. If I we're you I'd start applying anywhere/everywhere you could see yourself living. I'm assuming you don't have a preference in air frame based on you not mentioning wanting to be a Fighter Pilot which would increase your chances further. You seem to check the total person concept boxes, and have strong LORs. Hopefully you can get that PPL knocked out soon. Good luck, we're in a similar situation!
  9. Thanks @torqued Same to anyone who has a spouse/SO that's in the medical field and/or works in hospital. Maybe if I catch the Covids that'll help me get a Age ETP/UPT slot within the Guard/Reserves. By any means necessary­čśü #Noshame
  10. I'm not an expert nor did I stay at holiday in express last night I do have a perspective as FF/Paramedic on a transporting unit. Two people on my department are already in quarantine, I've already donned the PPE twice in less than two 24 hour shifts in an area with 30 confirmed cases as of yesterday. We can't wear N95s when we go into a nursing home for the 217th time for the day to take additional precautions for the immunocomprimised/elderly that reside there due to playing the numbers game. I fully expect to acquire the "Kungfu Flu" lolz and my concern is that I'll be called to another response and inadvertently pass it on to someone whom has additional risk factors due to many being asymptomatic carriers. Also, in my time practicing I've gotten the shitty follow up report for people below 35 who have passed away from the Flu/Pneumonia that we're otherwise healthy. It's rare, but it can happen. It's not lethal to perhaps the vast majority of the population, this is true. The main issue is what it has the POTENTIAL to do to "our" ability to provide critical care to those that need it (Tubed, placed on a vent and monitored). The Doc/RNs/RT/Techs etc are getting exposed to a higher degree, face going into quarantine themselves and/or experiencing more complications if they come down with it. If they're compromised it exacerbates the problem. Supplies are limited, the normal amount of Trauma/Medical emergencies are still happening on a day to day basis. In my world, it's real out here. I'm glad I got my Charmin supply two weeks ago so the minions can fight over the Scotts TP..."aint nobody got time for that". Hopefully we never reach what Italy is going through, we are all in it to win it so to speak. Stay well, wherever Y'all may be!
  11. Just got a rejection email for the 63rd ARS out of Tampa. Congrats to those moving on!
  12. Thanks, I may take you up on the PM if I have any questions!
  13. Hey, From creeping on some of your other posts it look like you got picked up? If so, congrats!! I was curious if you had any updates or advice from people who are also rushing that will need an ETP for age. I've got my eye on the Rickenbacker Unit or other 135 units I can drive to from Indy. Congratulations again (I think) on getting picked up!
  14. I just wanted to offer some encouragement since I have a similar story with obtaining my PPL and I'm a candidate as well so please keep that in mind. Pursuing additional ratings out of enjoyment is a good thing and I'd also say continue to focus on what you bring to the table! You have a strong package and the advice given above is solid. Have you considered reaching out to bogidope for their package review/interview prep? The places that you have gotten an interview with are you consistently rushing them or is it a one time visit prior to the board? A recent announcement for a particular unit was specific that if you're attending one UTA prior to an interview this isn't enough for them, YMMV. People have had great things to say about bogidope's services and I plan on using it myself once I've improved other area's of my application. With my earning my PPL. I took a break midway through, had three different instructors and at the very end (awaiting my last night xc before final check with chief pilot) the plane was sold from under me. So that cost me an additional 18 hours to get back to the same point switching from a DA-20 to a C162 with another instructor. Those extra hours put me at obtaining my license in 9x hours versus the 7x I was originally on track for. Due to finances and saltiness I took an 8 year hiatus from flying so now I'm shaking the rust off currently. Your other area's of your application speak to your academic ability and you have a reasonable explanation for the situation. Hopefully someone else chimes in about whether you should address that in your cover letter or not. Bottom line, focus on the positive things you bring to the table and the fact that you're getting interviews is a great spot to be in. You are also 30 so not yet in age waiver territory. You could also consider expanding your geographical location if that is something you are open to.
  15. Great plan, grades should definitely be the top priority. Youtube is also great resource for TBAS as well.
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