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  1. Heard the same about the B1 Reserve unit about 2 months ago. Board about 3 years out.
  2. Does the Cat on the trailer come with? All kidding aside nice setup, any luck offshore Port A in that bad boy?
  3. Bump on this thread. Same boat here as far as not being able to ask my boss despite it being a potentially strong recommendation. I'm 27 as well. As a side question, did you guys format your letters as a typical civilian/industry letter would be formatted? Also did you address someone at the unit specifically, or just a general "hiring board" type of address.
  4. I believe the unit down in San Antonio is having a board with a June, maybe end of June app deadline. May want to double check the exact timeline as I'm not completely sure of the dates.
  5. SLeon_17


    Asked when I took it late last year and was told no scratch paper
  6. Austin is great man but as someone said before, flight school options for PPL are limited here. I live here and am currently pursuing that route and its a slower process flying out of a large airport every lesson, and a tad expensive overall. However, definitely doable if you have the time and money. Let me know if you have any questions!
  7. Hey guys, I apologize in advance for what may be a dumb post, however I cant seem to find any info on this after doing some searching. I am in the process of preparing my application for Reserve and ANG units, and intend on applying to as many locations as possible. I'm compiling a list of some locations and cant seem to find whether or not there is a reserve unit at Holloman, and if so, would such units send anyone to UPT, or is Holloman primarily a B-Course/training location? Thanks!
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