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  1. Thanks you, So I did more research and still have some questions since you were fortunate enough to get both ANG and AD offers why would ANG in your opinion be better choice than AD? ANG pros: no deployment (mostly) can work civilian You know what you’re flying before committing you can choose where to live (mostly) its easier to go AD if u want too ANG cons: not much flying hours unless you have seniority and connections not much of military benefits ANG sounds like a sweet deal but will airlines hire me straight out of ANG UPT training without flying hours? Or I will have to work other jobs until I build up some hours thanks again for your time
  2. Thank you, How many hours reserve/ANG fly? Do they have the same training like OTS? can they work for commercial airlines while off duty?
  3. can I apply ANG or reserve without having pilot licence or flying hours? If so what are the benefits/ differences from active duty OCS or OTS (environment, commitment, requirements....) Thanks
  4. Good evening everyone, I am trying to get either OTS slot in USAF or OCS in navy. I want to be a pilot and since getting a slot is extremely competitive, I am trying my luck for both branches Stats - 23 years old, 5'9 height - Bachelors in Health Sciences with two minors ( Math, Arabic) - Top of my class summa cumme laude (3.92 overall GPA, 3.75 science) - bilingual in Arabic - 3 years of aviation experience ( Ramp agent, airline dispatcher) no flying I know!!! - although I don't have a technical degree, I have a lot of science classes under my belt ( calc1,calc 2, calc 3, phy 1, phy 2, gen chem 1, gen chem 2, ochem 1, ochem 2, bio.............) Pros I can't think of any beside my GPA and language skills. Cons - Less available slots due to many being reserved for academy (both AF and Navy). In addition, many being taken by ROTC's and I have to compete for whatever is left ( OTS or OCS.) - Although I have taken a lot of science classes, my degree is still not technical. - No private license or flight hours. I have taken AFOQT (P 96/N 94/AA 82/V 70/Q 92 ) and currently studying for the ASTB. I know my disadvantages but I want to know my chances of getting a pilot slot in either branch. I spoke to both recruiters (Navy, AF) an no one is giving me a clear answer or indication about my chances. One more question, I applied for Air force OTS and currently in the process of applying for Navy OCS. my navy recruiter told me it's not a problem while my air force recruiter told me I can only apply for one service at a time. I researched online and through many forums without finding anything. So what is the truth can I apply for both programs at the same time or I would be flagged for doing that? Thanks everyone!!!!
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