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  1. AFPC/DP2SPP just told me otherwise. They said that during 2017, 2018 and 2019 officers in a critical skill that initially took continuation to 20 were offered continuation to 24 after subsequent non-selections to O5. They said it changes year to year so there’s no guarantee that the AF will offer it next year but considering there’s a pilot shortage I may just risk it and only sign to 20.
  2. You know what assume does... haha. I do have an ADSC that takes me to 20.5 YAS and I’d rather not commit to do an extra 6 months as a major 5 years from now if they will most likely offer continuation to 24 years after subsequent non-selections to O5.
  3. Considering taking continuation to 20 vs 24 years. For those who took continuation to 20 did the AF offer continuation to 24 on the subsequent promotion boards?
  4. I got passed over for O-5 last year IPZ. It’s definitely a kick in the nutz. It took some time working through the 5 stages of grief. I got my ATP and rushed a couple units and put in Palace Chase paperwork (which I found out got denied yesterday due to MDS manning BTW - I’m a KC-135 pilot who took the bonus to 20 years FWIW). Based on SAF PC’s denial rationale I’m expecting continuation but I’m ready for non-continuation or to deny continuation as I have a guard unit interested in hiring me if I choose. You definitely will have options if you spend some time looking at what’s out there. If you decide to stay in a pass over major who’s been continued does have some perks.
  5. I’d say you have good odds to be able to stay in the cockpit as a KC135 driver. The reason I say this is bc the 135 is undermanned currently, the AF supposedly wants more tanker squadrons and the kc135 has the lowest retention rates in the MAF (mobility AF). Just one mans opinion. And realize the only constant is change so who knows what tomorrow will bring. With that said after flying for 12 years I was offered staff. I feel like I could have asked to stay in the cockpit BUT I’d probably been given the leftovers... whatever that may be... KC-135 to Altus or T-6 to Laughlin. Regarding your EDIT. Volunteering to be in the OSS wouldn’t help you stay in the cockpit longer IMO. When you are stationed somewhere they send X people to the OSS, X at the Group and X at the Wing at any given time and you typically get a new job every year or so and it could be anywhere in the wing. Not sure what you could do to stay in the cockpit longer besides asking your functional for another flying assignment. And hoping it works. But someone else may have a better answer.
  6. I enjoy flying the KC-135. I like how it is a real airplane that is somewhat challenging to fly and land. The TDYs are usually pretty fun. If you are dragging fighters they need extended crew rest so guess what you get extended crew rest. The other TDYs are often in decent locations for a few days or weeks which is nice with decent ops tempos. Deployments can be tiring but they aren’t too bad and you can build a bunch of time. Negatives are the plane doesn’t have AC on the ground... but we often get AC carts at deployed locations. And from what I’ve read (and I believe it) the airplane literally has more checklist steps to get the airplane off the ground than any other airplane ever made.
  7. I also loved how the Deid never seemed to have enough air conditioners for the KC-135s. Please tell me that’s changed.
  8. Has anyone thought about elevating this to their congressman or senator. If they want to deny it then deny it but making you wait til last minute is ridiculous. Perhaps it’s time someone tries elevating this.
  9. Yeah my ISR was/is pretty useless. Definitely recommend spending 10 minutes looking at AFI 36-3205 and searching Palace Chase on MyPers. MyPers has a document that provides more info on how paperwork is routed, etc. For the twice passed over types I also found out that the Reserves currently don’t require twice passed over waivers ie it’s basically blanket approval. Good luck everyone. PS- If anyone knows anyone who has denied continuation please PM me as I’d love to get some advice.
  10. Anyone out there Palace Front after getting passed over twice for Lt Col ? Looking for advice... When should I start the process to get medically approved to separate? When should I start coordinating a waiver for getting twice passed over? I don’t want to do it after I get passed over and then try and seven day opt and then not get the waiver approved. Any other Limfacs that I’m missing? I’m trying to make the transition as smooth as possible. Feel free to PM me. Thanks
  11. Anyone out there who took the bonus try to Palace Chase? And if so did it get approved? Any details/lessons learned would be awesome.
  12. I may have the option to do a non-flying guard job part time (DSG) and a part-time flying reserve job and just wondering if anyone out there is doing both or if it’s an option. And if it’s an option are there any limfacs or issues with doing both. Thanks!
  13. Anybody successfully PC with an ADSC for the pilot bonus? I took it to 20 but got passed over for Lt Col and thinking about getting out this summer/fall. I also have an ADSC for my PCS around 1 Oct. So I was thinking about asking for a couple months early ie around 1 July. Any chance that would get approved and what are the repurcussians of getting denied ie would I be able to resubmit in time for the 1 Oct date or should I just ask for 1 Oct when my ADSC for my PCS ends. The other option is to just wait to deny continuation when I get passed over again this summer but I’d rather work it from both ends so to speak. Also anyone know if a PC gets approved for a certain date can you slip it to the right or turn it off if needed.
  14. I was sent a memo from my AO last week stating 45 days is good for 5 years. If you or anyone else has a memo stating otherwise could you post it.
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